Sony DualShock 4 (PS4) (Original)

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  • Acceptable
    Nice controller. the rubber on the analog sticks comes off after only a few hours of use.
    2 years ago
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  • Perfect
    Recommend to buy the other version, V2 (Version 2) on the controller so you will not have problems with the rubber on the controls and get more than twice the battery life, at least 13 hours!

    Difference between this older version controller and the new Version 2 (V2) are as follows:
    The new version (V2) follows with new PS4 Pro / Slim and have an extra light stripe (small lamp) on top of the touchpad that is not the first version, it also has dark gray buttons instead of black or else they will be the same in appearance. Battery life is also better than in the older version, 13 hours or more when I have the light at minimum (turn off the Shake Reduction function / speaker increasing it further).

    Best controller available, really nice in the hands. The small speaker and light / lamp truly raises the feeling in some games, the touch panel works well in many games. The lamp can for example be to see how much life you have left (showing different colors) or as in "Tomb Raider" when going with the firebrand, the light flashes (yellow / orange) so it will be a cruel effect on you play in the dark room. Battery life is up to about 6- 7 hours. Do you have two boxes and loading one when you play, you never have to worry about battery life, replace only box!
  • Very Poor
    lousy quality of levers
  • Barely acceptable
    Very good in the hand, would liked to have a shut-off function of LED illumination .. My left lever start losing a piece of rubber, which is not alright I know, happened at about 3 months of very economical use. Would give more stars but due to the rubber, I feel that it deserves no more (500GB console version)
  • Perfect
    DS4 is the best PS control ever. Could not be happier.
  • Barely acceptable
    Poorly positioned "option" button. it is level with the ground so it is difficult to find the middle of the game in the heat of battle.

    touchpad takes up too much space. Do not like the concave design on tumjoysticken.
    R2 and L2 buttons takes deep down.
    On the Dual Shock 3 could snap triggers on them but have not found similar to the DS4.
  • Terrible
    Horribly disgusting can not hold it in a normal way ..
  • Perfect
    Best control I have used! It lies comfortably in the hand and has many ports as 3mm audio port, USB c, and mini USB which allows you to load it with an android charger! It can also be plugged into the computer, which pulls up the grade.
  • Perfect
    Very good controls, only slimming is fairly good battery life, and thumb sticks that wear out quickly. But new battery, analog sticks, and other buttons to this controllers I've bought single from Finn and replaced =)
  • Excellent
    Good, however, is used to protect the joystick.
  • Perfect
    The only controller I've used that really works for all kinds of games! Xbox boxes are also good but have bad L1 / R1 buttons and inferior forces.
  • Perfect
    Its awsome! Is amazing in the hand.
  • Very good
    Nothing strange here except the brutally poor battery life. 2-3h max and then it's time to plug in again alt. Switch over to the control number 2 (sales ploy?) Guess if you turn off the speaker in control so you can maybe win a few more minutes.
  • Perfect
    One of the best controllers I've used, I feel better and is better in my hand than many of our competitors!
  • Decent
    This is a big boost from the dual shock 3 that I do not like. This is better in the hand and is therefore more comfortable to play with. But what draws down rated 2 stars is that the quality of the controls is poor and that the battery life is embarrassingly poor.
  • Decent
    + Much better fit than their predecessors
    + Stylish design
    + Works with Sony mobiles

    - In the most expensive team
    - Lousy battery
    - Needless touchpad except when used as a gamepad for PC / Mac
    - Funker not good with the PC over Bluetooth
  • Poor
    + Fits well in hand

    - Rubber on thumbsstickene is of poor quality. Have submitted 3 controls the warranty due. that the rubber is dissolved.

    - Sometimes it becomes interference with wireless Bluetooth connectivity and controls "hanging" and give uncontrolled movements.
  • Perfect
    Cool hand control.
  • Very good
    Stylish and comfortable, good quality impression, but think, however, that the "Options" button is a bit silly to and may be difficult to access. And that the "light" on the back shines too strongly, solved this with a piece of tape.
  • Excellent
    Very good controls simply.
  • Perfect
    The best in every way
  • Poor
    Gets a low rating and it is based solely on the rubber for the third time breaks down on the left joystick, as the normal play. Controller itself is comfortable to hold and play with but it is beneath contempt that the rubber breaks in this way, also take 3-4 weeks to get a new one which is also bad.
  • Very good
    Really nice handset. Clearly much better than the PS3's controller. What attracts the grade something is the high price and the fairly short battery life (no problem if you buy at cheap charging cables).
  • Excellent
    Works well, good battery life, I think, and feels good in the hand.
  • Excellent
    + Fantastically comfortable to handle.
    + Headset into the controller.
    + Touch pad feels completely natural to use after a few hours.

    -KATASTROF. L2 & R2 squeaking after a few hours användnade. Compared with my PS3 controllers that do not give off any noise after 3 years of use.

