Microsoft Xbox One 500GB

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  • Barely acceptable
    Debris console by Micro $ oft, clumsy, ugly and hangs often. Buy so, rather a gaming PC, where you can play all new Xbox games with better graphics. Thank know Nintendo, best gaming joy and true exclusive games :)
  • Terrible
    Too little power for money. Many games have poor resolution and frame rate. No games ONLY on Xbox so not see the point of buying a XO if one PC or PS4
  • Excellent
    + Silent. The disk allows more than the fan which is a joy compared to the hairdryer PS4.
    + Optical output.
    + Ordinary batteries in hand controls. Easy to use rechargeable if desired.
    + Easy to expand storage.
    + The included headset is quite OK.
    + Games with gold games will be maintained even without the gold.
    + Backwards compatible.
    + Good size and robust controls.
  • Barely acceptable
    My worst console ever purchase, gave over 4000 for this dust collector for around two years ago, is today virtually impossible to sell when the market is full of used Xbone's, maybe get a few hundred dollars for it if you're lucky.
    Clumsy, slow, poor performance, and with fewer and fewer exclusive games, Micro $ oft releases nowadays games in better versions to PC.
  • Perfect
    nice box
  • Very good
    Really good video games.
  • Decent
    360it was better
  • Excellent
    I have had the Xbox One in almost exactly a year and I must say that I am cruelly satisfied. I was fully set to upgrade to PS4 PS3, but through a fantastic offer and a good feeling to try a completely new console became the Xbox One. Games like Battlefield and GTA floating on really well.

    I have seen and heard that many are not a fan of the controller. When I thought the Xbox, I have always thought that there is a thick control which barely reach the levers. But I feel absolutely no longer. The control is very comfortable to hold, the grip is really good, and the grip on the levers is good. But after a year I have actually bought the "thumb arrested" to control when I have felt that you can slide the levers sometimes.

    Summarized so I absolutely think you should buy this console, even if you have only played the Playstation before. You will certainly not regret it. The rating I give is a 9/10. It's rare things that make a ten, so a nine is really good.

    "A must have for any gamer on the console"
  • Barely acceptable
    Charging time ....! It is quite incredible amount of time is spent downloading and installing updates and new games. If I buy the game in the store so I would not expect that the software on the 12GB must be installed before I can even start the game. Extremely boring! Hardware is simply unnecessary, buy the line because they will still take some time before you can play.

    If you do not play every week, you can expect that it will take a while before you can play your new game, please start preparing at least 2 hours before you intend to start. I have fiber, but it does not help the process, long download and installation tenacious.

    Additions, may be that my time with Mac and PS4 makes you forget how the windows stuff works, but I have very hard to understand interfaces and management of programs, settings, and only such a simple thing to start a game ... It's simply not user friendly!

    Do the console to play Gears and Halo, not a minute is it worth the trouble otherwise! Can recommend the PS4 if you can handle you without these Games.
  • Very good
    Very nice game console. Have a PS3 and an Xbox (1st gen) in the past and like Xbox controls more when they fit my little bigger hands. The only thing missing might be forthcoming Gran Turismo games that I like but the Forza series does not run the picks either. A little long charge times perhaps but it has the PS4 as well. Bought Kinect 2.0 to but do not know what to wear it when no games are föruton ordinary kinect sports and anything to. Well my dottewr actually danced to Just Dance game and the accompanying dance game.

    - 2 for lack of kinectspel
  • Very good
    There is much positive to say so I can not make a list. However, I can make a list on the negative.
    - There are many apps, but few exist, however, outside of America.
    - The control does not come with charger and rechargeable battery, compared to some other consoles ...
    - Xbox Music is not included in the Xbox Live Gold. Had at least thought about paying for it if lossless support existed.

    These points can, however, do something about so do not let them determine if you buy an Xbox. Just wanted to throw in my two cents.
  • Very good
    Away is good but home is best! Owned this gem of almost a year.

    After hanging around with the PS3 so you are back at the Xbox One so what is it that makes it nice?

    + Control. It's definitely a matter of taste. But it is so sick more comfortable for me than a Dualshock where I seem to be in any noob mode every time, accuracy is not the same for me.

    + OS.Det cozy interface, felt a bit messy in the beginning but they have released updates that make it look fresher. Must say I am very pleased that even saving files are now stored in the cloud so you never need to move the files, but just log into your profile and run, simple (for example, if you are away or at a mate and want to crack low achievments).

