Benq W1070

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Benq W1070 is an affordable DLP projector with full HD and 3D support. W1070 has a good throw ratio and image quality for a projector in this price class, which has made it very popular. The brightness is 2000 ANSI lumens and contrast of 10 000:1. Released in 2012. Close
Benq W1070 is an affordable DLP projector with full HD and 3D support. W1070 has a good throw ratio and image quality for a projector in this price class, which has made it very p... Read more
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  • Excellent
    Works great good the only mas could complain about is that 3D will be a bit dark but otherwise the topen good
    I recommend it? Yes definitely come
  • Perfect
    More than satisfied. I have had my projector for a year now in the cinema room and are incredibly pleased.
    The picture is pleasant and sharp. Decent black and not very noisy. I run 120 'of over 4 meters.
    Can really recommend this projector

    * price
    * Appearance. handsome. but I would have liked to have had a black projector. (Small problem)
    * High-quality feel of the buttons and connectors.
    * Fast startup and shutdown.
    * Very good picture.
    * Good price
    * Long lamp life and cheap lamp.
    * Good and nice but remote illuminated keys.

    * Slightly noisy fan, but I is not disturbed by it. driving in Eco Mode, and then it is perfectly OK.
    * Slightly chewy when HDMI switching resolution. when switching source, or go from menu to film on Bluray. But it is small items.

    So on the whole a very good projector. I am using my in a dedicated cinema room where it is dark even during the day. So I can not say anything about the properties in a slightly brighter room.

    3D function is OK, I have bought sainsonic 3D glasses on Ebay. I'm not impressed by 3D effects and movies in general. and is a little annoyed that spectacles are so dark (the same as in the theaters) So I'm no fan of 3D, but the projector works well with 3D if you like that stuff.

    I recommend a visit to

    where you can calculate the distance and screen size so you know how big the image you get.
  • Excellent
    Have had the projector for a few years now. Has been used for about 1000 hours. It works very well still, and the only thing that really there to complain about the little unnecessarily high noise levels (which I feel has gone up in recent times) and that it is a bit in the darkest Team 3D (and even louder when running the lamp's normal position in 3D). When the sound of the movies, it's nothing to interfere on. But when it's quiet scenes or when I use it slösurfande after finishing the film, then you will hear the fan.

    Initially when I bought it and installed it, I could not get the entire image sharp, but it became blurred either the upper right or lower left of the image. But after the filing and optical switching so it worked perfectly. Have calibrated the best of their ability with the DVE HD Basics bluray, and have a really good picture. Sure, sometimes I feel that blackness could be better, but it is rarely problematic. I have it in a reasonably well-darkened living room, so the conditions are not perfect, but in the environment, it has so it performs a really good picture.

    3D also works very well. Bought glasses on Ebay and it works without problems. That said, it can be experienced little in the darkest team.

    Good throw distance so that you get great picture even though the room is not so big. And it also means that you are less likely to stand in the way if you should play no moving video games, such as Wii.

    So in summary, a really good projector that cost förvånandsvis little!
  • Perfect
    Really cruel budget DLP quality for its price.
  • Perfect
    Really good projector.
    Have had it for 3 years now and is up to 3000 hours. Was worried that I need to buy new lamp, but because I drive the Echo mode, keep the entire 6000H :-)
  • Good
    Grim picture but little Palomar unfortunately. Works However if you look on film.
  • Excellent
    Bought this as "wear-o throw" until 4k projectors gone down in price a bit but was very pleasantly surprised. It's really good projector for money. Was good colors, very bright and quiet. It was perfect to mount on the "good" range so my sitting about 3.6m from the screen, and then provides around 109 ". Awesome buy if you want a cinematic look for a small fee.

    + Positive +

    Good color and "punch" in the image
    Plenty of settings
    The fan hardly heard
    Ok blacks (not the best not the worst ....)
    The lamp is long


    My got out to have a noise for about 1w ago vanished (have had it for 10 months now)
    Only full HD .... want to have 4k =)
    Could have been a little improve blacks ... but but ...
  • Excellent
    I am pleased and takes account of the price it is a fanatical purchase! Very good 3D features (cheap glasses are available on Ebay), and easy to configure.

