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The Apple iPhone 5S is the upgrade to the iPhone 5. The 5S has the same measurements as its predecessor, but is equipped with a finger print sensor and a new camera. The phone's processor is now 64 bit and is accompanied by a processor made just for localisation. Launched in 2013 with iOS 7. Close
The Apple iPhone 5S is the upgrade to the iPhone 5. The 5S has the same measurements as its predecessor, but is equipped with a finger print sensor and a new camera. The phone's p... Read more
Product generation: Apple iPhone 5s. 2 products in this generation. 6 predecessors and 5 successors
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  • Barely acceptable
    Poor coverage, poor durability, expensive!
    OK user interface.
  • Decent
    iPhone 5s is an acceptable mobile in my experience.

    After I owned it for over 3 years, I've figured out what things are crisp with mobile and what things are simply bad.

    Firstly, the design, the camera and Touch ID really good, have not had any problems with any of those. The camera takes very detailed images with high resolution (does not take good pictures in the dark) and the design is stylish. The Internet is much faster than the iPhone 4s, calls are clear and are disturbed or interrupted (for me anyways).

    And now for the bad sides of the iPhone 5s. These are things that are Apple's weak side with all their mobiles, and also what other than just me complain.

    iPhone 5s is not sustainable. After having dropped it several times has received the edges scratches and major damages are visible, though the screen has been damaged and had scratches. And after riding a roller-coaster ride so happened to cell phone slip out of his pocket and get substantial damage, which not only made the screen popped out, but damaged the screen so hard that it was impossible to do anything. A robust protection to this mobile is recommended so as not to damage, also keeps it up like new!

    Then I want to mention the battery life. When browsing through the 4G network, so is the battery pack in no time. And moreover I play demanding games on the mobile with maximum graphics (including World of Tanks), and after a while it becomes really hot in his hand, which is not nice. The battery runs roughly down from 100% to 20% in about an hour lirande.

    I can mention that Apple also continues to make its future mobile phones thinner, which means that it can not accommodate such a large battery, and this means that the handsets will have worse battery life. So if you are a heavy user, I would not recommend the new iPhone, because they have not so great mobile capacity, or to have a spare battery (power bank) so it does not die out prematurely.

    The last thing I want to mention is that the sound of the iPhone 5s is not like that sound good in my iPhone 4s. It can not play as loud music that my 4s can, which sounds very strange, but it's true. Also, when you listen to music with 5s in earphones sound feels compressed, while the sound of 4s spread incredibly more.

    To sum it all: A good phone with a good camera, screen and stylish design, but the lack of durability, battery life and the problem with the sound. Even with these drawbacks, I would recommend the mobile.
  • Perfect
    I want to buy this phone again has had samsung now to see if it was good has aaldri been so dissatisfied but should have quality so buy one iPhone 5s.
  • Very good
    Summary: Buying an older 'high-end' mobile that this may be a better choice than a newer budget mobile.

    - Low space can not expand.
    - Vibrator sounds like a lawn mower.
    - The display shelf at the accident is far behind all the competitors! Tightening Apple!

    + A small smartphone!
    + Fingerprint Reader.
    Reads the finger immediately about 97% of the time. Orientation play no role. In addition to unlock the phone, you can also use the example Appstore and BankID.
    + Good performance (for the price).
    Can safely run the most demanding mobile games such as GTA SA.
    + Overall extremely good sense of quality and design (especially for the price)!
    + Will today updates with new very useful features.
    (Delivered first iOS 7. Now run iOS 9. Will bring iOS 10 in the fall. Impressive!)
    + Surprisingly good battery life. Enough calm for two days for me.
    + Film in slow motion. (120fps)
    + Excellent noise reduction for calls. Clear sound on both ends even when the wind blows.

    +/- Okay camera quality. Is in line with the price.
    +/- The sound quality of the speaker. 'Good enough' is the right word. Not bad, not good.
    +/- Slightly thicker "forehead" and "chin" than what feels necessary on a mobile, even two years ago. (However, not enough to be a minus.)
  • Acceptable
    Boring phone. - Even with a shell around.
    Boring menus. - Do not change the look of them. Stelt.
    Boring standard apps. - The updated occasionally with IOS.
    For boring people who do not know better.

    Bugs together with Exchange, occasionally stops sync function for calendar / contacts. Apple has problems with protocols. Sometimes hangs the phone when trying to call or press the Home button.
  • Terrible
    Lost once in the floor and that was it .. steer clear of (overpricedjunk) phone ..
  • Acceptable
    Battery life is equivalent to an old GSM / NMT from the mid-nineties, or even less, actually. For one who does not fipplar with the phone a hundred times a day without using it as just a phone so I guess it goes to plague the 3- 4 days on a charge of an optimist. My old phone had more than two weeks of standby as new.

