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Product information

Operating system (latest version)
Tizen OS
Colour of bracelet
Black, White
Bracelet (material)
Barometer, USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Compass, Phone functionality (SIM card), Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Supports 3G (UMTS)
Stainless steel

Image properties

Display technology
Screen resolution (HxV)
360x480 pixels
Screen size
2 inches


Colour of bracelet
Black, White


Dimensions (WxD)
39.9 mm
58.1 mm
12.5 mm
39.8 g


Barometer, USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Compass, Phone functionality (SIM card), Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer, Supports 3G (UMTS)
IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


Bluetooth version
Built-in navigation system


Internal storage space (size)
4 GB


Bracelet (material)
Stainless steel
Type of glass


RAM size
512 MB


Operating system (latest version)
Tizen OS


Processor core type
Dual Core
Processor speed
1 GHz

Power supply

Battery capacity
300 mAh
Battery life (running)
48 h
Battery life (standby)
96 h
Battery type


Release year



4 of 5 stars

Based on 13 reviews

WONDERFUL THING PLEASE SAMSUNG makes it compatible with all Android devices while GEAR S 2 GOING TO USE WITH MORE THAN ONE SAMSUNG PHONE half a rating just for the e dislike that they are doing this, but at the e absolutely wonderful :)
After testing the apple watch this and Microsoft tape so it stands between Microsoft and Samsung. Both are really good, it depends a little bit on whether you want a workout bracelet or a watch, I think Samsung gear is too large to exercise bell, but offers more than Microsoft.
Best smart watches today without any doubt! Had it now for about 3 months and am super happy with it. (Have tried Gear 1 for about 1 year, and the Moto 360 in a few days) I can compare against. Even played a little with Sony Watch and others who are on the Swedish market. Is enough really much to write about this watch, but I try to "short take" the whole bit fast at 12:30 at night. Hardware Easy to be intimidated by the size of the part in the beginning but once you test it live is another story. Very stylish with curved screen, watch looks very elegant, the size of the screen is a big plus, I think to see notificationer and able to browse apps, etc. The band feels much softer and more comfortable than gear 1AN I had, and could easily have the whole day without being bothered by it. The straps can be replaced, which is a plus, but only to Samsung's own as yet. Waterproof, which I think is very important. So in general, I like the hardware very much and it is easy to take on and off. Self speakers and microfon to speak in this is also a super useful function. Software. The operating system feels much better than Android wear .. here's menus, apps, settings, etc. You can control more and easier to find and to understand. Unfortunately, not Tizen as many apps as Android Wear, but I'm all good with that it offers. In the end, I think watch face is the most important and where it will come with some from the beginning .. The menus are quick and I compared this to the Moto 360, this van in speed without a doubt. Then have one of the most important delerna the clock and it's Telephony feature! This works great, and several times I tried to go to the gym without the phone and got all my calls Vidar connected to the clock with no problems .. Also used the clock as mp3 player with my headset. Battery This is one of those important elements to consider and that is the battery. This win Samsung probably over other market With my 1st Gear, I got about 5-6 days without screen and gestures. With this I get two days with the screen on all the time, and all the gestures on, wifi and gps on and the "normal" use. When I say 2 days so I figured from about 8-21. I usually turn it off at night. Tested also have screen on all the time and took away Gestern it to wake up to when you turn the arm, screen of about 70 in all my tests. Then you get about 2.5 days of use. Charger. Micro USB, External battery and small and easy to carry, there are plenty of them on ebay if it breaks. Conclusion: It should receive much more publicity and focus on! Really pleased with it, the wife must also buy a when the price goes down a little. This has now led me to abandon the Moto 360 and android wear altogether. You get a more complete product and more features, better battery. This uses less battery of my Note 3 in comparison with Android Wear app kill my N3 battery. Really clever product that you can skip the cell phone and take only this watch out and still have their calls to this automatic or use it as an extra telephone. Ps. This can be used with other phones than Samsung .. Is guides online, and YouTube that you can use. However, not all functions of the watch might! PS. Replies to Alexi. You know the swelling that has a feature called S Voice! Through it, one can immediately say Call Work, Mobile, for example! It works splendidly when driving, cycling, or otherwise, to disparage a clock based on your comments are boring! Then you can run Swipe to the right to directly make a call .. In other words, several ways for those who can. And no one has ever said that this will replace your mobile where you should call 100 calls per day that you wrote! Updated: Uses the now with Note 4. works really well
After spending the part I must say that my expectations for the clock is not much. As others have mentioned, the clock is hopeless without a compatible Samsung mobile. You can use it as stand alone but functions as email, weather and app downloads is gone then. The advantage of the clock are decent, but not worth as much as 3000kr
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