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Product information

    Operating system (latest version)
    Pebble OS
    Colour of bracelet
    Black, White, Red
    Bracelet (material)
    Rubber, Silicone
    USB, Compass, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    Plastic / Synthetic

    Image properties

    Display technology
    Screen resolution (HxV)
    144x168 pixels
    Screen size
    1.26 inches


    Colour of bracelet
    Black, White, Red


    Dimensions (WxD)
    36 mm
    52 mm
    11.5 mm
    38 g


    USB, Compass, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


    Bluetooth version
    Built-in navigation system


    Internal storage space (size)


    Bracelet (material)
    Rubber, Silicone
    Plastic / Synthetic
    Type of glass


    RAM size


    Operating system (latest version)
    Pebble OS


    Processor core type
    Processor speed

    Power supply

    Battery capacity
    Battery life (running)
    168 h
    Battery life (standby)
    160 h
    Battery type


    Release year



    4 of 5 stars

    Based on 11 reviews

    A very nice product and an excellent option among smart watches. The price is just right, and this watch is really neat, I think of e-paper display that shows the time and, for example, the weather all the time (depends on the watch face you choose). Other nice features are the notifications that pop up depending on what I have chosen to receive the notifications on my iPhone. Everything that pops up on the phone can also be seen on the wrist, as the next booked appointment, or the latest news in my mobile news app on your phone. Of course I can read received text even at the time, but I can not answer from there. Besides, it is waterproof, so it's fine to leave it on the simpasset or in the shower. I bought this after looking at Apple Watch and was not so impressed with the product, among other things because of the price, but much is also due to battery life. Ok, Pebble has no heart rate monitor, but I do not 2.700kr more would justify the operation. I wanted to have a "real" sport watch I'd bought Polar or Garmin. Pebble smart watch that does the job well enough, with a price tag that is very right. I give the rating 9 because I so much want a built-in heart rate monitors - who knows, it might appear in the next version.
    Enjoyed my since August 2014. Works very good although the occasional restart is required at times. Together with my iphone 5 and iSmoothrun it becomes an excellent löparklocka. Other favorites include wake-up calls, delete försäljarsamtal with a pressure, notes and calendar alerts. Showering and swimming lots of times with no problems.
    Love My! :)
    Bought my over the counter yesterday at Amazon Marketplace. First impressions are fantastic! I've checked, and longing, long after a Motorola 360 but concluded that Pebbles variant suits me much better of a few simple reasons. - Screen E-paper display is amazing about prioritizing function over flashighet. It is always running, draws very little battery and can be seen at its best when the sun is straight on the difference from a "normal" display that we have in our mobile phones. With an easy flick of the wrist activates the backlight which makes you very easy to read off the clock in the dark. Is also a button for the light if you prefer. - Physical keys Personal opinion, like so much else, but I prefer the buttons on the front of a clock drawing on the screen. Besides the obvious that it smears down one screen to scribble on it feels more like a clock. - Battery life Many new smart watches will probably have good battery life but today is nothing that comes close. The best comes up to 2-3 days when the pebble can handle up to a week. That, combined with the charging from a computer (maybe faster in a wall charger) from low battery to full in two hours makes it very easy to always have power in the clock. I loaded my car yesterday after I bought it. - Weight & fit No big deal to many, but I appreciate that it does not weigh more than a watch. The band is a soft rubber material that sits comfortably on your wrist. Good for training even when a leather strap easily be right disgusting. - Easy to get started & appstöd Download the app, connect and you are ready to run. After version 2.0, there are lots of apps to use. Many support from the start also like Runtastic. When I launch the app on your phone, the display changes on the watch to display information from runtastic. Smoothly when I cycle a lot and have the phone in a bag under the seat. - Price 1200 - in Sweden. About the same price as ordering from getpebble. Half price for a Google underwear feels good. Moto360 teaches well be even more expensive. - Blåtandens Range Better than LG's smart clock according Pebbles forum. For me, suffice it 10-15 feet with a thin wall between them here at work, and about 10 feet with concrete walls when I'm home. The phone can be on the ground floor and the clock hands with no problems to the upstairs and the basement at home. - Waterproof Swim, shower, bathe, or whatever you want without any problems. I have read that some are not sealed properly, but I have not seen anyone who did not like a new warranty if it would happen. The vast majority of watches seems to be well built and my clock seems to work after I dipped it in water. Smart Clock generally felt a little unnecessary at first but I really appreciate it. It sounds like a minimal thing but getting them all out, and I mean everyone (Notify Pebble app is a good buy for around 10 bucks), notification of the arm instead of having to pick up the phone, unlock, pull down and notifikationsfältet then read is smooth! One can easily dismiss notifications and they will also be deleted on the phone if you wish. Controlling the music (almost all play as far as I understand) via eg Music Boss is also smooth. Is the phone in a dock and play Spotify, you can raise / lower the volume, change tracks, etc. from your arm. You'll also see what song is playing. The alarm is also quite good. You wake of the vibrator without disturbing the person sleeping next to. Very good now when I work but my boyfriend still have vacation and not so eager to wake up before 6th The only negative, as with all smart watches, is well that the phone must be nearby at all times. It had every smart to run runtastic only from the arm but such watches are getting bigger, more expensive and with a different battery. I still want to be able to be reached when I'm out running or cycling so for me it's no big deal, but some might want to have more of a stand-alone smart clock than Pebble. Star I removed because the screen could be better resolved and a little bigger. Really nothing I care about, but if one is to be critical of something that had every desirable.
    Fantastic product, I quickly become COMPLETELY dependent. Highly recommended!
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