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  • Terrible
    We enjoyed 2p in the family. The first broke down after six months and could not charge anymore. Same thing with the other after 1year. Both bands burst. Kit Accessories lacking any trace of product quality.
  • Very good
    Sits well on the wrist

    Good to it waterproof

    Less good battery life.

    Less good app
  • Very Poor
    The app is good, but the quality of products is poor. Although I have taken very good care of it, my begun fjuske after only 2 years. Have had problems with charging almost since it was new. Has obtained a used one now as a substitute after my began to reset itself and turns itself off. Says it is "out of power" even though it is fully charged.

    Gummiarmbåndet lasted about six months for me.
  • Very Poor
    Have had two bands. Good function, but the strap breaks, and my first band I dropped p.g.a malfunction. Better to buy a bond with a better lock.
  • Good
    Has logged 2 ...

    I really liked the Fitbit Flex but the first died (or rather refused download itself) after about 6 months ... (Fitbit, however, had an awesome service and sent me a new direct). Number 2 was about 1 year before it also gave up ...

    + Battery life is ok
    + The small diodes that allows one to get an idea of ​​how many steps you have taken.
    + Small and handy
    + Stylish design
    + It did not drop pairing to your PC at some time (my Jawbone up3 lose about 1 time per week)

    - Mighty odd charging cable
    - The bracelet breaks after a while because you have to pick out the meter itself to load it
    - Questionable quality ... sorry!
  • Acceptable

    I've used it for six months. My suspicions have been confirmed: the strap breaks, but not where I thought, but rather an effect of the data collector must be taken out so often to be loaded. The rubber broke after about 5 months.

    In addition, understated than I how it is to charge it every 3-5 days.
    The app is very good, but the sleep function on Fitbiten is not completely waterproof, so to speak.

    The bottom line is that you get a capable health tracker, but I am now more pleased with my Garmin (which still has a lot of problems). There is no far superior health tracker right now, so it depends on what you value the most. I value the basic functions + battery life the most. Garmin, you do not charge for a whole year, instead of ~ 100 + on a year that you have with Fitbit Flex.

    The search goes on!
  • Poor
    Keeps for a few months then it functions poorly, the battery dies every day and the app contains bugs that never seem to be fixed without new creation! Do not buy simply!
  • Decent
    Pretty boring to be myself, but pretty good if you know several others who have it. Tex whole family, tribe, school, or business.

    Sometimes one wishes that the battery life was better, but it lasts a few days anyway.

    Windows client, I have only been able synca with, do not know if it can do something else.
    It seems to go to synca without a password, but sometimes it asks for a password anyway.

    Someone client for Linux, is not available. : (

    Androidappen has gotten much better, but think it still does not have as much functionality as the iOS app.

    If you train with the bracelet on and sweat, it will smell bad. Then wash with soap and water or hand sanitiser.

    If you want to just change the color, so only costs bracelet (without the device) right deal.

    It can not know if one goes down stairs.
  • Very good
    Have had this for a few months now. So this is a more expensive version of the pedometer that you are wearing around the clock.

    It has got me to exercise and work out more.
    I weigh myself every day and fill in the app just because it shows up in a graph.
    You can fill in calories, but the piece I skip.
    If you have friends who have Fitbit can add each other and see how many steps they have taken for the week in the app, and for the day on the web (right hitch).
    Had a lot of focus on sleep in the beginning, still measure daily, but now I check only if I have slept badly ... which is rarely.

    This gadget has got miin fiancee, who also has one, to go back and forth in the apartment just to get up in goals (or more), or walk / jog in place in front of the TV (I do too sometimes, but more rarely, the not as manic as her). She as I never managed to get to begin exercising thus makes it his own. A very good way to get people to face the facts that you move around for a bit, if they are like that who think that it is enough that you move around once a week ....

    (As for weight, after a month and a half without seeing results in weight when I've moved on me more, so I started to eat less. Went down 100g a day (stablt 73.5 kg -> stable 72 kg) just by eating less ... now the weight loss stalled because I eat normally again and train harder.)

