Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB

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  • Excellent
    Coming from a PS3.
    Is so incredibly happy that I bought a PS4 Pro, highly recommended!
  • Perfect
    Best console right now, looks absolutely amazing on a 4K TV with HDR!
  • Excellent
    comes from a ps3 and "ugly-HD" TV to PS4 pro and a 4KUHD TV ... so really, maybe my opinion should not be counted. However, the incredibly pleased with the PS4 pro. fast, quiet, crazy good graphics BF1.
  • Perfect
    Run the 1080p TV so far, but what a difference. Much cleaner image and other floating.

    Much quieter and larger hard drive.

    Dare not even fantasize about 4K resolution if they are so good even at full HD.


    EDIT: Now run through 4K TV. DREAM COME TRUE!
  • Poor
    No UHD player, which Sony belly flop! How were you there?
    Far too expensive, ordinary PS4 is good enough.
  • Excellent
    For those of you who do not have 4k TV yet and are thinking of buying, you should know that the PS4 Pro is much quieter than the old PS4 and even quieter than the new PS4 slim in tests, it has a larger fan and 30% larger heatsink that allows it to keep the quieter and cooler. My old PS4 sounded like it would lift at any time and the new Pro is almost completely silent when I compare, sitting 50 cm away from it when I play (the desktop). Then you better fps so the game flows better without 4k TV. Remember that you can also submit your old PS4 (at GameStop) dates to give money in between, I had to give 1800kr on release day for my PS4 Pro, completely ready worth the money!

    + 4k resolution (in some games, the game developers themselves choose)
    + Better / better looking graphics (in some games, the game developers themselves choose)
    + Better flow of the game (FPS)
    + Quieter (than the rest of the PS4, even new slim)
    + Great price for an awesome console
  • Perfect
    Maybe hard to justify for some, but I hit when I wanted to renew the warranty period and get a quieter PS4. Then I have a 4K display, so wanted to be prepared for the next game, Horizon Zero dawn and everything from Rockstar.

    With that said, I am impressed by games like The Last of Us, World of Tanks and Trackmania Turbo.

    Driving 4k gives an extra kick for empathy and now I netflix / youtube with 4k too, as usual PS4 does not.

    Very satisfied. Good with a PRO tab in psn menu, so you know the way games are optimized.

    Did not sell the old, fun with an extra PS4 in the bedroom, actually. When you log in to PSN on one, then the second log out automatically, so no problem to change the room. With two different PSN accounts can run mp with the family, so overall it feels like a good choice.

    The rating is because there is no better console right now, since Sony has added value with VR and much more exclusive titles, so the score remains enough even for a year because of affordability.
  • Excellent
    + Krafigaste console on the market right now that can offer the following:

    * 4k resolution, right now it's mostly about the scaled-4k, which works very well. Provides sharper textures, better anti-aliasing (anti-aliasing), especially in the environments and distant areas.
    * 60 fps, providing more frames per second, the image is perceived much smoother and provides higher flow and immersion of the game.
    * Better effects, such as shadows, light, details, term.
    *** However, up to the game developer if you can Utilise all the horses under the hood.

    For the price of around 4000kr, you can not expect the PS4 Pro to cope with all of these at once (my high-end computer in 18k makes it barely), so you get because usually the choice.

    + HDR that provides more realistic colors and greater range in the dark and luster.
    + Faster load times.
    + USB on both sides (no longer need to take the wrong!).

    + - New design of the console. For me it's a lift, others do not.
    + - The price. You get more out of your console, but is really mostly about how graphic you are interested. I gave 2000SEK the trade-in of my PS4 console (at GameStop taking 3999kr Pro), and defintivt think it's worth it - now you know that I get the best experience out of the game I play.

    -Not All games are supported. Some (older) games, you will not get any difference at all.
    Option at not include 4K Blu-ray player is a big let down. They expect to be streaming 4k movies online, but the supply is very limited right now and you also need to have fast bandwidth.
    Can add a small detail, and it is the key to eject the disc. The size and his position is absurd.

    So there are improvements to be expected for both 4K and FullHD users.

    The technology is also brand new so it needs some time to mature.

    But, among other things, tried Uncharted 4 and it is one of the best looking games I've played, (even compared to PC) from the environments to the smallest stubble without noticeable aliasing!
    4k makes a difference!

    For PSVR there are also improvements to be found. Have tried a few games and is mostly about improved Anti-aliasing and slightly sharper textures.