    Edit: screeching has ceased. Increases the grade.
  • Excellent
    Upgrading from DualShock 3 was already comfortable.
    The only minus is that the rubber on my analog joysticks started to drop.
    Maybe I had bad copy?
  • Excellent
    Are no better with eternal expensive :(
  • Perfect
    Incredibly good handset with many smart features.
  • Excellent
    Damn comfortable to hold. Like the new trigger buttons are concave rather than the old to the DS3 which was convex and made the fingers easily slid off. Fun with the speaker too. On the minus side, a little worse battery life than before and that the rubber on the analog sticks will wear out quickly. However, there are to buy new rubber to bust.
  • Excellent
    Very good control. The first generation was unfortunately rubber worse but got a brand new since it was a known problem.
  • Excellent
    The best so far, however, the battery life is relatively short (particularly when running with headphones) but it works well anyway.
  • Perfect
    Spot in every way.
  • Perfect
    Located perfectly in the hand, incredible build quality!
  • Perfect
    Very nice. Very good big boost compared to DS3
  • Perfect
    Fine hand controls
  • Very Poor
    Compared with the DS3 is much better in grip, feel and so on. Hence the extra star. The reason that it falls in the ratings so strongly is quality. After 6 weeks of use had rubber on the left analog stick crumbled so much that it finally burst! L1 button started to get stuck in the depressed position more often the more time passed. I filed the complaint and that it took a little over 4 weeks before I got a new one. Just call our support for PS in Sweden costs 9,95kr / min! Absurd! I sold the console in a hurry after that and got Xbox One, which is now six months later feels wonderful on all levels. Battery life as a new control was barely 5 hours, imagine then within a couple of months learning the barely hold 0.5 hours. The problems I had with the check was and is very friendly check out more about it online.
  • Perfect
    Best controller I owned, is clear as a bell in his hand.
  • Perfect
    Best controller ever! Fantastic, comfortable to hold, comfortable trigger buttons on the back and quite ok battery life indeed! Headphone jack and share key is used often and are great!
  • Excellent
    The fit and the buttons are good but the Xbox One controller is slightly better for me, the battery is rechargeable and control has many functions (light, touch plate, speaker and headphone input that fits most headphones).
  • Excellent
    Best control to date compared with older PS and Xbox.
    Comfortable grip
    Alright battery time played 7 hours and then still battery left so it might last about 10 hours.
    But now you can dim the light on the controller so then keeps the battery longer enough
    Have never sat longer than 7 hours so I can only assume it.
  • Excellent
    DS3 was disaster, this is a dream.

    However, battery life is bad, especially if you drive headphones plugged. Too bad they did not bet on the battery pack.
  • Excellent
    Awesome good control much more beautiful and better than the ps3 controller.
    The only negative I can say is that it has a little worse battery life than the DualShock third
  • Excellent
    A control that sits nicely in the hand. Nothing to complain about at all!

    I just want to warn you that have run on a DS4 before and want to buy another one. I had pain in my thumbs after I had played a couple of hours then joysticksen not rolled out properly. It requires a few hours before they roll nicely as they should. In other words, I avoided FPS games until they become softer.

    FYI: I bought a Magmaröd because it's badass!
  • Excellent
    My impression after playing 10-15 hours:

    + Facing much more comfortable in the hand than the DS3.
    + Touch pad measures up.
    + Significantly construction

    - Battery life
    - Lamp
    - The rubber on Joystickx2 seems fragile and somewhat slippery
  • Very good
    Really nice controller. I prefer the front XboxOne control.

    + Sits comfortably in the hand
    + Feels like a quality build. With some shortcomings, however.
    + Access to all buttons easily.
    + Micro USB connection
    + Audio / Mic connection
    + Sharing Button
    + Cool with touchpad

    - The touchpad feels a little plasticky
    - Poor Battery Life
    - Does the option button and share button sits a bit low in the control, had been able to be happy with distinct.
    - Can become slippery if you have sweaty hands.
    - The lower part of the levers seem to wear a lot, especially if you are heavy-handed.
  • Perfect
    Sony has done it again. Taken a product and made it even better.
  • Excellent
    Here, Sony has certainly succeeded!
  • Perfect
    Sweetest control to any console to date.
  • Perfect
    Much better than the DS3! Having used both a long time and do not notice any so-called wear on the levers. However, I did return one to the vibrations did not work initially.

    Since then squeaks L2 and R2 when I press them down. It went to fix up with oil. Though what I do not whacked is that R1 stuck down on one control when I press it. Then I have to knock on the control to get it out.

    It's probably true that I had bad luck though I know I'm not the only one who had these problems. Will still a 10 to raise the cut closer to 9.
  • Good
    Much better than the Dual Shock third Dock minus for me sliding off the analog sticks too easily and squeaks in R2/L2 after only 30 hours of gameplay.