Sony Alpha A6000 + 16-50/3.5-5.6 OSS

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  • Good
    Bought it on Black Friday of 4990. Not so pjåkigt!
    It was a long time since I took photos with SLR so I have not had time to become best friends with the camera just yet. Have especially difficult to get good pictures in low light conditions without flash. I've tested a lot of settings, but the images will most blurred and "grainy". (Aiming enough to buy Sony E 35 / 1.8 OSS instead)

    I also had issues with transferring pictures to your phone. In the end, I concluded that "Platsangivning" must be switched on mobile. Do not know why ...

    Experiencing flash as very strong inside. Addressed to the upward so that the flash "bounce" so it becomes better. Lacks a fixed position where the flash is facing up constantly, so that one did not have to keep your finger on it all the time. Should enough check if there is someone diffucer to obtain ...

    Battery life is quite disposed so buy a spare battery on ebay. Is the original batteries for 180 bucks with shipping included.

    Something I am extremely pleased with, however, the film quality!
    Run with the dial set to movie mode with manual exposure.
    For really good movie settings, check youtube "Best Video Settings for the Sony A6300" with Maarten Heilbron. Get really good results with his preferences and tips ..! (I know - he goes through settings A6300 but these settings also works on the A6000).

    The camera has no image stabilization, so there falls, unfortunately, a number of lenses away for my part, when I film a lot. For example, had happily bought the critically acclaimed and affordable Sigma 30 / 2.8 DN Art but it unfortunately lacks image stabilization lens. Therefore fall my choice as I said instead of Sony E 35 / 1.8 OSS. Twice as expensive but they may be worth

    ... Sony's own RAW format ARW is poo ...

    ... That said, we're not really friends yet (except the movie mode).
    I get back to you with an update in future
    Now I will check further on the tube and see if I can learn something sensible =)
  • Excellent
    Pictures are absolutely amazing. Autofocus is really good, combined with 11 frames / sec allows one to take a very cool action shots!

    + Autofocus
    + Many settings
    +11 Frames / sec!
    + Wifi for wireless image transfer and remote ring
    + Sony's own apps to the camera (can recommend "Smooth Reflection")

    -utbudet the lenses E-mount lenses are not huge
    Lacks 4k video

    TIP: The camera comes with a setting called "Long exposure noise reduction" on. It reduces noise in low light, but in good lighting conditions make it so images are blurry! Make sure to turn off this setting so better images!
  • Perfect
    Absolutely wonderful camera, folding pictures at dålight light.
  • Perfect
    Sold my Canon 5D Mark II because I have become a bit tired of lugging around on the big play. Bought this instead. I am 90% satisfied!

    It is mainly two things I think is a pity that there is:
    - A rotary wheel for thumb and index finger to quickly dial in manual settings.
    - A more user friendly structured menu system to find the features of the camera easier.

    Otherwise, I think it delivers amazingly good! I list here some of the main points for me:
    + Autofocus is incredibly much faster and smoother than my old Canon 5D Mark II. Very rapper and usually puts eyes sharpness which is almost always want.
    + Face detection and face detection. You can save multiple faces in the camera's memory, which means that if the camera sees and recognize any of these faces to lock automatically focus on the face. Very convenient if you want the focus to be on one's own children in the example a children's park.
    + Many settings which I think is positive. It's good when you can choose for yourself, and that not everything should be automatic.
    + The two automatic modes that works great! I was pleasantly surprised. Especially the "+ Mode" which I think reads the situation well the times I tried.
    + Size of! It is really very much smoother than my old full-frame camera. I really think that Sony has found a very good balance between size and usability.
    + Video filming is now exactly as easy as on the mobile phone. And kamerna fixes focus really really good!
    + Wifi! With the app I loaded home can remotely control the camera. Secondly, both running full manual mode and select the shutter speed, shutter aperture, ISO, and even control the mechanical / optical zoom kit lens. Feels almost like controlling a CCTV camera on film.

