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    Bliznatsi(1 review)
    longest free warranty on LG TV ...5 years .
      Misiek2c(1 review)
      Offer started on product but for some reason online shopping went down can not purchase via phone as error for online shopping occurred for phone team as well joke offer only for some time for black Friday week it looks like Currys is just making up prices for products with 0 Availability.
        dazmaster(4 reviews)
        I cant ever recall a good experience shopping with currys. Poor knowledge from staff (not to knock all staff but from those i had dealings with that was my experience) And lets face it. . . ya never get a bargain at currys
          Robert1088(1 review)
          Worst ever! Customer service shocking, never buying here again! Do not buy from PC World or Curries as the customer care is shocking, non existent.
            tokracro(1 review)
            poor customer support.. People working there have no clue what are they selling.. usually kids from school work there and they don't care why are you there or what are you buying.. googling for results ( and I can do that ) .. cant offer any advice and probably worst computer store that I have been. Plus.. you cant return any item to the store.. lameee
            Edited 30/04/2016
              Feargs7(3 reviews)
              Okay Store
                Seamus Fallon(1 review)
                Never will deal will this company every again Currys Ireland Bought white goods for a new Apartment. Delivery of goods took three days. Each day no delivery time given have to wait around all day. To make matters worse they delivered a demo Fridge all marked up and dented, i purchased a new one at full price. Went back to the store the manager tried to pass my complaint off to a worker below him. He said i insulted him when i said you should know what you are selling. After an hour of waiting for him to figure out currys pos very slow system eg calling co workers over to help him.I got a new placement fridge because i wouldn't back down and stood my ground. The manager made several attempt to give me the general managers number and not try and resolve the issue himself. At the end no apology no customer service never said sorry or ask how can i help it was a take it or leave it type attitude. Currys Ireland Carlow Town Manager Chris
                  themiso88(1 review)
                  Too expensive on everything, you can buy every product cheaper elsewhere.