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    Siobhan(4 reviews)
    Poor aftersales service. Prices aren't great either. Endless 'Sales'
      Maurits(1 review)
      Wow. You made me go over my belief in trying not write negative reviews. An accomplishment on its own. Let me be very clear. I believe there is enough ranting on the internet, so I really don’t believe in adding to that. However. Reviews are there for a reason, and I wholeheartedly believe that my shopping experience at Harvey Norman should be shared to protect consumers from this experience. As you can probably read already, I have no interest in being a future customer of Harvey Norman, nor do I think that anyone should trust this business. Here is my story: 1. June 2, I bought a washing machine online, ours was broken. I have a family with 2 kids, my wife and myself. We needed a machine quick since we use cloth diapers. 2. June 5, I came home from work. My wife had waited the whole day only to receive the machine after the hours that we were promised to get the machine. 3. June 5, we unpacked the machine to discover it was broken. (Friendly delivery crew from another company which delivered our other washing machine also noted that this was typical transport damage) 4. June 6, I notified Harvey Norman of the damage, requesting them to pick it up again. 5. June 7, after both my wife and me having called with Harvey Norman, and being held at arms length by unfriendly phone support saying they need us to provide photo’s and that is the only thing we can talk about, I sent in the photo’s on that same day. 6. June 18, I inform Harvey Norman that I have not yet received any word back. 7. June 22, I claim my money back through PayPal. 8. June 25, I get an email from Harvey Norman (note that this is 19 days after I have notified them about the damage) literally asking: “Hi Maurits, Would you like the same washing machine or ould you like to re-select? Many thanks, *name of employee*”. 9. June 26, my wife (?) got called by Harvey Norman. Promising that we would get a full refund, after the machine would be at Harvey Norman again, and that their transport company would pick the machine up soon. 10. July 8, 12 days after my wife got called, I chat with Harvey Norman, asking why the machine hasn’t been picked up yet. I get told that they will forward it to the appropriate department and will come back to me soon. 11. July 9, I call Harvey Norman, requesting the same thing. I get told that they will review why the transport company hasn’t taken up contact yet. No apoligies. Nothing. 12. July 10, I call Harvey Norman again, requesting if they know more. This person tells me that the company will come back to me in 2-3 working days. I ask if she can send me an email of this. She tells me that its in my case. I tell her that I don’t have access to that case and would like proof in writing. She says fine, obviously sounding annoyed and sends me this: “Hi Maurtis, (that’s not my name...) the delivery will be in contact within 2-3 days to arrange to pick up the unit. When we have collected the unit please return to the store for a refund. Kind Regards *employee name* 13. July 11, I get called by some number who didn’t leave a voicemail, I call back twice and no one answers. 14. July 12, I get a text saying: “Hi Maurtis (again not my name) your Harvey Norman order *** is scheduled for delivery between 9am – 4pm on 13th Jul to...” etcetera. 15. July 13, I come home. The washing machine is still on the place it has been for 38 days; in the middle of our kitchen. I see that I have a missed call. My wife however has been at home, being fully aware as she wants that machine out of our kitchen. She tells me that she had the windows open, and was checking her phone several times during the day, and didn’t leave the house. There was no way that she would have missed the pickup. 16. I write this story and hope that no-one will ever buy a washing machine at this store again. So lets talk business now. - My money has been held without me receiving anything for it return. - I have unwillingly rented out storage space for 38 days, being unable to move the thing myself. - I of course have to insure that this thing is not broken any further in the time that it is in my posession. - I have put several hours of effort into getting my money back. - I sent the appropriate documentation that was required per contract. Nothing has yet been accomplished in 38 days time except for increasing anger and stress, over something that should have been simple. Why should I believe that this will actually get resolved. Why should I trust Harvey Norman? I’m really, really happy that I had the funds to purchase another machine, or else I would’ve been stuck with dirty clothes for all this time. Can you imagine the stink of those diapers? We wouldn’t have been able to recover those, we would’ve just had to throw those away. Now I can tell you that there are many people out there that wouldn’t be able to cover that. And I have not long ago been in that position, so here I am sharing my story, because this should never happen again. Go. Harvey. Go.
        Sinéad (1 review)
        Stick with the smaller companies Stick with the smaller companies. At least if they screw you,a bad review might actually make a difference. Bought 2 electric recliner sofas €1000 each + their guardsman cover they force feed you saying how amazing it is and they cover everything imaginable.(never received any information about the plan from them) One of the sofas has been fine and the other nothing but trouble, broken motor which took about 6months to fix,waiting on the part from China. Then about a month after that the arm fell off. Havery Norman said excessive force would have been needed to break(not the case, but it's my word against their surveyer) they won't cover it,I should go through guardsman. Who also won't cover it because they don't include the frame in there cover. So now I'm stuck with €1000 piece of crap. that I've owned for 12 months and it has been broken for 9mths. Absolute nightmare of a company. Stay clear. Once you hand over the money they don't care about you anymore.
          SB(1 review)
          Shocking service - bought a jutzler wardrobe online which was 7 weeks delayed. When it did arrive it was missing accessories ordered. Now waiting 6 weeks for the missing accessories which seems to be pushed out again. No one communicates with you about when you can expect your products. Will never again buy furniture from here.
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            Fevieira(1 review)
            No problems at all
              Feargs7(3 reviews)
              Good store
                dennissheehan(2 reviews)
                Great Value for Dyson DC39 animal at €299, nearly €500 in argos
                  shaneog(3 reviews)
                  good experiance, everything arrived when it should have
                    bigmaneoin(2 reviews)
                    Blanchardstown shop is best shop I've been too. Staff are always very friendly yet professional. Prices are fantastic, if you find it cheaper they look after you. Really loving the appliances they recommended. Going back to get my tv there this weekend. Thank you harvey!
                      irelandchick(1 review)
                      Great experience, stuff arrived on time