    + To Games With Gold has happened. They picked iförsig concept from Sony but I'm glad for it. Always fun to get new titles to try out every month, some trapped man, others not.

    +++ Backwards compatibility. So incredibly wonderful. Has many titles from my old Xbox 360 that you would love to relive and it feels sick convenient to do so (both physical discs and digital I had since before).

    Lacks numerous "exclusive" titles. On the one hand, I want that all titles are multiplatform, no exclusivity but the reality is different. Quantum Break is probably my favorite late Gears Of War series and is of course a unique game but glances to the PS4, you become a little sad in the eye
  • Acceptable
    Bought this used to play a little game with my wife and watching movies (Blueray, DVD, USB) mm vardagssrummet. It was a dust collector who later given away to the nephew who actually liked it.

    At many points, Microsoft has done a bad job considering what potential this machine. I come from the PC world and usually plays games in SteamOS or Windows.

    Negative sides:
    * Limited graphics compared with a modern PC, and slightly worse than the PS4
    * Xbox 360 accessories funger not
    * Large box and separate PSU, JFM PS4
    * Fewer than used games PS4 because of lower market share
    * Controller requires adapter for connecting to Windows, no standard Bluetooth that PS4 has

    * One of the games (GTA5) has a scratched disc. And the installation we stopped 49% and I thought it was over. However, after 2 hours of googling and testing, I found a solution, look it up half installed the game on the App store. Then you can install it from there. Xbox was this close to fly out the window, but got a second chance.
    * It can play movies from USB, at least some films (MEN subtitles do not work)

    Positive sides:
    * Microsoft has some backward compatibility with old 360 game, continue with this!
    * There are plenty of games
    * It can play movies from BlueRay with good results

    SONY PS4 is more twice more popular in Sweden is not so strange, hardware is better and there is a larger market, which means everything from better access to games and even used games / accessories, although it certainly oxå have limitations.

    Microsoft to ensure you'll get better grades of me.
    1) Open up the era app store so that you can install great apps such as VLC
    2) Fix backwards compatibility for accessories
    3) The games should be cheaper. 600-700 for the new game is not OK. Take 400-500kr like Steam does.
    4) Make a Better Companion app, this should not be so hard for Microsoft who live on making software
    5) Put down the shit with exclusives. This certain games only available on the Xbox is shit who intend to lock consumers into a prison. Stop that and make a product that is better than the competition. Now it is the same thing as the PS4 about the inferior graphics. Antidote should be better software.
  • Good
    Took my console in just over six months. As more and more games become backwards compatible, we have phased out our 360. Hardware-wise it is really nothing further (not PS4 either) but it works basically good. The positive thing is above all the games and backward compatibility with 360 games. Since I find Games with gold's great - for a small money you get four games each month. Have not yet bought a single new game! The controller is also top. On the minus side is that the console is pretty clunky and can not be upended. The interfaces were better at 360 - felt more consoles.
  • Perfect
    Works really good, just a shame that you have to install the games.
  • Excellent
    Works very well and improved with software updates on average every two months. Backwards compatible with 360, has the most control, Xbox Live, good and fun game but wish it was a bit more varied. One negative thing about the console is that it is so big and takes a lot of space.
  • Poor
    Does not say much about the console itself - surely it is good and the game flows nicely, but not being able to play the mutliplayer without paying (new price) 599, - per year for Xbox Gold is just crazy!
  • Barely acceptable
    Now, after standing collecting dust for months so I sold recently my xbox1.
    Console never felt as much fun as its predecessor, the Xbox 360, is ugly and clumsy and it was very hassle of complicated menus and slow charging times. The controller also feels quite plasticky by clicking buttons.
    Many of the games feel low resolution and are difficult to keep stable frame rate ,, Microsoft has started releasing games in the better versions also for the PC so why should we take the console?
  • Excellent
    Is pleased that 17 of this. Had been fully if it was more backward kompad with games from previous consoles, but it is pure entertainment with this check box.
  • Poor
    Dum box that allows you to play with quite a tough interface.

    Then when you bought the game, you have to pay a monthly fee
    also even if you play with sitting next to you on the couch.
  • Very Poor
    Very disappointed that Microsoft can not deliver this generation console.
    Twice as big as the PS4 and then without built-in PSU. Really plodding installing games at least 30 minutes. Controller powered by 2 AA. The route performance. Tough and messy OS.Jag only bought the console for those exclusive titles that now also slaps to the PC, so really an unnecessary purchase.
  • Good
    Live is worthless on the Xbox One, therefore sell my console now.
  • Decent
    I upgraded from the PS3, and I'm glad I did! I thought about the PS4, but I wanted to try xbox. Do not know if I did the right choice, but I'm still happy.