    Conclusion: From being switched from a Canon full-frame camera to this I can nothing but recommend anyway. test this mirrorless camera. I am very satisfied with my booty! Also got a few coins into his pocket, even though I bought an extra lens.
    The resulting image is good from kitobjektivet. However poträttfotograferingen becomes a little more fun with my other lenses (50mm 1.8) when it can get very shallow depth of field.
  • Excellent
    Is a top photographer in my first step, but wow! the camera! Recommended!
    For the beginner like me. Check out the youtube "Gary Fong" very good descriptions and setup possibilities! After that, everything went much better!
  • Very good
    Smooth and good SLR acquired during the Black Friday of 5000 SEK.

    Included lens works well for the most part, however, is not particularly good for macro photography.

    Gets very good picture with relatively little noise when shooting in after dark, much better than Gopro Hero 3+.

    What pulls down the grade is that it is not possible to plug in an external microphone, but that one is forced to buy any of SONY's accessories and is firmly expensive.
  • Perfect
    It looks good, feels well built and is small enough and easy for an older person to keep it with you on walks, trips, etc. Kitobjektivet do not provide the sharpest images and also attracts a lot of battery life, but there are many fun and inexpensive options. For example, Sigma's fixed lenses or old lenses with an adapter. These draws also has significantly less battery. I also like that it is very convenient and easy to transfer images to your phone, tablet or computer for instant editing and / or sharing images on social media.
  • Excellent
    Very impressed with the A6000, the perfect balance between size and how little it weighs. Standard lens will do well even though many had selected a lens from Zeiss. Like that I can use my Nikon openings with an adapter also fats in the present situation makes you lose some automaik, no great friend of adapters even though it goes. Have been difficult to believe that it would be possible to have better camera in this price range. Well you can update its firmware when Sony need to correct some deficiencies that could arise. I personally have only one negative thing to say about the camera and that is that there is the possibility to connect an external microphone that is not as expensive as what is likely to sell from Sony. In the current situation, I also have a Nikon D300 and 6-7 different openings and will only conclude that they have done their after I discovered how good cameras and optics Sony picked up.

    Hint, look at SONY's pages if there is an ongoing "Cash Back" campaign, it is common that they do return 400-900kronor at these times, does not apply to all of their products.

    To learn more about the camera, I recommend the following link:
  • Perfect
    Fantastic fast and good camera.
  • Decent
    Sony A6000 is a great system camera for the experienced photographer who needs a complement to the slightly heavier. It is painful, weigh barely anything, can be used with one hand (if you want to take strange angles, for example.), And can be carried around in your jacket pocket if you like.

    It is not for the new photographer, however. The camera's menus are far from intuitive, the supplied lens performs far below what other camera manufacturer's kit lens does, and battery life is abysmal. But the biggest and most important reason: Sony E is a very costly ecosystems.

    At present it is (almost) only Sony that manufacture lenses that fit into Sony's E-mount, meaning prices are soaring. The Nikon or Canon would be equivalent lens go for half, or less, of the price Sony is their objective. How to grow as a photographer in a Sony camera becomes a costly affair.

    Do you know, however, that cost is irrelevant, skip the Sony A6000, and instead choose Sony a7 or a7II. Splurge, if you still should. For if the prompt should have a mirror-SLR, it's Sony Alpha to wear.
  • Perfect
    Have now had this camera for more than a year. One of the main reasons I bought it was to replace the photos from my mobile. It works very well for this. With a few simple clicks you transfer the picture to your mobile where it simpler shared with any social network. A little fun for people take the first not know how to take the best pictures with their mobile.

    Reason two on the list to buy a new camera was that I wanted to take photos when it was a bit darker. The noise of the camera is low and ISO1600 outstanding results. It will be good even in 3200, which was a big difference for me.

    I still run with the kit lens and you get pretty far with it. Lacks a little more zoom and sometimes it is not the brightest one can find.

    Viewfinder is OLED and provides very nice colors.

    Settings are easy to reach quickly and most can be set so that for example, you quickly reach ISO etc.

    The different modes, from manual to fully automatic works well.

    The function of the burst is very cool. Focus hang with good and with 12 frames per second captures often many unique situations.

