GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition

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  • Good
    Have helicopter-like sound on recordings with Wifi on, so I can not use the WiFi remote app or the phone if I want to get good sound, apparently hardware failure on a large number of Hero4 models.
    With original battery so I can record about 10-20minuter at about -10 degrees outside and about 1h 30min at room temperature, have to have oodles batteries with him out there in the winter. Have tried several different original batteries with the same result. This is now my third Hero4 Silver with the same problem.

    Good image quality & Cannon with LCD screen, but does not feel like a finished quality product, alas!

    Update: After received switching to a fourth cam so I got a model that does not miss the sound and are now very pleased except battery life in cold weather. Therefore raising the grade of 7/10.
  • Perfect
    Works very well. Easy to get started, solidly built, well-resolution image even at higher fps
  • Excellent
    Cruel camera, there is not much to say except that it outperforms everything in its category.

    Ever minus and hence not full marks is because the use of these cameras to selfies both video and image so they should have fixed a 2-second delay so you have time to press the button and point the camera at themselves with a selfie stick. What to do now, so you almost have to buy a remote control to shoot from high above, for example.

    Otherwise, it's just great.
  • Very good
    Really good movies - high resolution and good color
    Many different accessories
    The app is sissodär
    Halfdan battery
  • Perfect
    Really happy, easy with the display to see so shooting with a good angle. You can turn off the screen for those who are afraid that it drains the battery
  • Excellent
    Really fun camera to have with the bike rides and swimming / diving.
    Very good quality movies
  • Very good
    The Hero4 Silver is GoPro's second-billed camera (behind the Hero4 Black), but it's actually the best one for the money. The Silver offers the same detailed image quality and steady-looking video as the Black, along with advanced recording modes with the image-quality and adjustment tools for professional photo and video editing. The main thing you give up is 4K/UHD video. In exchange you not only save $100 but also get a gorgeous 1.7-inch touchscreen that the Hero4 Black lacks, which makes the Silver much easier to use.
  • Perfect
    had my camera now since it was relaunched o I'm still cruelly satisfied with the running of BacPac keeps the battery so a full day on the scooter :)
  • Barely acceptable
    A disappointment. Thought I'd take the opportunity to buy it when it was submerged.
    Charged the battery completely, it was then I noticed how the cord glappade in contact with the camera, the slightest movement, so it was out.
    Got however the camera is charged. Put video and photo settings. Mounted camera so it would sit in the car.
    Barely a minute later dies camera. SD Card error. Downloaded the software to reformat the sd card, three times, the same thing every time, after the button a minute recording, the same error message. It is still an SD card I had in less than a year that worked correctly in other cameras.
    You lose a bit of interest in the product when the little things about not meeting expectations.
  • Terrible
    At the first test of my new-comers GoPro 4 silver so you hear a helicopter-like sound during video recording when the wifi / bluetooth is on.

    Quickly googling it turns out be a hardware issue and not a soft presence inherent defect in the gopron. THIS is the major known issue among GoPro cameras.
  • Excellent
    The only thing I can complain about is the battery life by Time-Lapse, one could argue that it should cope much longer than the film, but that is not the case. You might get one hour to max.

    Filming with the charger in is also difficult. Can not download the full house. While there is buying specialhus to or you can run without houses and strongholds. But it is of course not very stable.
  • Very good
    Good image quality
    High resolution
    Very Accessories

    A little too much law for control via app
  • Excellent
    Really good value for a reasonable prices.

    + Good quality camera.
    + Filming in 1080p - 60 FPS or 720 - 120 fps.
    + Easy to see what you are filming, thanks to the built-in screen. The draw is actually not so much battery you think.
    + Incredibly good picture

    - Battery life is well over an hour, so it feels a bit short but you can always buy an extra battery!

    Overall, very satisfied!
  • Excellent
    This is the only GoPro applicable in my opinion. This is because it is finally built-in screen!

    The screen turns off after a few seconds of inactivity, but you can of course set to be always on.

    Superb image as usual.
    Timelapse feature uses I diligently, no problem running one day at a time with a 64gb card.
    Protune unlocks the camera's true potential.
    60 and 120 fps in 1080p or 720p. Would have been even nicer with the dual as it is in the Black version, but then we miss out on the screen.

    Expensive accessories - Dog Elen cost me 600kr!

    Ordered followed by a 3rd party accessory package of 33 shares for just under 200kr from Amazon, with at least as good quality.
  • Good
    Good picture quality (is good enough to film in 720p so you avoid filling the memory card in a short time).
    Really fun gadgets!
    Control via the App is almost impossible when there is too much delay.
    Lacking another type of remote.
  • Excellent
    Good image quality
    Relatively easy to get started with and great menus (though some scourge before getting track angle settings (fish-eye versus normal lens).
    Control via the app provides some submission. Appreciate the built-in display
  • Excellent
    At last, built-in screen. Shoots 1080p 60 alt. 1080p 24 and it works superbly. Not interested in 4k due. get recording minutes and it requires a very fast memory. This has the same spec. As a 3+ fixed with screen. Included no remote though. Controlling via the app works perfectly ok.