    + Very fast

    + Nice menus, easy to understand and attractive.

    + The handset feels good in the hand and you may not cramp to keep in the long even if it is hard.

    + There are many apps for the Xbox, such as Netflix and twitch.

    + Console is quiet, you can hear it not at all if you have a little game sound on

    + Console is great, but the design is still looking so I see nothing wrong with it is a great console.

    - Control buttons. The buttons at out is nothing wrong, but the buttons at the top is a bit difficult to click on, then you can just click at the tip of the buttons, otherwise nothing happens. The buttons will be smoother when you have played for a while (a few weeks or so) Which is lucky.

    - The hardware is weak compared with ps: 4AN, this degrades the graphics a little bit, but no one notices that much in most games.

    - The glossy finish on the left side of the console gets scratched very quickly! Have not even had the console in a month, has moved 2 times, and it has already a lot of scratches! Do not know how.

  • Perfect
    Cruel console. Rapid charge times, is a snap to switch between the games you have on the HDD.
    More or less silent, can ev. hear a buzz about it is completely quiet in the room otherwise.
  • Acceptable
    Is now in my second console, sold my old a year ago when there was so much trouble and the "bugs" plus there were hardly any sensible game. Noticed to my surprise that hardly anything has improved. The majority of the exclusive games will come also released for PC. And many of the old problems with the hardware remains; the controller can be switched off only for no reason, long installation times, excruciatingly tough updates of hardware, apps that crash or hang, Achievements that are not popping up on the screen and generally poor response from key presses, half the time to do a double tap on the "home" button will instead give access to dashboard'en.
    Speaking of the new dashboard'en this is a step back in many ways, and still extremely troublesome to use. And performance? Games can still be rendered in 720p, for example, Star Wars Battlefront, yeah it's the same resolution as the Xbox 360 ran with 10 years ago> _>
  • Excellent
  • Barely acceptable
    I got this console as a Christmas present, was previously primarily played on PC.

    Console has been because it is simple, practical. Do you play often and the same game, it works well, even very well. However, the system and games are constantly updated, and Microsoft seems to have borrowed its servers from 90-century Romania; it goes much too slowly.

    It took about as long to put in the time Xbonen first time to install on a computer. The user interface is embarrassing, "business" than worse. The games are installed to the hard drive, but you still have to switch discs to play, which feels very much like the Playstation 1, not "next-gen" at all.

    Frequently Xbone control is plasticky and unfortunately we also got an odd one; 360 controls are much nicer, but does not work even with the cord. Elite control is really good (and expensive), and probably the reason I still use the console is relatively much.

    Positive is that it's quiet, choppy less than consoles, and usually I can play Forza.
  • Excellent
    Very good game console also much media features
    And many games that appeal to me used to everything in principle both games and movies.
  • Poor
    After having owned all consoles since the Nintendo NES so this is undoubtedly the one that had the most problems. Can compare a little with the PS4 which was released around the same time, to download updates, start the console, and to install the game takes very much longer XB1.
    Since the function to start the game from the stand, so-called Suspend and Resume, work here nearly 50% of the time, and the game has often been restarted, never had a problem with this on PS4 where this function has been spot on every time.

    The dashboard is still tough and awkward to use. Has also had a lot of problems with Xbox Live recently, and when the console is online, you can sometimes not even start their games (!). Then controllers suddenly shut off for no reason, poor hardware, often resulting in low resolution and lower frame rate, achievements not pop up, etc. the list goes on and on ..
    Do not understand what happened with MS? Xbox 360 was an excellent console, but XB1 feel inferior in every way. The exclusive games have dropped in quality and are becoming fewer, and that most will also for the PC. See no reason to own a XB1.
  • Perfect
    Like kinecten
  • Perfect
    Only minus is the somewhat messy menu, but you learn well! Awesome satisfied.
  • Perfect
    Would call Xbox One the best console, really happy with it.
  • Very Poor
    Bought in December 2015 this is a very bad console that needs to up date all the time and you have to be online and signed in to play,
    The dial 360 is not suitable for the console is not backwards compatible
    Microsoft sucks, I will not buy new steering wheel
    The next console will be Android!
  • Very good
    Beautiful building! Silent machine and queue control. However, very messy menus. Previously had a PS4 which I sold because of horrible noise. X1 is completely error on that point.
  • Perfect
    I bought it for nearly 14 months ago at the start on dec -14. I myself have used it a lot, but the son has taken over completely nowadays. What bothers me is that Microsoft saved on the battery side, and you have to buy rechargeable batteries yourself if you do not want to use standard AA batteries. Moreover, I do not think the rechargeable batteries can be purchased is especially safely in control. Is it the slightest careless will come off and the control is turned off. These batteries are therefore no standard rechargeable AA batteries but custom made for your controller.

