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Product information

    Operating system (latest version)
    Android Wear 1.0
    Colour of bracelet
    Black, Yellow, Green
    Bracelet (material)
    Leather, Rubber, Silicone
    USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Compass, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    Stainless steel

    Image properties

    Display technology
    Screen resolution (HxV)
    320x320 pixels
    Screen size
    1.66 inches


    Colour of bracelet
    Black, Yellow, Green


    Dimensions (WxD)
    36 mm
    51 mm
    10 mm
    45 g


    USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Compass, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


    Bluetooth version
    Built-in navigation system


    Internal storage space (size)
    4 GB


    Bracelet (material)
    Leather, Rubber, Silicone
    Stainless steel
    Type of glass


    RAM size
    512 MB


    Operating system (latest version)
    Android Wear 1.0


    Processor core type
    Quad Core
    Processor speed
    1.2 GHz

    Power supply

    Battery capacity
    420 mAh
    Battery life (running)
    48 h
    Battery life (standby)
    96 h
    Battery type


    Release year



    3.6 of 5 stars

    Based on 22 reviews

    This review is also available to read on the SIBA. Saw this on SIBA during Christmas discount sales, and after a little searching on this watch. After purchase, and to have tried it over a week now I can say that it has a decent GPS (even standalone ie no phone needed, Runkeeper work with this what has so far been tried), but most importantly good and stable signal for its bluetooth (can be connected to mobile and headset at the same time). The pedometer has also been tested without any worries. The bonus is Wifi which has been used extensively to check emails (requires the purchase of the app as well as browsers, etc.) and other network traffic to other Android Wear apps (Notes: NOT ANDROID APPS, so read on more about the system before buying this watch) and that this smartwatch is water! However, just like other watches, so this is not particularly friendly to write messages on but this is not the purpose of a smartwatch in the first place (hint: the thumb covers more or less the entire screen surface, searching on Sweklocker and kw88 where a review of a telephone bell made) because it acts more as an assistant and music player well at the gym (Note that only Google Music is offline in writing and can confirm that it works flawlessly ...) when 4 GB of memory available in clock (approx 12- 16 albums, normal sampled). Biggest plus sign is that the clock has almost all the features of what the more expensive watches already (SEK 699 vs. 4000 for Samsung gear S3 and Apple Watch would not even know what it costs ...). The design certainly looks like some kind of kids watch and this is reflected well on the wrist, but have purchased a 3D printed Adapter (search Shapeways) which then connected to any standard 24 mm bracelet watches. However, the clock is perceived as a slightly large for those with small wrists. My wrists are slightly above the "small", but has not found the watch dangling or sit on the edge, but it is where it should be and that it looks pretty good. It has kännts handy to be able to get notice by vibration on the wrist if the phone rings, etc. The omissions noted in the SIBA review is the socket for the battery charge is micro USB which is a big plus over other smart watches (Lost "special chargers" milk some cash out of my wallet), but on the other hand is quite difficult to access. Previously, users from other forums, however, has not managed to tag the gate or door to hope it will all seem good for at least 3 years. Quite simply, this is an obvious purchase of sustainable and functional smartwatch either want to be tested or held for those who like hiking in terrain, everyday exerciser or if you want to be adjourned for incoming calls outside town instance.!
    Bought it to read announcements mm. Had quite high expectations on the clock. And watch impressed me. One must remember that the clock began to be manufactured for a number of years ago and is still in the game.
    I have a Pebble Steel, which I have been very happy with. After I started running again so I started looking for a replacement with GPS and the choice fell on this. The others raised such that the black bracelet easily gets dirty, is not so much to say about it, it is so. With that said, the great affordable clock. GPS and Google Fit works really well and the only problem that others mentioned is that it takes up to 1-2 hours, sometimes for it to sync the whole run. This is my first Android smart watch and I really like it. Can not say other than that it is a good buy if you are looking for a löpkompis and everyday watch. The battery could have been better but seriously, now sold it for 799 Siba if you are looking for this type of watch you will probably be happy with this. Really good, battery life is what makes me give it 9/10.
    Enjoyed my with Z3 compact in a few weeks. Has worked well and is on the whole pleasant. Bought it in part because it has its own GPS and a private memory for songs. So it can be run without the phone with music via BT headphones. Tracks works probably only through Sony's own walkmanapp recently renamed the music or through Google Music. Want pulse during the run, I just found it in Ghost Racer yet. Endomondos app works with music but not with pulse seems. Others can not do without the phone is, but shows some info in the watch and most can pause the activity. SMS and email has worked fine, but to get something done with voice control that is much of the clock's approach is almost impossible - at least for me. The battery has survived nearly two days, but then I have tinkered extensively with this in the beginning. A little extra after 4 months. Do not swim with it. Swam 20 minutes and it did not work. Got it be fixed without the expense and trouble of Tele2 - thanks. After the summer update, the clock has become even more fun as a star at least. Want again advertise ghost race rap that makes the watch a really fun training partner. Tip: if you sweat a lot, it seems that the GPS quit. Then I set the clock on a sweatband, it has worked flawlessly during exercise.
    Like this sharp, would never give 3000 for an "extension of my phone" but for 900 it feels worth the price! But can anyone tell if someone great fitness app to measure how far you run? The ones I have tried have all been shabby :-(
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