Dyson V8 Absolute

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  • Very good
    Had this about 2 months and it's time for a rec.

    * The format and that it is wireless
    * Many accessories to purchase works for the most part and is super cool
    * Powerful motor
    * Works great on carpets, floors mM
    * Good / Okay battery time on "normal" level
    * Nice design
    * Power accessories
    * Easy to change accessories and load it, good docking station
    * You will learn more vacuum when this is so fun to use + smooth.

    * price
    * Battery life on the Turbo level. About 5 minutes was not somewhere where I bought it, plus to get about 20 minutes with no motorized accessories.
    * Wish it was more involved than Aluminum plastic on the front where you put the supplied accessories so it feels loose! Same thing on the dust container. It will not be tight at the bottom. General I am a bit worried for sustainability!
    * Card 2 year warranty only! Such major product should get an extended warranty.
    * Right heavy for most people. Works for me as gymmar part and is 90 kg, but the wife and siblings think it is "weak" heavy if you run it for long. Not for shorter runs.

    Conclusion: I'm almost satisfied with the purchase, but just hope it lasts and the battery lasts. Love the factor that it is completely wireless, it's super easy to take it from the charger and running. The engine is strong, easy to empty the pond of it, the support has been weak well so far. Dyson is a swelling known brand. It has its "cons" and the price is expensive, but I did not no equivalent on the market. It is also convenient for the car mM and fairly maintenance free! So with all my knowledge I would still buy about it today, but there is a part where I wish them improved. Mainly warranty, less plastic and some form of battery warranty then 5 mins on turbo mode is nothing to brag about and eventually learns the decline. However, the battery can be replaced, but not know how much it costs.
    For 6000 SEK unfortunately I can not give this full marks with 2 year warranty just such a product. It is 3000 per year if it would Paja, and it is expensive.