    The controls to lose contact with the bracket we have not experienced a single time on it over a year we have had the Xbox One. Yet I have seen to obtain four controls so that children can play with friends. All four thus have worked all the time. I am pleased beyond expectations with the Xbox One, despite the battery speculations.
  • Excellent
    Miss the old layout (Xbox 360) but it's just a habit. The console itself is spot on and allows me to do what I want. Ie play games ...
    Problems, however, that the controls lose touch occasionally. But I understand this is common .... (: /)
    But it is usually because more wireless stuff around, so they had been happy to define "near" and if they apply to specific frequencies, etc., etc. so you can troubleshoot. With this little information I found so bothered, I do not even think about debugging .... Will make me angry when I play online if they lose contact, however. But otherwise, I'm very pleased with it. =) Haha
  • Barely acceptable
    Update of Ratings:
    Lowers 8-4 due to the immense stupidity behind the language / region settings, and Microsoft brutal shortcoming in terms of their representations about the Xbox One as "the living room's center", this is total BS!

    Feels like the Xbox One is a new Zune, WP, Surface RT etc (good basic ideas but a Microsoft who fail to implement the ideas fully, but instead gives up and puts down) ...

    + Very quiet. Only hear a slight (very quiet) whining from the power supply. Overall, much quieter than both the 360 ​​and PS4
    + Really like hand controls
    + Can stream games over the network. Actually works quite OK with good sustained playability
    + Cool and actually functional to control the TV, folders etc. from Kinect (However, see below!)
    + Can expand the storage via USB
    + Apps from Cmore, Netflix and Viaplay is good
    + Affordable
    + Some XB 360 games will run on Xbox One
    + With Kinect and or MS remote control can theoretically remove the CD and Blu-ray and media players, however, see below!

    Poor / left to work in for MS:
    - Can not play music in the background, even via Microsoft's Groove (this has worked on both the original Xbox and 360 !? How did you think this Microsoft?)
    - To use Kinect at all, you must ask for the Xbox into English, and to a region other than Sweden. English Xbox is well OK for most but resulting problem is that even the Xbox store will be English and that some apps / games then refuses to work without setting back to Swedish (without Kinect) and restart ... Completely crazy bad! AND, why not warn Microsoft for this on their website?
    - Rather limited applications for Blu-ray, DVD and CD (want to get rid of the lot of boxes under the TV stand)
    - Not the same graphics performance PS4 (due to the hardware so it will never be "solved")
    - Get apps, would not "Universal Apps" solve this?
    - Microsoft's own apps Groove and OneDrive is very poor and limited and has poor support for Kinect (why not say "Xbox Goto Groove and play Ramones first album).
    - Nothing Spotify!
    - Quite a large box that does not "should" stand on end (greater than both the 360 ​​and PS4)
    - Setting for Kinect, TV, cable box etc. is not 100% single / straight. Why not have good and interactive guides / app for this?
    - Doubtful whether Microsoft will push and develop Kinect further now that it is no longer considered a vital part of the system (and as I said, it does not work even with the region set to Swedish).

    Basically a cool, good and stable product, however, it would be possible to do much more of. Since the xbox one slightly behind the PS4 in the performance race they really need to ensure that the rest works perfect and far better than the PS4.

    BUT: If I buy today, it had become a PS4. It is an honest product that is good at what it says it is good to (play), and provides some bonus such as better music player (even in the background) and Spotify.
  • Perfect
    Best console available beautiful hand controls and awesome game: D
  • Poor
    Bought this mainly for Halo MCC, but oh what a mistake. Having largely become annoyed at the console, many bugs, long load times and it takes forever to install games and download updates. And as for Halo MCC so I just say avoid, buggigaste game ever :(