    The built-in camera app is really rubbish, why should not access completely manual functions? - Yes but Sure functions are bad because you will be required to purchase an app.
  • Terrible
    Do not believe the reviews View that are only written by people who work in Apple. I'm sure they write reviews about themselves. iPhone is really a totally lousy phone with lousy battery capacity. A person close to me have exactly the same problem as me, and I spent almost no phone at all even, as well as closing applications, turn off cellular data, not short charge etc. I even talked with a salesperson on Elkjøp Phone House who said that he recharged his iPhone 6 THREE times a day. It's totally wild. Before then it was handsets with battery that kept for several weeks. This is totally ridiculous.

    It is also insanely annoying and actually dangerous that it is not possible to switch it on immediately if the battery runs out, you have to actually wait up to 5 minutes before you get turned on again AFTER you've put in the charger. So if you actually end up in an emergency and need to call for example. police, then it may already be too late before you get called, because for example. the criminal breaks into your apartment and takes your phone before you have time to call. It is indeed very serious, until then, one could at least call once it is inserted into the charger.

    It is also quite roughly that it is not possible to turn off or delete Health app that measures how far you go with pedometer and much other information is sent to Apple, and if you have on-location services so tracks the places you've been and these results they make sure the research of which they sell to various scientists conducting research on human behavior. So if you have the iPhone is one part of a research project where users are used as guinea pigs. So really it's just like the television series Lost, and we are all just part of a large research project.

    As with other Apple products, there are many small annoying things at them. One thing is that you do not get deleted the apps that come with Apple. In addition, one must update both your phone and apps a lot, almost all the time, and it's incredibly annoying. Can not they just make something that one can have long? Failure to turn off the automatic update also then pulls the mobile data.

    Apple is also very selfish and have tried to make it as difficult as possible for Apple users to switch to Windows. I also think the user interface and the design is ugly, and the phones themselves are not pretty to look at. They tolerate rather almost nothing, and is made for the screens will crush easily.

    The whole reason that the battery is so poor it is also called planned obsolescence, which means that you will have to buy a new phone after a year since the battery is so bad, this is also many complaints. And when they try to tell you that you have short charging it. But I know what I'm doing and do not short charging it.

    I'd never in the world bought the iPhone itself anyway, and got it as a gift. Otherwise I would never have had one. And I realize that iPhone mine has been one of the most annoying aspects of my life, so I just had to get rid of it. It ended his days on the floor in the hallway my where I smashed it with a hammer. It was well worth it, partly because I do not want to continue such junky products to other Norwegians.

    The buttons on them are also so small that they are intended for children and young women, you are man with big hands like me then it's not going to recommend at all. iPhone is for children.

    And especially considering that I almost did not call at all, the battery is particularly bad. iPhone is something I wish I'd never had. It was really 5000 acidic money that could be spent on something else. This is an honest review as I stand 100%, and this is the truth. I have no personal interest in butchering their products, I'm just telling my honest opinion. I have had many mobiles before, and would rather have gone back to a Nokia 3210 and covering old school style than having an iPhone again.
  • Barely acceptable
    After several years, I have realized that this is not a phone for me. It does not work for my needs as it is far too inflexible and does not support the standards that most people androidlurar manages long since.

    - It lacks USB connector and support for memory cards despite the new price of 6000 - when I bought it. Even if you bought a Lightning to USB adapter, you can not connect memory cards or USB sticks to it when it can not manage to be the USB host, but since Apple has not thought that one should use it so you can just not . It means that I can not transfer images from my cameras and editing, for example, Photoshop Express which I would like to be (yes my cameras have no wifi).
    Furthermore, you can not print to a regular network printers on their home network (how hard can it be) without the need to have something that supports AirPrint.
    Furthermore, you can not access our NAS at home in any simple way when the course using a standard protocol and not an Apple product.
    Therefore it becomes a androidlur with USB support next time.
  • Perfect
  • Very good
    Was very happy with this phone. Especially in the 5AN became tougher with the newer iOS updates.
    Something I learned of the design already with the predecessor was that the hard straight edges slightly abraded away, as simple as with a hard shell on.
    Besides that, I was satisfied with both cameras and functions.
  • Very good
    Write a short review.
    Is overall very happy with the phone.
    The thing I want to mention is that the 16GB version is the thinnest team in terms of storage space. Especially if you want to be updated with the latest IOS that takes very very space. That and a little film clips, photographs and any saved playlists from Spotify fill up the memory fast.
    You take the very images and movie clips so choose one with more memory or clean often. :)
  • Perfect
    Like sharp. Upgraded from iPhone 3GS. Have had this since it came out.
  • Poor
    Ok phone cam be slow sometimes.
    + Fast to load
    + fast first months
    - Short battery life
    Now, after about 1 month I am very disappointed with all the apps hangs up the phone, hang up, say in 10 minutes without being able to do something that has become almost unusable


