Philips Brilliance BDM4037UW

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  • Good
    I have now tested two specimens of this scare, one at work and one at home. For office work, this is an almost optimal screen. Fantastic surface and the curved design provides a comfortable angle to even the edges of the screen. In comparison with the previous version of this screen (which is flat) this is much nicer.

    Playing on this screen is an experience, but there are some problems. Image has problems with backlogs when the pixels go from black to gray scale. In some games it clearly shows, in others it is less noticeable. The internal speakers are also too poor to be of any great joy.

    I have also noticed that some copies of this model have problems with the signal drops. The image is completely black for a few seconds, then comes back. The copy I tested on the job had such problems the first day, then it has worked like clockwork for several weeks. The one I bought homes dropped contrast signal which daily becomes completely untenable whether to play.

    A stunning display of work, an okay display for gaming.
  • Very good
    Near ideal screen for me. Large (40 "), sharp (UHD), curved (R3000), nice colors and blacks, good contrast. Flicker immersion of light. I have fortunately not noticed by most of the reviews talked about" delays "in one of my user scenarios. I'm no FPS players, but such GTA V run smoothly without noticeable artifacts. it probably depends on how sensitive you are, maybe preferences, for me it is not even noticeable = positive. No bad pixels on my ex what I can see. Stylish design , no bling-bling.

    Prefer normally 16:10 for smaller screens, but for the 40 "height is quite sufficient at 16: 9 and would have liked an ultra-wide 21: 9 if the height was maintained :)

    I was not expecting me to "burn" would be a problem if it were not for an OSD pop up appears every time you turn on the screen and warns that one should not display static patterns in more than 30 minutes to reduce the risk of burn-in, which sounds absurd for a computer screen where unlike a TV obviously shows static pattern for many hours at a time. I have not noticed any problems yet, but have only used the screen for a few days and is a little concerned about the warning.

    - The sound is the worst I've heard, a pure joke. No big disadvantage for me that do not have expectations on the screen to convey sound, but curiously it is so bad.
    - The foot is not raise / lowered, and the default is slightly too high for me, so I replaced with its own monitor mount (45-214-026 Ergotron, works fine).
    - The screen is very subtly curved, would have liked R1800 instead of R3000.
    - Worse angle dependence of colors than my previous IPS display, especially above / below.
    - Glossy / semi-glossy screen, prefer matte. No problem for me, but it has been light in the room and the screen is dark get bear to look at her reflection.
    - Only 60 Hz refresh rate of UHD, so no FPS gaming monitor.
    - Build quality does not seem to be the best, especially the corners of the screen frame does not seem to fit the panel perfectly, which is a bit B. No functional problems or visible without close inspection.

    Conclusion: Close to ideal and very affordable screen in my opinion, the disadvantages I list above is not critical for me. I will return if I find no reason to change the grade (type of burn becomes a problem).
  • Very good
    + Very pixels
    + Very viewing area
    + Large but works fine on the desktop
    + Design that fits nicely with a MacBook Pro.
    - Speakers are completely unusable, sounds much worse than built into a laptop with the lid closed.
  • Very good
    The ultimate work screen with amazing picture quality!

    The only downside is some noticeable lag in games.