Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB (4th Generation)

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Product generation: Apple iPod Shuffle (4th Generation). 3 predecessors and no successors
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  • Very good
    Ultra portable music player with long battery life and large internal memory!

    Anyone looking for a portable and stylish music player that does not cost a fortune as the iPod Shuffle your savior! With an internal memory of 2GB, you can download about 200 songs, which is more than enough for most people, including me.

    With a small clip on the back of the iPod, you can attach it to the sweater, the backpack and on your pants, then you will not have to worry about losing it!

    The sleek design is sustainable and the iPod itself is very easy, so if you drop it in the woods, it will not be damaged.

    The internal memory of 2GB gives you a great opportunity to download thousands of your favorite songs on iTunes!

    The battery life on the iPod is more than enough to be able to listen to music all day long, just do not forget to turn it off when you have finished listening!

    Conclusion: Buy this music player if you are in need of listening to music from a smooth, small, portable and sturdy music player that is also affordable!
  • Decent
    + Size - really small and flexible, yet easy to use
    + Clear buttons

    - Alternative charging / transfer cable
    - ITunes - hard work
  • Excellent
    Love this thanks to the minimalist style. Previously had my Iphone on jogging tours, but experiencing this clearly smoother! Ever negative is after all the Itunes software is a must get to get into the music.
  • Good
    small and flexible. Mostly listen to podcasts with the iPod. Löptränar I did in the beginning, but did not like at all "random" function (the next song randomly) so excluded it. It falls into a pattern that leads to repetition and before you know what song that is to come.
  • Good
    Good for running and training.
  • Barely acceptable
    EDIT: After updating the firmware in iTunes so the noise level has been reduced by approximately 15%!
    Lowers the rating from 5 through 4. . .

    Bought this to avoid having concave with my phone as mp3 in the gym.


    + It's very small and light. And looks pretty unremarkable with its simple design!
    + Battery life is very good!
    + Fairly easy to connect to the computer through the 3.5mm plug to the computer through a special USB 3.5mm adapter

    Neither good or bad

    + / - The sound is fairly ok, given the size and so on. But I thought it sounded a bit flat. In some songs were heard really how it did not deliver the overall sound. Middsen has completely erased.


    - Klippset fastened with a little hard to get on. You have to grab it in a special way so as not to depress the previous button while attaching it.
    - If there is no lock function. The fact that I use this only at the gym where I constantly touch me, I want to put on it and lock it so that I'm not pushing any buttons, this is not. Sucks pretty hard when you happen to pause the middle of a heavy set or similar!
    - Price / space value. 400kr for 2GB? Disaster! No time to listen through everything on it after 2 gym classes .. Then it will be of milling about all the songs on o again. Should have been a minimum of 8GB!
    - The headphones that come with it indirectly shit, no I'm using.
  • Excellent
    Enjoyed a few pieces (one happened to go in the washing machine blah ;)) and the best thing about them is that they can withstand pretty much everything up until that battery power is low. This is the ONLY mp3 player I tested (tested a few others including sansa clip) that can withstand use in training with body contact, sweat, heat and all that entails.

    The sound could have been better (read that ipods in general should be right mediocre sounding but only tested shuffle myself) but have so far not found a better alternative that will last for the length of the gym.
  • Very good
    The perfect player for you to work out. The predecessor was even smoother and better but this may also top rankings.

    It happens that you miss when to change the song and accidentally press stop instead but otherwise it is extremely easy to handle. First tested with some cheaper MP3 players where all sounded ok but this was the smoothest and easiest to manage. Example, you can create multiple playlists you can easily switch between the lists.

    As usual, the worst and the best MAC gadgets iTunes. Would be nice to have the freedom to choose what I want. In this case, it does not much matter.

    One considers an extra time because there are many very good and cheap players. Despite the price, this was the best among the four I tested.

    Recommend the purchase.
  • Perfect
    Incredibly satisfied

    Damn good sound in headphones
    Amazing little on the smooth mp3
    Orders on the whole simple perfect
    As usual Apple quality on crappy looking things
    Even the boxes are stylish% uD83D% uDE03

    Buy really this mp3 you will not regret it, I promise
  • Terrible
    Not possible to copy the music files in the usual way to it. You have to use Apple's music software. And with the long information on what to do.
    Have neither the time nor the inclination to familiarize myself with them. So it becomes a return and exchange for another mp3 player that can be handled by the PC's own standard copy options.
    Miserable for me that is. But probably go quickly and well if you are interested and have the time to learn Appels system (Itunes and links with their apparatus) or they can already.
    A beautiful piece.
  • Excellent
    Damn good MP3 player. Those who complain about the audio quality needs to get better earphones for the good kids let it really well. As well as your MP3 may sound, what if it had been able to get FLAC support ... Slurp!