    Good with the (admittedly small) lenshift available, even though it is a budget model.

    Bright, even if the benefit should cover up as much as possible during sunny days.

    It sounds a lot, but no one thinks of when one looks at something with the sound on.
  • Very good
    The fan sounds a deal but then I am very picky too. The picture was pretty poor until I stripped the roof between the projector and screen in black cloth. Now the picture is very good for the price. Run on a Kingpin LMS 90 "white tablecloth. Black roof and walls I highly recommend if you want good image with a white cloth.
  • Excellent
    WOW! The projector is great for the price. The sound is not low, but hardly disturb while watching. The colors are fine and good resolution. Is also relatively short shooting. Super!
  • Perfect
    My first projector so I can not compare to any other ......
    but the devils which image it is even the wife was impressed, have not tried 3D yet
    the noisy not think I'm sitting in the ceiling over the couch, good with many outlet rear, easy to assemble and good menus.
    I'm happy pigs
  • Excellent
    Good entry-level projector, something Palomar.
  • Good
    Good and affordable.
  • Perfect
    Really good projects that offer picture in the top class. Was surprisingly pleased with how well this model much against my regular TV. Do not like some others here that the noise level is high, it is indeed clearly audible even with the sound of the speakers but nothing to interfere. For ordinary desktop presentations, the projector is almost completely silent. Wonderful!
  • Very good
    Was bought for 5800 crowns in complete during the day.

    Really nice picture for the money. Really good sharpness, colors, black and so on. The picture, however, tend to be a little worried, and you are sensitive to the RBE-flicker, you should look elsewhere. Are otherwise not much to complain about for the price. Bit unbelievable that you can get as much for your money really. Technology advances ..
    The only thing that pulls down the grade is the noise level of the fan. Had it been quieter had received full marks.
  • Very good
    Yes, a good projector, but like all other projectors so it lives on. You never get a moment of silence, the colors are much weaker than on a TV. with the image size disappears clarity of the picture unfortunately.
    + Is that it has an input lag of only 20ms.
  • Perfect
    Have had my a few weeks now and used projjen diligently! After I read all the reviews here, I was really worried about the noise level of the fan. Sure it sounds, but not nearly as dangerous as I got out of the idea would sound (after having read the reviews here). The sound can be compared to a silent computer, not at all loud and certainly not a pain sound.

    I'm very glad I bought this projector yet despite my doubts about the noise level after reading the comments here, because the noise level is absolutely no problem.

    Obviously there are a couple of features that one would have wished for .. but for that price you can not really ask for more. It is extremely affordable. Neat addition.
  • Decent
    Awesome picture and good brightness. Used it without problem in a lighted room. Keep in mind that the picture is very large already at a short distance with this projector. I had mine on 3.3m and it landed at around 100 "with max Inzoom.

    I did not think the noise level was acceptable, I maybe I'm picky, but switched to an Optoma HD131x heard also, but has a much more pleasing sound. It is no use to test the sound in the store, when you sit at home in a quiet inch you can get an idea.

    Could you cope with the sound and checked so it will work on your distance. buy!
  • Very good
    Really awesome for the money.
  • Perfect
    Very nice and sharp image.
    Good menus that are easy to set.

    Now just wait in the start of the FIFA World Cup in the big screen!
  • Excellent
    Very pleased with the product. Canon Image good brightness and good 3D.
    The pulling down is very loud fan noise unfortunately.
  • Perfect
    Extremely affordable. Good if you live in a small apartment and still want to get the big picture. The black level is ok.
  • Perfect
    Wonderful projector that is suitable for 100 "+ of only 4 feet away.
  • Very good
    Really pleased with the product. Cannon Picture and good brightness, but very loud fan noise unfortunately.
  • Good
    Ok for what it costs! It sounds a little bit and have a little rainbow ... But it's fun with the big picture!
  • Excellent
    Love the little bugger. Have had it for a month now and had time to test everything. What I can say is that it's a really good projector but there are two things that make it not get a perfect score from me

    No. 1. The noise level in the cooling is quite high but you have sound on film so obscure the sound completely, even during quiet sections with little noise.

