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Product information

    Operating system (latest version)
    Tizen OS
    Colour of bracelet
    Black, Grey, White
    Bracelet (material)
    Leather, Silicone
    Barometer, USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in wireless charging, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Supports 4G (LTE)
    Stainless steel

    Image properties

    Display technology
    Screen resolution (HxV)
    360x360 pixels
    Screen size
    1.2 inches


    Colour of bracelet
    Black, Grey, White


    Dimensions (WxD)
    42.3 mm
    49.8 mm
    11.4 mm
    47 g


    Barometer, USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in wireless charging, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Supports 4G (LTE)
    IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


    Bluetooth version
    Built-in navigation system


    Internal storage space (size)
    4 GB


    Bracelet (material)
    Leather, Silicone
    Stainless steel
    Type of glass
    Gorilla Glass


    RAM size
    512 MB


    Operating system (latest version)
    Tizen OS


    Processor core type
    Dual Core
    Processor speed
    1 GHz

    Power supply

    Battery capacity
    250 mAh
    Battery life (running)
    24 h
    Battery life (standby)
    24 h
    Battery type


    Release year



    4.3 of 5 stars

    Based on 5 reviews

    I got this watch for Christmas and am very happy with it. The clock is used with a Samsung Galaxy S6. + Rotatable bezel. This makes navigation on the screen easier. + Home and back button + Bright display with high resolution. + Wireless Charging + Microphone + Easy and comfortable to wear + Good battery life. I left around 60-70% power after a day of heavy use. + Included with several bands. + Fast + Compatible with all Android devices with Android 4.4 or higher. I mention that other phones than Samsung lacks some features. + Fine menus because of Samsung's own operating system, Tizen. + Anonymous, but good looks -taking Something long to charge the watch -Don't 3G or WiFi -Don't Built-in speaker. Samsung is also considering updating the clock and make it compatible with IOS devices as well.
    I bought this watch for almost half a year ago. First smart watches my part. In the beginning, I regretted the purchase, did not understand what I was going with it. But then something happened after 4-5 days of use. I came how incredibly easy it was to read all messages, Whatsapp, SMS messages directly on the clock without taking up large mobile. Also really convenient to be able to answer incoming calls by the clock and Bluetooth headsets. Or reject without taking your phone. Really handy if the phone rings when you are out running with the mobile arm. The pulse measurement is very precise and also with the latest upgrade, you can measure it also your sleep automatically. Deep sleep, REM, etc. appear in the S Health every morning. For o with if you take a powernap in the afternoon so it is recorded in the watch. I run my watch at the maximum brightness setting 10 to 10 and all the apps on your phone will send notices to the clock, and that the switch on the screen automatically when a notice. Despite max at all, so the battery will last two days. I have to o managed to have it running 72 hours without charge with a maximum at all. It draws about 1% per hour in normal use. However, if you exercise and it will measure heart rhythm steady, so pull it a lot more then. Will probably never return to a normal watch again, however S2 will be replaced with S3 Now if S3 is released in Europe. Our mobile operators do not want införe E-SIM subscriber, which are required to be able to make calls with 3G Gear S2 and S3 Gear Frontier.
    After just over a week around the clock use, I must say that this "SmartWatch" meets all my expectations, while it is in my opinion one of the nicest watches on the market right now. Battery life I think is OK, and it delivers almost acc. product specification. (However, I activate DND at night) Before I bought my Samsung I pondered long whether it would live up to my wishes as training watch for running, and the choice was between investing in clean sport watch or this. Now, with hindsight, I must say that this watch works perfectly OK if you do not need all of the advanced training settings such as personalized workout. A small drawback is that you have to drag along the cell phone out, then it uses the phone's GPS. plus + + Slim charging via the included wireless charging station. + User-friendly and attractive interface. + Following 2 sizes color. on tape, which is easy to replace. + Swivel frame. less - - No speakers
    Bought one in the US on vacation, but works in Sweden, as usual. Always wondered what I would have it but now but this I practice a lot better to be able to change the music, see the time oxå asså, Which I paced around to keep up with. + Good battery will keep it to the morning - the morning the next day + Good Uses for a daily person training + Close game when you might have forgotten your mobile phone. + Can make it personal and replace the watch face and a little more.
    If after a week of use delighted Own a Gear2 earlier and compares with it. Positive: Convenient size, good interface, lättnavigerad.Bra that it does not need the cell phone near Negative: Less screen. Lacks camera and infrared.
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