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Product information

Operating system (latest version)
Tizen OS
Colour of bracelet
Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Green
Bracelet (material)
Leather, Silicone
Barometer, Built-in heart rate monitor, Compass, Built-in wireless charging, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Supports 4G (LTE)
Stainless steel, Aluminum

Image properties

Display technology
Screen resolution (HxV)
360x360 pixels
Screen size
1.3 inches


Colour of bracelet
Brown, Black, Blue, Red, Green


Dimensions (WxD)
46 mm
49 mm
Product weight
57 g
12.9 mm


Barometer, Built-in heart rate monitor, Compass, Built-in wireless charging, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Supports 4G (LTE)
IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


Bluetooth version
Built-in navigation system


Internal storage space (size)
4 GB


Bracelet (material)
Leather, Silicone
Stainless steel, Aluminum
Type of glass
Gorilla Glass


RAM size
768 MB


Operating system (latest version)
Tizen OS


Processor core type
Dual Core
Processor speed
1 GHz

Power supply

Battery capacity
380 mAh
Battery life (running)
96 h
Battery life (standby)
72 h
Battery type


Release year



4.4 of 5 stars

Based on 71 reviews

2016-12-18Edited 2017-10-15
As for the watch, I can not give more than full marks. It is incredibly stylish and extremely comfortable. To reverse is also very simple. The very best, it looks like a clock. The design: I was first thinking about a frontier (black), but eventually landed on this model and I'm very happy for that choice. Also think that this fits better in the profession I have. Though much of the appearance can be changed depending on the bracelet you have. I have also received compliments for my watch by colleagues. Battery: Now, as I write this, I have 14% battery left. I took it from charging for 3 days, 5 hours and 20 minutes ago and then I had started all but always on display. I used to watch alerts, respond to text messages, checked the mail and trained a couple of passes. So a very good battery! It's also very nice to not charge the watch every night, for this also records your sleep if you sleep with the clock on you! Apputbud: If you have something to complain about, it is perhaps apputbudet. Even Facebook has developed an app to watch, but you get anyway sticky notes. No Runkeeper and also some others. IOF works S Healthcare pretty good and there are a couple of Health Apps. Spotify will come that by the beginning of January, according to Spotify itself. But then standalone apps not developed by Samsung so I can not give negative ratings on this point. Can also add that I had the first generation of Apple Watch. And this watch outperforms it. Now I have not tested the Apple Watch Series 2, but this time it is both attractive and has a huge amount better battery. Apps disappear with the Apple Watch. Further 2016-12-20: Spotify is now available as an app to download to watch.


2017-03-07Edited 2017-04-19
Bought my classic during my recent US trip, really happy! A minus is that there are so many apps, but the essentials are. Integration to my S7 works perfectly!


Lets start by telling you what I think is best with my gear S3 - battery life. I get 5 days on a single charge which is totally awesome to me. The screen is of course not always lit, and it may be worthwhile to add that I did not sleep with the clock, but it may be on the bedside table in the "DO NOT DISTURB mode '. Another invaluable thing is that it has a speaker and microphone which means that calls are driving a car and not have hands are now possible. This was not my LG G Watch. Something, however, I am annoyed at is that it is not possible to keep the music control (app) in the background when you are off the screen and then light it again. I drive a car, I would not keep on spinning the clock's frame to change the song. That Samsung pay is yet to watch is less of a problem when my bank does not support blackberry pay yet. But because the bank is about to organize support for the Samsung pay, I prefer that it be fixed to the watch in the near future. The clock can also feel a bit thick, but get used to. These three negative things pulls down the grade with 3 stars. 2 stars for the first, and one of the other two together.


2017-02-19Edited 2017-03-22
A really good watch with many functions. Can be any function that does not work quite cleanly if you do not have a Samsung phone, however. Having done a reveiw about it on youtube. Sending the link


What a thing. The time has it all. Much better than my Apple watch sports. Run with my EDGE s7 but it will apparently work out with the iPhone oxå?


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