    The only drawback is that if you change to a better lens you loose the compactness of the camera with kit lens, but that's really not the camera's fault.

    I am still very happy after + 1year and feel I can develop more with this camera.
  • Perfect
    Really happy with this've had it a long time now and has also been able to use lenses from my old camera, the Sony NEX-F3, which also has email mount

    Very pleased with the images it captures in that it has as many focal points as well as two methods to determine the focus. Very fast and I run Class 10 card at the speeds of 70 MB / s.

    The've also supports apps which I have utilized for example, have the opportunity to take the timelapse with it.

    There have also been many lenses to the right e-mount so the range is not as limited as it was before.

    Many clever settings and it has everything I could ever need right now anyways
  • Excellent
    Many reviews applaud this camera as an absolute test winner but the fact is that most cameras in this class produces similar image quality especially if you shoot in RAW. Tested this camera for a few days and also compared the photos in Lightroom. Color Artifacts sometimes occur when trying to light up the shadows (what is the point of compressed RAW?).

    Loud shutter reduces the camera's usefulness. When I shoot group photos and portraits I do it gladly in burst mode and kulprute sound that will make people nervous (which is captured in figure 2 onwards). None of street photography either. The sound comes from the mechanical shutter and there is no electronic shutter as in some other cameras. This is a dealbreaker for me.

    My experience is that the portability and user experience are two important parameters in selecting the camera - a camera that is troublesome to carry and shoot with the risk being standing at home and gather dust. In that respect, there are better alternatives. In comparison with other new APS-C cameras stand out, this camera good, especially when switching away kitobjektivet toward something better.
  • Perfect
    Clearly the best camera in its price range!

    + It is the fastest in the world or among the fastest! Perfect for shooting animals and small children!
    + Small and compact to be systemic camera!
    + The weight!
    + Lightning
    + Seeker, non-conductive, absolutely wonderful!
    + Picture quality! Nothing to complain about considering the price! The performance of class cameras costing the doubles.
    + Battery life - clear 350-400, .tagningar before the battery died.
    + Micro USB charger - ideal to have only mobile charger to the trip!
    + Allar apps award - timelapse!

    Buy only if you are after a camera for 10 000kr class!
  • Perfect
    Perfect camera with fast autofocus. Viewfinder was above expectations.
    I film a lot and it fits very well to it.
    Perfect and compact system camera with 100's various functions.
  • Perfect
    The image quality you get for the size of the price of this camera is unbeatable:
    Extremely fast Autofocus.
    Incredibly good dynamic range.
    High ISO performance.
    WiFi ansultning through the app, backup all new photos automatically to your phone when you turn the camera off.
    So to compare this but Canon / Nikon dinosaurs are just a joke.
  • Perfect
    A compact system camera and video camera in a
    Had Nex 5T before I was happy with, however, lacked the possibility of external flash.

    So now I bought this and bought an external flash.
    There are probably a lot to write about it, but in brief, it is very affordable, take super good pictures. Quick, many settings. Micro USB charging is obvious a smart finesse when you can use the phone's charger too. built-in flash is of course a plus.
    Wifi, NFC, Apps, 11 frames per sec.
    Take super good movies in full HD quality .. Good pictures in low light conditions
  • Perfect
    Really a lot of camera for the money. Bought the camera in May of Photosystem King and really regret not purchase.

    The camera is extremely good at everything, really everything, from taking photos to be able to use NFC and apps directly into the camera. This is the only camera you need.

    The camera takes extremely good night's photos, and you can easily shoot auroras that you can not even see with the eye.

    The lens that comes with allows you to take all possible photos. Dazzled works exactly as it should and you should take as blurred-sharp photos as you want.

    You can run the camera on Full Manual also, taking quite lovely photos.

    It is possible to control the camera remotely over both WiFi with updates for Windows, iOS and Android as well as over USB to your computer.

    The camera has its own app store right on the camera where you can download apps timelapse, Facebook, Flickr, Retouch, etc. Absolutely wonderful with direct upload. I usually put on hotspotten in my phone and then upload directly to Facebook and Flickr when I'm out and shoot in the world.