    No. 2. it is the notion that bright it can also right to the good one to watch with a little light in the room. But in a helsläckt room so it is a bit too light, so be sure to get a canvas that can handle shine well. Shine is that the bright areas such as a sky so it can begin to sparkle on screen.

    The den and large it's a really good projje as good hitting some of the more expensive of the fingers (personal preference)
  • Excellent
    Works surprisingly well right out of the box.
  • Excellent
    Agree with many others: Very affordable!
  • Perfect
    Very good picture for this money.

    Sharp image and clear and "mature" colors.
    Easy to set up.

  • Excellent
    Replaced my hefty 6 year old Hitachi PJ TX-200 with this sub comp led offer for Nov -13. Was a little worried about the rainbow DLP projectors can give but not experienced any such yet. Ceiling mounted in the garage with about 3 meters distance to the screen, the picture is very good in HD. Have not calibrated / optimized settings but suspect that one can get even better picture if you put down a bit of work. Only minus so far is the absence of a switch on the projjen which was on the old Hitachin. Using it for football matches but can imagine that the picture is better than the bluray movie. No plans for 3d so far.

    Overall: Great price for a full HD projector with very good picture.
  • Excellent
    Got my copy of this projector for under 6k crowns during temporary prissäkning on Complete, which I think is very cheap, considering the picture quality w1070 delivers.

    This is my first projector, so I can not compare to the past. Felt like it very much to check before purchase. I discovered that this was projje was top rated in this category here on-hunting. Thus it was a purchase and I match now then into the chorus of praise.

    Blu-ray in FullHD has never looked better! To project such as Avatar on a white wall at 130 "has extremely high wow factor.

    As many point out, it has a fan that sounds to some extent, but I manage to completely disable this when speakers pretty easily drowns out the drone even at relatively low volume.

    Rainbow I hardly know what it means, probably belong to me when the percentage of the population who do not suffer from this? Could be worth checking before purchase otherwise.

    I project of approx. 3 meters at present. Cloth and ceiling mount will be acquired what it suffers. Keystone and lens shift seems to allow fairly free placement in the cinema room.
  • Very good
    Nice picture but minus the bit loud fan noise
  • Very good
    Änsålänge only test looked but I am thrilled with the first impression a little light rings so I thought it might be good! 120 "is stoort so it has little to perform!
  • Perfect
    Really pleased with this projector!

    Super-sharp image with good color control.

    Easy to get started
  • Excellent
    Very satisfied so far. Run 3 meters and the picture is superb. Will good configured from the outset and is then easy to set up if you villl it.

    Recently purchased two pairs of 3D glasses and now I do not have other than 3D movies on this. Run from PC and this beats our dear SF cinema with horse lengths. Can highly recommend kmdplayer that makes it really easy to get into text without a lot of trouble.

    3D from PS3 works splendidly. Thought that you would have to run at 1080i otherwise not perceive the devices it to be 3D as shown.

    You must enter a projector like this with good source. People who complain about the quality fits securely with DVD over rca (red / white / yellow). Do you drive with bluray via hdmi to the projector, you will never want another.

    For the price, I am really pleased. Would have required less noise but once the film is running so you do not think at all about it.

    Noticing no rainbow effect at all and I count myself as really picky and that I most often see what others can not see in this picture.

    Highly recommended!
  • Perfect
    Super picture, however, important that you run from a good video source (eg BlueRay) and running through HDMI
    High resolution - FullHD
    Many attitude variations in menu

    At last, good price on FullHD projectors.

    Overall, very satisfied!
  • Good
    A little loud. Good picture after a little tinkering
  • Excellent
    My first projector and can only say that I am very satisfied.
    Have the 3 meters and run directly on the wall when the wall is painted with a matt white paint.
    Think the colors are better than what I had expected.
  • Very good
    Is overall very pleased with this projector.
    For 6.5K could not wish for more.

    + Good image
    + Small
    + Good for height adjustment
    + 2 HDMI in

    - Allows some
  • Very good
    I recieved my proj today and to my surprise I have gotten the same folks who Benq W1500 has. A clearly more advanced and with backlighting.