    Now a year later, the dashboard has been replaced, but still feels slow with poor response, and new problems have instead emerged that the achievements will not come up on the screen when they are unlocked. Controllers closes randomly by itself. It still takes too long to install games and download patches, and new games are still preferred by a resolution that belongs in 2005. The console is still selling shoddily outside the United States, and you understand why ..
  • Perfect
    I bought it as FIFA 16 bundle of Media Markt in November and has worked very well since then. Great prices on Xbox is a great bonus. Everything has worked perfectly and even bought Battlefront who have also worked well. Comfortable controllers and smart that you can download apps such as YouTube. Highly recommended.
  • Perfect
    The best made when they apply to gaming consoles!
  • Perfect
    has 1 TB, but it's really good consol and fun to play see on youtube and more .. as gold member you rabbater on the game type half price on it is nice
  • Perfect
    Do their job well, Forza 6 looks fantastic!
  • Poor
    Bought this as a Christmas present for my son, but there was no record of any of us on Christmas Eve because a lot of hassle with installations and updates. Have fiber internet, but it took a terrible time to install the bundled game, FIFA, and Halo 5 had an update on the 18 GB (!) That must be installed before you can even start the game. MS seem to have set the gameplay secondly with this console, and thought that there would be some sort Multi Media Box for television. No other problem we encountered addition to the above:

    * The controller can disconnecta for no reason, even in the middle of a game. Having searched around online and it seems to be a common problem, not even Microsoft themselves know what caused it, and it is in the current situation is no fix for the problem ..

    * The levers of control are too loose / flabby, making it difficult to aim, for example, Halo. Why change from the X360 controls which were perfect? Controller feels otherwise quite plasticky and cheap compared to its predecessor, and both forces and LB / RB keypad emits a loud clicking sound.

    * Fairly low resolution for many games, such as Halo 5 Flag fairly low at times when a lot is happening on the screen (720p?).

    * Many apps are a bit too slow, as managing game images and open achievements, feels in many areas as a step back from the Xbox 360.
  • Perfect
    Quick and quiet console. Games refueled home ruggit quickly.
    Komplitera with an elite controller, you get a fantastic combination.
  • Acceptable
    Have used the console for a few months now. Bought the special edition of FIFA 16 included.
    The general assessment is an acceptable product, but not much more to be honest. I have previously owned the Xbox 360 and PS4. I have also used the PS4 longer.

    Positive qualities:
    + Relatively cheap price (2790kr)
    + Well established ecosystem with many applications and future potential.
    + DVR functions
    + Very good ergonomics of the controller, believes it is better than the PS4's.
    + Quiet enough and do not become too warm.

    Negative characteristics:
    - It is much too large compared to the PS4, moreover given the impression that it is a cheap construction.
    - The gigantic external power pack is a joke, unbelievable that it's not built, and then the console is already too big!
    - Highly efficient by Microsoft to not have built-in batteries in the controls.

    The operating system has said that great potential but sometimes gives the impression that the features are a bit too intrusive, just like Android bloatware.

    All in all it is ok, but it really feels like Microsoft skimp out on many points.
  • Very Poor
    Clean Joke! Console bugged out when I would put up my profile. There is a bug that becomes active when trying to match the English language with Sweden as a country that locks the entire console. The bug would be easy to fix if you came to the profile window, but it is also locked by the bug. Additionally, locked the ability to make a restart to start completely from the beginning. So now it is in worst fall to send back all the crap for reinstallation of Microsoft.

    So catastrophically bad that such problems are found on a gene-4 console. But while I am sadly not surprised, the same company supplied may of course also includes Windows Vista and Windows 8 = (
  • Perfect
    I hesitated a long time to upgrade from your Xbox 360, but after Microsoft announced that Xbox One would be backwards compatible with the Xbox 360, I felt the choice easier.

    Xbox One is as yet a very positive experience although a few stuff bothers me:
    -It Will not eject the disc via the UI (as it is in the 360's).
    Games downloaded incredibly slow, although it often seems to start and start playing when 30% is downloaded.
    A star deduction for this.

    I may also point out that the dimensions given in the Xbox One is incorrect. The width is 33.3 cm and 34.3 cm are not as we've stated (which meant that it had little margin on each side of my TV bench. Something that worried me before purchase).

    Very quiet, it is also. Nice!

    Edit: Digital download of games may be slow, but partly it downloads even when the Xbox is turned off and hand them begin to download when purchases are made over the Internet on holidays (the game was downloaded and ready to run when we got home). The experience of the Xbox One is after a month so good that it must be full pot.

    Edit2: Now you can run some Xbox360 games on it. To play Lego StarWars again made the children very happy. Great feature!
  • Excellent