    Acquired it in July 2014 to have had it for a while
  • Excellent
    Is as you would expect, nothing to object to if you like Apple wants to say!
  • Perfect
    The best phone I've ever had. Insanely good display, very good performance, incredibly good camera and long battery life. A super phone!
  • Excellent
    I've always been a big fanboy of Android, and never wanted to hear or know anything of the Apple products. I saw it as expensive exaggerated products. I first started with the Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4, Sony Xperia Z1. I was finally just bored of Android even with the new lollipop. I sold Z1 and was looking for a new Android handset but I was just skeptical and wanted something new but not Android or iPhone. I was always attached to the fingerprint reader on the iPhone and saw it very convenient to have it I who log hundreds of times a day on my handset. It was really needed, so I bought a two year old iPhone 5s from the block with grief and betrayal of Android and Sony. It just felt wrong, but I got used to it after three functions. 1. IOS very simple 2. The fingerprint reader 3. charging cable can be on both sides. And the new stuff that I will not now. But I still own the Galaxy S3 and it will only be something if necessary if one is to leave the handset in the workshop so it may be a temporary mobile. Otherwise, I give iPhone 5s a 9/10!
  • Very good
    Becomes sämmre and sämmre
  • Perfect
    Absolutely incredible good phone! I participated in the competition and win one and I won! Have used the phone every day and are very happy with it, definitely recommend that you try and win one considering the price. Can try it here
  • Acceptable
    Pretty good
    But little poor quality stud
  • Good
  • Good
    + Battery
    + Bright display
    + Touch id
    + Quality feel

    -ständiga sync problems on Apple TV
    -for small screen
    -seg processor

    Overall, a great phone, however, is a few steps behind competitors purely performance-wise.
  • Excellent
    Do not listen to all näthatare, they have nothing better to do, this mobile is top. Had previously an android handset but it bugged often, while this works like clockwork every day.
  • Excellent
    Do exactly what you can expect from your phone. Like the "simple" reconstruction of the operating system.

    + Stylish
    User +
    + Good hardware / software
  • Excellent
    This mobile is good

    + Good screen
    + Fast

    -is easily broken

    It's a good phone had it a week on loan and has also gone down in price so can not recommend this, but I myself am Android users.
  • Excellent
    Has previously held android and iphone 4, but never been very happy with them. Android cell phone was slow and crashed often, cases 4AN worked fine at first, but became slow and felt very little after 1 year of use. So I decided to buy a new mobile. I bought this iPhone 5s in space gray. The best buy I ever made.

    + Brilliant design
    + Fine in hand
    + Easy
    + Screen
    + Performance
    + Camera
    + Luxurious design

    - For a little adjustment.
    - Battery life could have been better

    One thing that is a bit half is unnecessary touch-ID. I use it often, but it feels more like a gimmick.
  • Very good
    I am very pleased with my iPhone 5S! :) Have had it for about 3/4 years. It is fast, has a stylish design and works perfectly well! Only down side is that it only has a 4 "Retina skjærm.
  • Very good
    Have had 5S half a year soon and I can highlight those which in my opinion is the best advantages:
    + The screen feels right size and it has a good color rendering
    + Fast
    + Decent camera
    + Build quality and design are top
    + Good sound quality
    + Call quality
    + Works great to use with one hand
    + Very good selection of apps
    The disadvantages of phone:
    - Get options. Have had iPhones while now and it never felt like something I'm missing, but for those who want to customize their OS and their phone is the choice of configuration options are very few.
    - Battery life. During standby and when not running heavy applications or have few animations running so battery life is okay. But once you get going with many heavier apps at the same time, stream music, play games and run animations and background refresh holding the phone almost a whole day. Apple had needed to implement come with some form of energisparläges function like Sony and Samsung.
    - No IP rating
  • Poor
    + Absolutely fine screen ...
    - Operating have missed the target completely. Made for a three year (or a 30-50 year old with blinkers and too much money)
    - The hardware lousy for the money
    - Call Quality is very poor
    - Battery life miserable, exhausted after half a day, but especially intense use.
    - Zero control over what is running and how.
    - Impossible to use as a work phone because of the lack of file systems and miserable mail handling. (If you do not use Gmail app for the job)
    - ITunes and iCloud, it should be a criminal offense to have as user-hostile mandatory programs.
    - The surface treatment, maybe I am the only one but I think that a phone for> 3000 SEK should not have to have an extra shells. What helps to gape about how neat it is if you still have to hide it so it does not look as if you have driven with wool pads on the following day.
    - The price tag for 1500 would have been an OK wait to let the kids play and take pictures with. New price 6000 is a joke. The price now at 4500 a number of years later is ridiculous.
  • Excellent
    Appreciate how easy to use Apple's phones are, however, slightly above praised
    Occasionally big screen (think to be able to keep your phone in your pocket without having to enlarge the trouser pocket)
    Somewhat lethargic - compared to new 6-ball, but cheaper for me = more affordable
  • Perfect
    Always had android or windows before and been very hostile to Apple.
    After my android phones have become worse and worse every phone I bought, I was until finally forced to buy an Iphone. 5s is the first phone from Apple that has all the functionality I require a phone, so that real 4g for example.