    Finally: Clearly pleased with the upgrade!
  • Very good
    Big lift from the first gen PS4. Better fps and noticeable difference in the graphics, I have, however, a 4k TV without HDR. Lack of uhd players do that I can not give the highest rating. Xbox One S has this and it also is much cheaper.
  • Perfect
    Utilized games tops trade campaign and went up to Pro.
    Quieter machine than my previous 500GB.
    Looking forward to a more enjoyable gaming experience to come
  • Perfect
    Absolutely excellent quality in and out. Love this console. Highly recommended!
  • Perfect
    Most of the games so far only 1440p or 1800p, which is not true 4k, but it is understandable that a console can not run games in true 4k. However, I must say that Watch Dogs 2 and 4 Uncharted is still quite sharp in the graphics and a clear upgrade if you have a 4K TV. Run through a Samsung 65 8005 and the picture is stunning, you want to have the better it will be to get a PC with dual graphics cards.
    FIFA 17 will apparently be one of the few games with true 4K.
  • Good
    Wanted more difference. Since ps4an was good is this not worse. But no giant difference unfortunately. Not even anything special custom game or ui.
    However, otherwise naturally cruel
  • Very good
    Upgraded to Pro to get the most out of the games. Replacing the HDD to the SSD went smoothly and the installation of the firmware went well. It is perceived as quieter and of course more powerful. There is a negative PRO is that it does not support reading UHD Blu-ray movies. It would have been great, having to buy an extra player. Personally, this is a really big minus.

    Make sure to check that your TV has the latest software to ensure the best picture quality of 4K

    The new controller is stylish with the gray buttons.
    Have not a PS4 so I can recommend that invests directly in PRO.
  • Perfect
    What a lift from the PS3 to the PS4 Pro, incredible! So sick satisfied.
    The price, nothing to talk about. Worth every penny.
  • Perfect
    They changed into my 1: gen 500GB that I bought on release in 2013 at GameStop and paid in 2100 of $ difference, well worth the money to get a more powerful console with twice the space with a fresh control and new guarantee, the 1080P TV so the difference the moment is not huge.

    + Experience this as much quieter.
  • Excellent
    Super satisfied!

    My first experience with the Playstation whatsoever. Must say that this feels like the console to run.

    Slightly less to Sony does HDMI pass-thru compatible in 4K by their own products. It went loose, but does not feel optimally.

    Went from an Xbox One, and may say to lift 4K + HDR allows for gaming is huge.

    Would certainly recommend the purchase. This combined together with a 60 "Flat SUHD 4K Smart TV KS7005, fantastic 3-4 meters.
  • Perfect
    Had "regular" PS4 since release and has every really happy, but this is even better personally I think it is almost better looking than that and it is also quieter.

    Then to play in 4K and I know that some upscaled to 4K so it looks sick tidy I'm really pleased and impressed.
    If you want the games will look better then buy this and you should buy a new PS4 buy pro if you have approximately SEK 1,000 extra to outsource it's worth it :-).
  • Very good
    Lovely console.
  • Perfect
    Fantastic console! This is the NEXT GEN! Several games can be played in NATIVE 4K as well, including Skyrim and The Last Of Us!

    Buy! Buy! Buy!
  • Perfect
    Something good got even better !.

    I can understand people who hesitate if you are not sitting with a television with 4k support or HDR but for those who do will be the difference more clearly. I have unfortunately not this yet, but sitting with a 1080p television at present but Christmas is approaching and so does the Samsung UE55KS8005 :).

    What I base my rating is that the PS4 is a cruel console from scratch & Pro variant becomes the only better. My main reason for this purchase was the hopes of PS VR titles would be even better, which I think many of them have become so thumbs up !:
  • Excellent
    I am completely satisfied, fits great with my HDR 4K TV.
    PS4 Pro is a worthy upgrade if you have a 4K TV with support for HDR, or if you want to benefit from the extra power of the VR, otherwise you might as well stay at their old PS4.
  • Excellent
    Wow! Super satisfied!
  • Excellent
    Awesome satisfied, has 4k televisions with HDR and it is really a difference than the first PS4.
    Has tested Rise of the Tomb Raider and it looks fantastic. Ifs I drive "high framerate" mode in the game, and it flows really well. I had switched out the first PS4 against this although I have not had a 4K TV.
  • Perfect
    What a monster
  • Perfect
    Best version of PS4! Perfect for anyone with 4K TV, but also offers advantages for those with older TV in 1080p, so that less "jaggies" and better graphics / stable framerate. Have even faster charge times and the ability to stream in higher resolution than before.
  • Perfect
    This was something else, better than most people think. Must be experienced firsthand to be tested themselves. If we thought the price was too high so run trade-in FKS GameStop. Recommended!