    Those of you who got the older remote control should be able to switch up your Benq either through support or buy yourself.

    Just that it is new remote is a big plus!
    'll Just let my mdf disk wipe and get projjen in place there will be a short review

    Really good projector. Run it in both light and dark place on a homemade 86tum mdf 'canvas'. Sure becomes blackness little suffering when it is light but it works well. Xbox 360 and PC works really well, do not notice any delay at all. Have not noticed any rainbow effect, however it is a bit individually as well. OOTB calibration is good and you can tweak so you get it just the way you want it. see Xunny's posts.

    3d was not the goal with my purchase so have not tested at all but that the possibility exists and many reviews said, it should be good, and that you can buy good cheap sunnies on ebay
  • Very good
    Very happy, fun to be able to buy such a decent projector for a relatively low price.

    Impressed by the quality actually ... Bought a kingpin 104 "cloth and sits just over 3 feet away, was worried that the image would look pixelated out the big picture, but no (provided it is fed with 1080p of course)

    The cloth can happen is a slightly large in such a short distance, but the picture still feels so good think I speak for the good qualities of the projector.

    The blackness is the only thing I currently think could be improved, but it's probably more room than the projector. Unfortunately, light walls, but not for long :)

  • Perfect
    Finally I bought a fullHD projector.

    'm Very happy with this projector.
    Really sharp and lovely colors.
    Nearly 4m between the projector and the wall, the image gets really big.
    The kids love this!
  • Excellent
    Really nice projector in terms of price!

    Super satisfied!
  • Excellent
    Good sharpness and color reproduction. Sounds a bit, but as soon as you start to watch a movie or play a game disappears buzzing over the sound from the game / movie. Works great, even if the room is completely darkened. Have used it for about two months and am very satisfied.
  • Excellent
    First real projjen, satisfied so far :)
  • Perfect
    Bought this after some hesitation on noise and rainbow as it rewritten.
    Have now installed and run both with lens shift and Key least to get it as close to the ceiling as possible, and the feel is amazing! Can not think of anything to complain about, sure you will hear the fan in the quiet scenes but no one has complained. On the contrary, I have received many positive comments. I have a LG 47 "upstairs but we avoid now more., I have installed it in a white room with dark floor and användet a 90" Anderson from NetOnNet, which also works fine. Now we order the 3D glasses.
  • Perfect
    Incredibly good sharpness and nice colors.
    No tendencies of rainbow

    Extra thanks to the Hifi Club for comparison tests between different projectors!
  • Acceptable
    Good color, crisp, good brightness.

    But unfortunately it suffers from a lot of rainbow, and I even got a headache from sitting and looking at any hour. Especially when I connected it to the computer and example moving the mouse cursor over dark areas or played a game with a lot of movement, then it was terribly annoying and I often saw long regnbågsstreck of all contrasting movements. I may be unusually sensitive, I do not know, but now I'll give it back this and get me a LCD projector.

    Ang. noise as the fan is no picnic, and I personally think they could have added a little more to get the projector to have a nicer sound. The whispers are not, but rather hisses. Although the sound is not as strong as it will be because of this rather disturbing in quiet parts in movies and the like.
  • Perfect
    Super nice projector!
    Have övergivigt 720p swamp and completely sold on 1080p.
    This projector delivers really good colors, stable picture and I've been a little kännslig for DLP, sees no "shadows" or similar.

    Cruel contrast
    Good menus

    Now the whole family on the Friday film and football night!
  • Excellent
    Have had it a few days now and can only say, WOW! Pleasantly surprised on all counts! Had not had time to cover up when I started it, and yet the picture was great! Really bright.

    Using the settings on Get a real cannon image that is hard to beat, evenings and when you've darkened properly get scratch their eyes to realize that there is a TV to watch, without a projector image!

    Had a little rainbow in the first movie I saw, before I made the color and picture calibration according to the guide above. After that I have not seen any trends of rainbow.

    The sound is a little distracting in normal fashion, but in eco fashion hear it very faintly in the quiet scenes, absolutely nothing to interfere. And as previously mentioned, it is incredibly bright, and so even in eco fashion.

    Awesome good, and what a price! Buy!