    - IOS app is not iPad-compatible, ie, it is low-res and ugly.
    - Sleep function is triggered when I applaud
    - The rubber (band) looks worn out already after 4 weeks
  • Excellent
    Nice bracelet with great features. Use it daily at the gym and in the pool for exercise swimming. Fun is that you can see many of how many steps taken in the group and what place you are in for the month. Good app and website where you have full control of everything.

    + Water
    + Good Ideas
    + Long battery life
    + Vibrating alarm clock

    - The app is not in Swedish
    - Awkward to put food when not Swedish are

    My little contraption broke down for a few weeks ago. Started off with the lights could shine on the blink how to heel. Retired also sync and charge it can not seem pours?
    Waiting for the response to my complaint.
    Too bad when you just got into the whole.
    (Got a new on my complaint)
  • Perfect
    You actually become more active with this "bracelet" I've noticed. It looks good and you do not always think that it sits on the arm during the day. The app that you sync statistics against is simple to understand and you can set your own goals for how many steps to go, and also add an alarm in the morning so it vibrates when to wake up. Much more pleasant than waking up to screaming radio!
    Has absolutely nothing negative to say, bought this instead of Fitbit Force because I have read that many had a rash on the skin from Forcen.
    Even a giant plus you can shower with it! A great buy if you want to keep a little better track of your daily activity.
  • Acceptable
    I may have bought the wrong product and thought it was something other than it is, but I was somewhat misled by advertising.

    This is a step counter, point. An advanced pedometer, but I thought it would read the pulse well. I also hoped that it had a simple GPS itself also. The cost, after all, 800 and for that amount I would have thought that it could be more. OK, it's small and rechargeable - but I was not thinking that far.

    The app / website is clear and good, and installation was easy. It's good to be able to set their own goals. Nice also with sleep-registration (which also draws on the movement). It sits well and you notice it on an arm. Sync Nobody goes quickly and smoothly.

    But when I cycle portion so I burn hardly any calories or are particularly strained (but yes, I feel constrained) firm, I take a slow walk, I get the "peak" values. I thought it would show the stretch, I biked (GPS) and the effort of pulse (it looks like it has sensors, but that was not the case).

    For those who basically have their training in walking and running, and may want to record what you eat (I'm not interested in) so this is a great help.

    Oh well, maybe it will the products I want in the future. But I find this product in this version is too expensive. 3-400 kr had kännts right.
  • Excellent
    Have had my Fitbit Flex in a couple of weeks now. Very nice little thing!
    I was looking for a pedometer, but did not have one that you hold in your clothes but happily one that sat around the wrist. The other functions such as distance, calories burned as sömnreg, it's just a bonus for me.
    The two absolute best things are: 1) It hardly feels like the bracelet on! It is incredibly comfortable, even at night disturbs it. 2) The simple wireless synchronization between the bracelet and the phone / app.
    The fact that it is water resistant, and therefore, I do not need to remember to take off the bracelet when I shower, is also not bad at all!

    The app / website may be happy to come soon on Swedish, but otherwise, I am thrilled!
  • Very good
    This is a truly impressive little thing.

    As pedometer works fantastically well. What I can see it registers really steps and it will not be many false alerts all. I do not understand how it behaves to work so well.

    I use the app for Android, and it works perfect. It may even be kicked off with Near Field Communications if you can not manage to poke the icon, and then sync the data via Bluetooth. Even sync against the computer works perfectly using the included dongle.

    Very good battery life. Five days are promising, but for me it kept at least seven. Charging is fast too.

    Anything I'm missing is a way to check the battery directly without going to the computer or the cell phone, which otherwise may go into the settings menu to see how things are.

    Now it's not primarily as pedometers I want Fitbiten, but as "sleep tracker" when I have insomnia and want to get a handle on how much I actually sleep under different circumstances. In the standard mode, I see it as useless, it can be argued that I slept uninterrupted even though I had been awake for long periods. There is also a sensitive location, and then it will be better. But then it is only to state: Fitbiten can not distinguish between disturbed sleep and wakefulness. On doing the best it can with their circumstances, but I understand the function as overrated.

    Then there is of course a matter of taste, but I think they could have given the bracelet a slightly sleeker appearance, the type of sports watches have.

    Anyway, I am on the whole very pleased.