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Noreen Murphy(1 review)
I am the founder of a Suicide Prevention Charity I founded the charity after i lost my husband to suicide. The charity paid over €500 on a laptop from Laptops Direct on recommendation from someone we trusted, The computer would not connect to the internet, we informed Laptops Direct immediately and were advised to return it. Although they charged us an extra €18 to deliver in 3 days it is now over 4 weeks later and we still have no indication of us getting a refund, they advised us today they dont know where the laptop is. But are refusing to give the charity back its money. They are complete fraudsters, swindling a suicide prevention charity, just how low can you go. Please share and highlight this the pain and distress they have caused everyone associated with the charity is incalculable .We have taken legal advice and will pursue these fraudsters to the end of the earth to right this terrible wrong. Please help expose Laptops Direct for The fraudsters they are Please share
Jose(1 review)
Bad store, bad website, bad service in general. First time buying, I will never buy from them again. I bought a Monitor and a Mouse mat with 3 days delivery. Today is the third day, no emails... no messages... nothing to explain why the delay is happening. I had to contact them.... After waiting for their live chat, the person said that there was a problem with the stock of the Mouse Mat. On the website it said that they had the Mouse Mat in stock. His solution was to ask me if I wanted to be refunded for the mouse mat or get another mouse mat, but I would need to wait 3 more days for everything to be delivered. Not only that, the person said they could understand my frustration, really? How? Because I not only waited 3 days for it to be delivered but now I will need to wait 5 days more to get the refund and only because I contact them otherwise I would be clueless. This is all because the website does not work properly. How can you trust a website/service like that? So, I cannot imagine that he can understand my frustration. To sum up, I cancelled everything and I would suggest that you buy from them on your on risk. Now I am stuck waiting for my refund to be able to buy on another store.... thanks for nothing!