    I'm incredibly happy with this phone, it has so far worked very well. Never had a phone earlier that does not hang. I have now bought an iPad mini as well, a perfect combination.

    The only fault with the phone so far was that it came in lots of dust in the camera. The camera was replaced on site at the Genius Bar in Täby and is tight now.

    I really hope Apple comes with a sequel to this handset, with the same size and similar angular design. However, no need for it than when it really feels "up to date" right now.
  • Barely acceptable
    Have been repairing the charging socket on a number of 5's and 5's already, the new contact seems to be an odd one in the design, so that you think your buying begangnat check that charging works!
  • Perfect
    Have had the iPhone 5s'en since July 2014 and is very happy!
  • Excellent
    You get what you pay for, simple interface for ALL. Both beginner and technology engineer. Has changed from a Samsung Galaxy S4 and probably will not go back for awhile.

    + Appearance
    + Flexibility to use
    + CAMERA, so much better than Samsung have tested both my S4 and S5 mother.
    + ID sensor, so damn good.

    - Must give a little less battery time. In the beginning I had a stroke, but then I had the full functionality and discharged after the gym. Train about two hours a day with music in headphones. But after some settings and restrictions, such as Disable 4G, it's much better. It is still new and expect to replace the battery within a year, but so far I'll go to 30% approximately.
    - The price, it would have been a big minus for I had bought something else. One gets what one buys, the concept of a platform with specially developed software.
  • Excellent
    I have had my iPhone 5S since January 2014, here is what I have experienced so far:
    The phone works great to call with, and other things such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, Bring cards and more. The only thing I do not like is not enough that the screen is not big enough, though it may actually even be good to use with one hand. Screen colors and ppi (326) is really good according to me, you see no pixels even if you look really close. The phone also feels good in your hand. Incidentally, I would rather have a micro USB instead of a lightning port. Touch ID Works better and better with every update.
    I know I'm right untidy at writing reviews but this is the + and -

    Good colors and you see no pixels on the screen.
    Feels good in the hand.
    Touch ID
    Great camera.

    Small screen.
    Lightning (not micro USB).

    Thanks to me
  • Very good
    Works well
  • Good
    Latest Mobile Phones: Nexus 5, Moto X, iPhone 5, HTC One osvosv ...

    + Still a super screen despite several years old.
    + IOS eighth Nice upgrade with meaningful new features.
    + Touch id just works superbly!
    + Very accessories
    + Construction quality
    + App store. Having had android for a while it's nice to have apps that work again.
    + Future proof IOM that there is an iPhone.
    + Headphone jack on the bottom just as it should be.
    + Very good sound when listening to music.
    + The world's best keyboard available only for iOS.
    + The battery quickly.
    + Good camera, but thought my Moto X was slightly improved.

    - Expensive. 5300kr for such an old phone is insane.
    - Mkt dödyta around the screen. Feels not directly modern.
    - No notice lamp.
    - Still can not move apps wherever you want on your screen.
    - IPhones are doing no good in hot, humid climates such as. Southeast Asia.
    - The headphones to get to, you can just throw away.
    - Aluminum is neat but not my favorite material. Prefer rubber as the Nexus 5 and Moto X.

