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    SarahO(1 review)
    Ordered a kettle & toaster & it arrived the next day. Website was really easy to use. Would definitely recommend and will use again
      powbox(1 review)
      Ordered a stick blender on Monday morning after checking it was the cheapest price and it arrived the following morning with the postman. great job. will use again.
        Garrett2(1 review)
        Ordered on Sunday night for next day delivery and received a call Monday morning with a two hour window of when the driver was going to be in my area. The driver was very polite and helpful and had it delivered, installed and the old one taken away all within the half hour. Can't recommend them enough, telling everyone I know.
          Unregistered47da41dc(1 review)
          Ordered an oven, Appliances Delivered delivered one that didn't work. Took away my oven that partially worked. Now left with nothing. They will not replace. Are sending an engineer from another company to fix as it is under warranty. I don't think it's too much to expect to get an appliance that works! Customer service even suggested we broke it installing it even though we paid for installation and they installed. I'm sure this review won't go on website but I will be writing reviews everywhere I can due to lack of "customer service" and delivery of goods not fit for purpose. They got paid so that's all they care about, will never use again and will advice everyone I can never to use this service either.
            Paulina24(1 review)
            Horrible experience. Ordered 3 items totaling almost 800€. Booked my delivery for a date that suited me (as per options on the site offered) and after that the nightmare started. Because I’m located in county Meath and not Dublin, it seems that different rules apply to country areas. I got a call from a delivery company stating that they will not deliver on the date I selected as they assume customers will not be home on the dates they choose… What sort of logic is this? I was also told that the drivers are not insured and will not enter our premises with the appliances and that our merchandise will be left in front of the house (this is apparently stated somewhere on the site). They delivered a day after and another nightmare started. My husband opened our gate for the driver and his lorry. The driver did not check the area or where he was driving in. My husband stood on the side and made sure the driver did not drive over manhole covers and pipes but then he saw that the driver pulled our phone line down with his lorry. We just moved to the house and needed the line to set up our internet next week. No help from the driver on this matter, he just quietly left really and told us to get it fixed with whoever we getting as the internet provider. I called twice. No help whatsoever. Firstly, I was told they cannot really control their delivery partners (so maybe you should not work with them If they are not reliable?!) and later on I got a call back stating that my husband led the driver in, it was his fault and because he did not start a massive argument, it was all good. It seems that the more civilized we are, the worst we are treated. I will never order from them again. Horrible treatment of new customers and on top of that we were blamed for the delivery company’s incompetence.
            Edited 07/11/2017
              Easy to order, delivered the next day. Driver called me in advance and was really helpful. Will definitely use again
                stuman83(1 review)
                Listing to dermot and dave on today fm. then heard the add for thought it was pretty good. it stuck in my head. lone behold next few days washing machine went , R.I.P. she did me well. So went on there site found a machine i wanted for a good price to. Arrived the next day. which was great. Very helpful Driver brought it in and took the old one away. over all im very happy with the service. thanks
                  angannon(1 review)
                  Washing machine delivered by one delivery man who complained it was too heavy and then refused (for insurance reasons) to bring the machine into the house - Then when we installed the machine, water leaked all over our wooden floor and caused significant damage Appliances Delivered arranged for a technician to check the machine - the tank had been leaking Appliances Delivered have been rude and unhelpful and slow to respond It appears that they have their own understanding of my legislative rights which do not tally with legal advice I have received Had to raise a dispute via Paypal to get the refund for the damaged machine Now having to engage with consumer protection agencies to assert my legal rights which Appliances Delivered are ignoring Avoid this retailer
                    jazzer68(2 reviews)
                    Purchased a Gas Range and a problem arose two days after purchase which was the cooker kept igniting after being switched off. I got in touch with repairtech the repair people who I was told to contact, these people refused to fix because the cooker was in a commercial building and they say this voided the warranty This was not told to me when purchasing the product. Clearly the product was faulty and is fit for purpose under consumer protection I should get this repaired or replaced but so far they refuse to help me. I would avoid purchasing this product as there is clearly a problem.
                      StephenK(1 review)
                      Very poor customer service. I wished to change something in my order before it went out for delivery but was left on hold for over 30 minutes when calling, so gave up. I tried emailing them a number of times but I got no reply. Safer to buy from a bricks and mortar store, as they are the same price and you can speak to someone face to face. I will not be buying from Appliances Delivered again.
                        alansmith(1 review)
                        An Excellent Service, Never go to a shop for an Appliance again trust me, there is no need! My washing machine died on a Sunday evening while I was doing my washing for the week.... I'd heard these guys ads on the radio, so thought "why not?" I placed the order on their site in no time at all, and I received confirmation that it would be delivered the next day! I was surprised to see an option to have it installed too, so again I thought "why not?" I was given a delivery time, and bang on, the truck pulled up, yer man was a dead sound guy, he came in took the old machine away! and I was back doin me washing before he'd pulled away from outside my house. A remarkable service, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to my nearest and dearest. I'll never go out shopping for an appliance again, sure, why would you?
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