Epson EH-TW5350

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  • Perfect
    I've been through Buzzador been lucky enough to try this amazing projector, which became a favorite of the whole family from the first moment! The projector is very easy to learn even for a low-tech person like me. It is easy because it does not require suspension but can be easily moved between rooms, can smoothly navigate from both mobile, Apple TV and DVD. The picture is absolutely superb and we have known that we do not even have to canvas without looking directly at our white walls. Especially like that you can resize the image and rotate it to the side and can easily adjust the focus.
  • Excellent
    I've got to try this amazing projector through Buzzador. I have for many years been watching projectors but have not been particularly impressed and did not want to invest then generally they were expensive, quite faint, low resolution, distracting fan noise etc.
    All my fears came to naught when we started this Epson 5500 for the first time ...
    Wow! What picture! The sharpness! How easy it put into perspective or focus. How relatively quiet it is.We did not even have a screen, so bright was the - works fine on our latte-colored wall (!)
    We love our Epson projector! The whole family uses it because it is so easy to move from room to room. The son has it and plays video games with his friends in his room. We check the TV and movie in the living room and on the weekends it is storbio in her daughter's room with friends on a mattress on the floor and 4 meters biovägg - need I say how popular it is?
    I have recommended this projector to most of our friends and when I showed them live so, at least three of them rushed out and bought a judgment too. We use both Appletv we flowing to from our iPhone but also a Chromecast works well wirelessly. We also run from Blueray player.
    We are very happy and have great joy of this simple but quiet, crisp, high-resolution projector. I also think that it has a Schysst price, have been looking at projectors for well over 10,000 before but completely unnecessary!
  • Excellent
    I got to try this projector because I am a Buzzador. The whole family loved the projector from the first moment and what suits us best is that it is so simple to move between rooms and also easy to take to the cottage.

    We also like that it has many connectivity options and excellent image quality. To focus and image is so easy that even kids can do it themselves and there is no special cloth as it is possible to check directly on the wall, closet or even the ceiling!
  • Good
    Good, easy to stow away if you do not want the front, it sounds not very high off the fan but a part. The internal speaker is good enough that sound if you sit near the projector, otherwise you should probably connect different sound to it. A dream had been a completely wireless projector, but even if you use a Chromecast to it so it will obviously hurt anyway for such power source.
    Right simple and clear buttons both on the remote control and the projector, the image settings are not too difficult. Having a good canvas to look at is recommending against a wall or a sheet is so-so.
    Recommend buying Chromecast to, so you avoid long and bulky cable.
    All in all a shysst projector, I tested my through Buzzador, I probably would not have bought it for full price.