    Light and flexible, it is also. Only minus is that you have to use iTunes, it should not be necessary for this purpose, however. But, but, Apple does what they want.
  • Excellent
    Bought it in order to work out but it works just as well as the mp3 player anytime. Previously had a cheaper copy from technology magazine in comparison to the Apple wins by a long way.

    + 3 controls for either shuffle or play the songs as usual
    + Supports playlists do not have to change songs before exercising
    + Keypad
    + VoiceOver, which reads up the song title, artist, playlist and battery life
    + Incredibly small with clamp, hardly noticeable if you run

    - The sound could have been better but nothing I immediately complain of
    - Must have Itunes, just feels sick unnecessary the need for a program for something as simple as låtöverföring.
  • Excellent
    Clearly affordable, sound could be a little better only.
  • Decent
    The format and design is almost optimal with respect to it, I use it to - exercise. Good battery life, great sound and the price is quite ok.

    - 2 stars because you can not just pull over music from Windows Explorer onto the music player as an external drive.

    - 1 star because it is bound to Itunes. There are alternative solutions like Winamp and MediaMonkey but you need thus remains an additional program ...

    - 1 star for the charger and it is plugged into the computer is an Apple solution and not a microUSB connector.

    The headphones that come to suck and you have to buy new if for example wants to run with the player seamlessly. This is true for any media player you can buy today so nothing extra - for this.

    Tip: There is lot of copies that you can do all the above with. Only to find bargains on Ebay :)
  • Perfect
    It is flexible, easy to manage, you need No screen lower vocieover instead, last but not least, the sound is really good: D
  • Perfect
    Sounds amazingly good considering the size and price!
  • Perfect
    Cannon! Had it for a week now. Bought the first one for the wife, but wanted a self oxå use it mostly when I'm out running. In my opinion, good sound and function. VoiceOver button works great. A big plus that it is so small. But the sound is great. Buy!
  • Perfect
    Really good player! Small and robust. Voiceovern works great and the size and weight along with the sound contributing to top grades!
  • Excellent
    really good little player. was a little hesitant when it has no display but when I saw it for the 199th - I decided myself to give it a chance. and it is certainly worth its regular price.

    + Small
    + Voice-over, screen missing not at all
    + Good quality sound
    + Good battery life
    + Easy, perfect to jog with

    - The clip can not move
    - The classic white headphones are still useless
  • Perfect
    Having had an awful lot of different mp3 players. Must say that this fulfills its task best!

    Some may think what cumbersome to navigate your music without a display.
    More errors can not have them!
    With voice over so it goes very smoothly. Press the voice over button, oh it says what song. Press twice, oh it says how much battery is left.
    Hold the button, oh it goes into a 'sound menu' so you can browse their playlists.
    And the size! Have you seen how small it is?!?! And despite the size so the buttons are not too small.

    2gb is plastic enough. But if you filled the memory o To change songs, then that bit also very smooth, if, like me, have already finished playlists in iTunes. So is it just plug in the iPod, O-clicking on them you want.

    You can control it and browse songs and playlists easily without even looking at it. More consummate MP3 player is not in markaden!

    + Easy to manage and find the right songs.
    + Long battery life.
    + Weighs nothing and is cruel little.
    + Can use the buttons on the iPhone headphones.
    + Volume is more than enough when you listen with headphones. but ....

    - .... Barely enough for larger speakers.
    - The clamp is a bit silly to. Hard to avoid pressing buttons when holding the clamp.
  • Excellent
    Cruel! :)

    + Small
    + Superb quality sound
    + VoiceOver, you do not need a screen when you have this!
    + One Clip
    + New shuffle with playlists

    Will not the real thing minus :)
  • Perfect
    Amazing smooth and tiny!
  • Perfect
    Incredibly tiny and delicious! With its convenient and durable format means that you are actually using it, unlike for example the iPod touch that one hesitates to put in your pocket and take out.

    It has no display, but how often do you look at the display when listening to music anyway? I have no need for it anyway.

    Good sound quality of the device itself, but the supplied headphones are not on.
  • Very good
    Bought mine when I was in London, it is the first MP3 player I used every day. It is small, easy to handle and one for the eye to see and touch. It feels solid and keeps Apple's quality throughout.

    A little less then you can not move the clip that is built so you get it in the right direction if you tex. put it in the neck on a sweater.
    An additional minus then my for some reason never gets full-charged (charged in 24hours without getting the "green" light)
  • Excellent
    + Awesome small and delicious!
    + Very good sound, as always with the iPod.
    + Easy to use
    + Button for Voiceover, it reads the song title and artist.
    + Says even if the battery is running low and
    + Free shipping and free engraving on Apple's website

    -Only available in 2 GB