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    Sarah Farrell (1 review)
    Awful customer service! Take your money for orders then decline the delivery! Your money is held up for days! Had to click on a star to rate.... How about -5???!
      Pearse(1 review)
      Littlewoods Ireland is a joke. I am a first time customer to Littlewoods and I am not impressed. I was charged three times for my order of (€161) - I had to call customer support and spend about 30 mins trying to sort it out and it took one week to get that money refunded. Two weeks later, I get an email saying my items have been delivered - yet nothing had arrived. I call again and am told that it has been dispatched - I wait another week. Nothing has arrived. I called again and was told that it was returned - I received zero notice about any of this! They have lost a customer!
        Berno(1 review)
        The quality of their Very clothes is appalling. Cheap polyester type material. Generally very overpriced.
          Not Happy(1 review)
          If I could give zero stars I would terrible customer servcie, late deliveries no updates!
            Will Lynch(1 review)
            So rude and unhelpful. Ordered a product for my wedding and they sent an email to say that my house is a business address according to their “security team” running “checks”. They could not explain the issue or put me through to anyone helpful. Easily resolved with an EIR code but they didn’t recognise the Irish post code system. Natalie was rude and extremely unhelpful. I suggest that everyone stay away and spend their money on any of the much better online retailers
              Michelle Cott(1 review)
              My first and last time ordering from littlewoods. I ordered this polaroid snap camera ,plus case and paper for 264euro. After nearly 2 weeks and a email saying it was dispatched the day I ordered it. I still hadnt received it. I rang them and they told me THEY HADN'T IT EVEN IN STOCK but I'll have it the following week that there getting more in. So they took my money for an item that they didn't even have! A week later still no sign... I rang again.. Still didn't have it in stock... Know I am waiting to get my money back. I will never shop again online with LITTLEWOODS. I am going to continue writing these reviews until it is back in my account. My advice is not to order from them. It's a disgrace that they can take your money and not even have the item in stock.
                (1 review)
                Awful customer service and very slow returning money to account
                  LisaWhite(1 review)
                  Just had a horrific experience with Littlewoods. Ordered online, website refused to take my order, twice, but Littlewoods took the payment twice. I called immediately and the customer service staff dismissed my query and told me to wait. I just called again and they tried to blame me for trying to use a de-activated account (don't even know what this means!) and then tried to blame my bank for authorizing the payment! Zero customer-centricity and broken IT systems - I will never be buying from them again.
                    Karen Donohoe(2 reviews)
                    Twice I received items that were incorrectly sized, and the first was clearly worn already with makeup on the collar. Too expensive. Disappointing service.
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                      We have bought a few things (not on credit) from this place. A handful of issues but the latest one just breaks the camels back and comes back for more! They claim they never received our order but they have 2 pre authorizations on our account. They have promised to call back 4 times but just don't bother. They have an 01 number that diverts to a condescending "gentleman" somewhere in England. The first time he said it was because of fraud alerts as we hadn't made an order in awhile. The 2nd time and after, he repeats himself over and over but doesn't state how long it will take for the two transactions to reverse. Further, they tell me that they have nothing to do with it now, as we didn't make any order with them. He was extremely rude and said that he explained himself and I wasn't listening. They made no attempt to explain why bank of Ireland have confirmed the 2 pre auths from littlewoods. My security issues have been ignored and the flip flopping on their part is scary. Bank of Ireland have told me to go through their fraud department at this point...
                        smca(1 review)
                        WARNING DISGRACEFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE! I purchased Beats Solo 2 from Littlewoods on 30th December 2015 and on day 42 of WAITING for my order to arrive and numerous emails of inquiry i get an email on day 42 saying "we have credited your money back". I am disgusted with their customer service and their delivery. Not once has anyone contacted me verbally in relation to this issue as requested and not once have I ever got an explanation as to what happened my delivery. The last contact in relation to my delivery was an email confirmation on 29th January 2016 saying my order has been "dispatched". 12 days later I receive an email cancelling my order with no explanation. Disgusted with Littlewoods. I do not want to even give 1 star but i have to so that i can leave this review.
                          timtim80(1 review)
                          good shop