Sony PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB

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  • Perfect
    Do it properly and it's good!
  • Excellent
    Bought it on sale for 2900kr including Horizon Zero dawn (worth 600kr at purchase), it will fit on my little desk with the screen, it is relatively quiet, but when I installed the game so pulled it off all at 100% sounded like it was on about to take off and go to the moon .. it calmed down, however, when the game was finished and I played for a while so now it's pretty quiet the whole time.

    the only negative I can think of is that the button functions can not be explained so well when you start the console (perhaps in the manual but who reads it?) so took me a while before I understood that it would hold the PS button to get additional settings and remove the disc, which, therefore, not as foolproof as I had hoped: ')

    9/10 for that price, but I think the pro version should have been the original 60fps should be standard for all today but unfortunately not as we sit still stuck at 30fps with slim but it will do.
  • Good
    Sounds almost as much as the Xbox 360 generation 1 expensive games & live is not as good as the Xbox. Not nearly as media friendly as PS 3, and not compatible with other products ps3 reach this console is actually quite poor not backwards compatible either. When I think about it, it's a right bad buy compared to Xbox One
  • Perfect
    1990: - - Ridiculously affordable!
  • Perfect
    Very affordable model of the PS4, even the quietest console I owned. 10/10.
  • Good
    Was really disappointed when I realized that lacks optical audio! Otherwise it would have been full of reviews.
  • Perfect
    This generation's best console now smaller and smoother performance! Incredibly wide range of games and this slim model is almost completely silent.
  • Barely acceptable
    Purchased to complement the console park and I do not understand what people are so excited about and satisfied with. The console works well and some of them exclusive games are fun, but compared to my Xbox One, which I'm very happy with, it has a couple of significant minus.

    - It sounds like hell. I'm sitting three meters away from the console that has plenty of air, but it is still obvious warm and then goes into full hairdryer position where it is not only heard but interfere. The check box is silent.
    - No optical output.
    - Built-in battery in hand controls. Smoothly you might think, but it means that you must have a USB cable in front of the console, which is not as flashy or practical.
    - Tedious to expand storage.
    - The included headset is a bad joke.
    - PS + games can only be played while the subscription is active. Games with gold games will be maintained even without the gold.
    - No backwards compatibility.
    - The controls are a bit too small for my, adult hands.
  • Excellent
    Thought it was skitful the pictures that were leaked before the advertising and was therefore hesitant to which model I should buy, but it has grown on me as well - and type everything seems better than the original pure functionality. Less optical output, then, for those who now lack it (not me). The price I got it for (2300) patients were far lower than what I expected it would go so soon after release, whereupon I then struck.

    Little is it anyway - less than my PS3 Slim. Sounds less well, the fans hardly move if you use it to stream the movie. As equally VOD box slot machine I am very satisfied with what I got.

    The check is in addition to the flashy streak of light on top also built more substantial than the original controls. There is nothing anywhere about it, but I can attest that it feels more substantial in any way. Then I also own an Anniversary controller that I bought because I wanted one when they arrived.

    Has played on the Playstation since nearly 20 years and PS4 was the first generation, I was even going to skip and I have a computer in performance does far, far more than the PS4. Still, I've barely touched a game on the computer during those two months, so I can say is well, that, at least for me it is something special to play on the console, and I have no doubt at all that the PS4 will serve me in several years henceforth!
  • Perfect
    Do you want a good and fast console with the largest game selection for the right cheap price then this is the right choice. Is also much quieter than the competitors.
  • Excellent
    Quieter than the thicker models, nor they were particularly disturbing.

    The optical audio output has been removed, minus a star for that.

    The format is good, but the narrow profile allows the device to tip over easier if it stands vertically. Vertical Stand is recommended. Vertical rack (optional) are a magnet for dust due to the material it is made of, it was not the last model.

    There is no reason to pay more than twice as much for the pro model, although it has 4K TV. HDR does more for the image than the resolution, and this model is also capable HDR.
  • Perfect
    Best adhesive
  • Excellent
    Very good console. Easily worth the money!
  • Perfect
    Slim version of PS4. Is very pleased with this, it is moreover quieter than the Xbox One S.
  • Excellent
    Bought it immediately when it was released, so I've had it for a month now. Extremely satisfied, and it is so very quiet! Quieter than my PS3 Slim (CECH-2504A) is the quietest PS3 model. In fact, I can not hear it at all, but when I sit ~ 4 meters away from the TV. Lecture course if I'm next.

    500GB of storage space, however, is on the low side. Has said that only had it for a month, but I already use 300GB (bought Batman: Arkham Knight 2 days ago and it is 72GB!). And have already switched to a hard drive with 2TB (Seagate ST2000LM007). So I highly recommend that you buy a PS4 slim 1TB instead.
  • Excellent
    They changed me up to this at GameStop where they could leave their old PS4 and add a small amount to upgrade to this. Oboy what a difference! I compare with the very first generation of PS4-ball with the glossy cover and touch buttons for power and eject.

    + First, better looking and less than the old. Like the carpet appearance more than the glossy.

    + Second, the fan profile is vastly more comfortable than my old one. That is, if the fan even starts. It seems to go quite cool even after long gaming sessions. Other than with my old who went full speed after a few hours. For the first time since I bought PS4 heard my projector more than PS4 grade.

    + Third, they have done something to control, feels like the battery last a little longer, LEDs Foresight in touchpad as a faint line ... Yes, it feels a bit more nice simply, without really able to put a finger on it.

    - Only minus is well that there is no news. It is hardly faster than my old, no new features added in this version ... Yes, nothing special simply.

    I changed up my hand to get a better fan, but mainly to get new guarantee on a machine that is used very much. Therefore, I am very satisfied!

    If you are looking to buy a PS4 for the first time, this is it, you should buy! PRO feels a bit unnecessary when the excluded UHD player. All games coming to this generation also works with this. Thoroughly recommended!