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Sinéad (1 review)
Stick with the smaller companies Stick with the smaller companies. At least if they screw you,a bad review might actually make a difference. Bought 2 electric recliner sofas €1000 each + their guardsman cover they force feed you saying how amazing it is and they cover everything imaginable.(never received any information about the plan from them) One of the sofas has been fine and the other nothing but trouble, broken motor which took about 6months to fix,waiting on the part from China. Then about a month after that the arm fell off. Havery Norman said excessive force would have been needed to break(not the case, but it's my word against their surveyer) they won't cover it,I should go through guardsman. Who also won't cover it because they don't include the frame in there cover. So now I'm stuck with €1000 piece of crap. that I've owned for 12 months and it has been broken for 9mths. Absolute nightmare of a company. Stay clear. Once you hand over the money they don't care about you anymore.
SB(1 review)
Shocking service - bought a jutzler wardrobe online which was 7 weeks delayed. When it did arrive it was missing accessories ordered. Now waiting 6 weeks for the missing accessories which seems to be pushed out again. No one communicates with you about when you can expect your products. Will never again buy furniture from here.
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Fevieira(1 review)
No problems at all
Feargs7(3 reviews)
Good store
dennissheehan(2 reviews)
Great Value for Dyson DC39 animal at €299, nearly €500 in argos
shaneog(3 reviews)
good experiance, everything arrived when it should have
bigmaneoin(2 reviews)
Blanchardstown shop is best shop I've been too. Staff are always very friendly yet professional. Prices are fantastic, if you find it cheaper they look after you. Really loving the appliances they recommended. Going back to get my tv there this weekend. Thank you harvey!
irelandchick(1 review)
Great experience, stuff arrived on time