    Still a good nap, but the price pulls down the grade.
    Most likely my last iPhone when the iPhone 6 was pathetic. However, lacking the stability of iOS along with a fun but struligt Android.
  • Perfect
    Troubled fast, quality feel on top both in software and hardware, there is nothing to complain about, or yes, Apple can happily bre at half a millimeter in thickness to the battery's benefit.
    Can me all day despite pretty active use (currently unemployed) but has only 5-15% left which feels unnecessarily meager.
    Will 6th gear now with the larger screen, it will of course be room for larger battery without any problems. Easy to build great mobile phones, will be fun to see what comes up ..
  • Decent
    Quite okay phone. Very "standard" if you say so. Everything works ok and no surprises. Had this for two months but could not handle the small screen, poor battery life and Apple's rules and requirements for all. Also lacks many nifty features that my previous phone had. Therefore changed me to a Galaxy Note 3 and have no regrets.
  • Excellent
    Wonderful 10.10
  • Barely acceptable
    Hardly approved.

    - Small screen
    - Poor battery (my 5S can not take even a day, as my old 4 still does)
    - Bad and boring user interface. iOS 7 had better features (taken from Windows Phone) but deteriorated design (looks like Android did 5 years ago)
    - ITunes
    - Locked up. Difficult to switch to a good phone then the iPhone is nerlåst and it is a celestial hassle to get their data
    - Fragile and quickly see old and worn out
    - Over Priced. Paying premium for simple hardware

    + Many apps. Although not as many as Android

    The phone has more or less been developed since iPhone4 (which was really good in its day)
  • Acceptable
    This review comes from a AppleFan. Have had most iPhone models since the iPhone 3Gs. Been very pleased. But now starting to wonder if Apple has lost a little ... Had before the iPhone 5, which messed with both wifi and reception. Then switched to this six months ago with the hope that it was better. Unfortunately not.

    + The design, like the size of the screen, 4 inch is enough. resolution and colors.
    + Camera (good enough for me anyways)
    + IOS, always liked the simplicity of the system. Does a mac computer, so always easy to transfer between devices.

    Now for the foundation of all my grievances ... maybe got a bad copy ...
    - Lousy battery life! is not a heavy user. Sending some text, do not call every day, surf a little, run spotify about 1 hour each day. Will load every single day, maybe 10 - 20% battery left at night.
    - After a month of ownership began speakers rasping, almost sounded cracked, could not have the sound on. Was about to submit cell phone after two days of noise but suddenly disappeared .. noise debris in the system?
    - Apps crashing, not often but it does happen, Especially Google app.
    - Poor reception, drop wifi sometimes. Hear sometimes not what people say when calling when the words disappear.

    Nah is not happy with this, not worth the money but the hassle .. Thinking of selling and testing android instead, you might get used to phones that require an extra large bag for storage ....
  • Perfect
    The major difference between iPhone 5 and 5S is 4G. Suddenly I have coverage where I have not previously had coverage. Now I can sit and work almost continuously on commuter journeys. without losing the internet.
    Apple seems to have finally fixed the bug that prevented WiFi Hotspot to PC.
    Now if Apple could just introduce the micro-USB charger so I would be completely satisfied.
    Larger battery, I see as a more interesting feature than the bigger screen.

    The rest of the "innovations" are not so great practical significance.
    A little better battery life. A little better camera. A little faster.
  • Acceptable
    There so many, MUCH better options than this.
  • Perfect
    Experience since 1976, ........ just brilliant
  • Perfect
    Super fast and really smooth with Touch ID. Really good camera and fun with slow motion function.
  • Perfect
    Best phone I've had!
    Incredibly fast, superb camera, stylish, lightweight design and many great features! Will continue to stick to apple / iphone. It is also simple to andvända attributed to the incredible performance and so on. There are many who complain about the price but it is crazy affordable.
    Battery life is good to be a smartphone and is easily a full day if you utilizes the fairly diligently.
    Recommendable strong!
  • Excellent
    As usual, let apple a superb mobile phone with the performance and it has provided me a solid os.Jag have had iphone since 2007, and I'll probably continue on that track when they deliver quality.I have many times "attempted" to switch to android and wp but it is not and it always ends up that I replace tillbaka.Sist I changed was to htc m8 and galaxy s5 and certainly they have their good sides but the whole appeal to me.

    What I like and appreciate the iphone 5s are:
    Build The quality
    The flow
    That it charges quickly.
    The sound when people talk in it.
    Mobile supply
  • Excellent
    It's an iPhone!?!?

    + Everything almost!

    - Larger battery just so I'm happy!
  • Excellent
    crazy good mobile. but the screen is too small for my taste
    have both samsung s4 and iphone 5s. iPhone feels like better quality. samsung is plasticky but cruel beauties in your hand for it :)