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    Bernhard Costabi
    After a week of use, it is the general impression is very good. Stylish design where especially the slim frame stands out. Chose this screen precisely because of this, and that it can be adjusted in height and that it is possible to mount on wall. Menu buttons are extremely sensitive, which can lead to frustration if we are in and poke there often. Perfect that it comes with a mini-DP - DP cable when I could connect to a MacBook Air. Overall satisfied with the purchase.
    Really well-built, professional display that works well for everything you do on your computer. Has very settings and also individually calibrated at the factory (you get a paper on their settings tweakat) The best screen in my opinion, the physical construction. Can make an earthquake with the desktop and the screen does yet not one iota - super stable! The screen can also be rotated easily without having to move on foot. You can also turn the screen vertically whether to draw or write a long text, for example. There are also several settings for different purposes, such as "movie" when the picture quality is increasing with the sharpness and color reproduction, however, pulls this attitude a little more energy than the other. Then there are "game" that allows one example can more easily distinguish a character from a dark wall and objects that move around gets a little better sharpness. Really cool actually. There is also a setting to get as realistic "paper image" as possible, but this function think I was not very good - it was the most dazzling and difficulty concentrating. The screen comes equipped with four connections - 2x HDMI, DisplayPort and mini-DisplayPort. Unfortunately, following only a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. It's easy to switch between sources through three small button. However, there is a problem with the display and DisplayPort. In the beginning I thought that the door was broken but it turns out that there was a setting in the screen to allow display port connection, which was turned off by default. After this, it works flawlessly! In large - really worth the extra coin that you put on this Dell screen compared to the cheaper competitors.
    Ever Ro!
    Stian Aarskaug
    Bought this here before the exchange rate was noticeable cost when 1,890 kr. Has experience in quite a few monitors for each. Dell is not very familiar with private people since they focus mainly on the business market. But if you ask me they are among the best. And U2414H is an ingenious all-rounder: Fast IPS panel with little glow and obviously benefits IPS otherwise (viewing angle, contrast, color etc.). The screen also has minimal input delay (input lag), low pixel response and thin frame that makes it suitable for gaming. I replaced my Asus 27 "144 Hz monitor with U2414H as the main screen for this reason. It is good enough words to everything from CS to film, to edit the reading. At the 60 hz actually makes me nothing, so long as I do TN I previously chosen this occasion. The obvious (and only?) advantage, ie pixel response. It has, among other DisplayPort (with daisy chaining), HDMI MHL, USB 3.0 hub. Build quality is very good. Feels solid and squeak small (Asus has been poor at this). Ie they are on par or better than BenQ (who create solid screens). Given the price then do what they very well. It also has VESA mount and all setting options, rotation, pivot, swivel etc. Also want to mention that the menu system to Dell actually makes me want to throw your monitor out the window. Most know how frustrating it is to find the right buttons below the monitor. The buttons on this monitor is therefore flush with a GUI. As a bonus screen looks very good. Had I been even more crazy than I am, I had been able to defend to purchase more. But already have 4 screens and still have sense enough to prioritize other things. : P Besides launching new Dell monitors (which is not necessarily better - U2414H is according to research results better than several of descendants. A good test here:
    Very good screen which I had now for about 6 months. Stylish, thin frames and great flexibility with good angling opportunities. Add there on a good color reproduction and good viewing angle, so get it a 9 out of me. Only positive. Nice with a matte screen too!
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