The Last Guardian

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  • Perfect
    A game I'll remember for a long time what a ending 10/10
    6 months ago
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  • Very good
    Exciting and different game! Would really recommend buying it (:
  • Perfect
  • Decent
    Good game but bad management of the game. Also had maybe a little more expectations of the game.
  • Very good
    Really good.

    The atmosphere, the design and the adventure is largely as usual when it comes Fumito Ueda works really something extraordinary. Verging on the same team and awesome as forerunners Ico and SOTC.

    The camcorder However it unnecessary, and Trico is very slow to obey what you command. This leads to frustration, which in turn leads to the connection between the boy and the animal is not perceived as strong as it could have done if these elements were ground any more. Next to this, the game's framerate really bad (the default PS4) with frequent dips below 20 fps.

    But as I said. Do not let those pesky miss discourage you. It is the second best I've played this year, after Playdeads Inside.
  • Good
    As with the ruling majority who love Ico and SOTC expectations were high in this game. To be very brief. It is clear that they are trying to keep the "Ico feeling". Although a lot of SOTC vibes are also there.

    Overall it is a very well made game. The graphics are sometimes stunning in outdoor environments with the right lighting. The control felt loutish at first but you get used to pretty quickly and are not to interfere in the remainder of the game.

    The story is also very good. The story jumps from the present to the past to the future and this is Team Ico been very successful.

    But it is after all something missing. There, where the depth of their previous games had are not there. You want to love and care about his "little" friend. But I will never really touched. I find myself several times during the game I try to squeeze out of me feelings like joy or sorrow.

    There is really nothing wrong with the game. One of the better I've played this year. I just think I had a little bit too high expectations simply. Shame!
  • Very good
    An electrifying world of the cozy companion Trico