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    Product information

      Operating system (latest version)
      Android Wear 1.0
      Colour of bracelet
      Black, Grey, Silver
      Bracelet (material)
      Leather, Steel
      Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in wireless charging, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
      Stainless steel, Plastic / Synthetic

      Image properties

      Display technology
      Screen resolution (HxV)
      320x290 pixels
      Screen size
      1.56 inches


      Colour of bracelet
      Black, Grey, Silver


      Dimensions (WxD)
      46 mm
      46 mm
      11.5 mm
      124 g


      Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in wireless charging, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
      IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


      Bluetooth version
      Built-in navigation system


      Internal storage space (size)
      4 GB


      Bracelet (material)
      Leather, Steel
      Stainless steel, Plastic / Synthetic
      Type of glass
      Gorilla Glass


      RAM size
      512 MB


      Operating system (latest version)
      Android Wear 1.0


      Processor core type
      Single Core
      Processor speed
      1 GHz

      Power supply

      Battery capacity
      320 mAh
      Battery life (running)
      24 h
      Battery life (standby)
      Battery type


      Release year



      4.1 of 5 stars

      Based on 4 reviews

      Bought the black clock with black metal bracelet. Had the about 5 days. Out of the box was the bracelet too little, got a little sweaty, but of course they had sent to four additional links. It is perfectly fine if you either have the tools yourself, or go to someone watchmaker. But it is quite usual standard stuff, I took a hammer and an ultra slim torxliknande piece that you have to open the hood of iphones. Möjligvis that the buckle would have allowed some adjustment without the need to add, remove links. Think you could could take away the 3 + 3 links of the sitting from the beginning. This is perfectly OK, I think, it is after all a bell. It said that it had the battery about 60% but it disappeared in kind 10 minutes so it was to charge. It charges actually quite soon, someone wrote on the contrary that it was slow and therefore make it at night. But I have experienced the opposite. I think raised from 10-92% in about 50 minutes. Perhaps only the meter haunting. + I think it is stylish + Very good bracelets and hold, no nails needed to get the buckle + Said to be waterproof (However, just washed your hands with it) + The OS is well OK, have nothing to compare with, have not come to something that can directly do better + Drags almost never + Heart rate monitor seems to work well / Always, someone wrote that one must have the tight-fitting but it's nothing I have experienced + Built-in wifi, a little unsure why ?! but it is certainly good if you have the phone out of reach, and some special app needs to have Internet access. Do not think I've used it yet though I have connected to the network + Good / good looking / operatively / fast charger -hemskt poor battery life, so far it has not actually died during the day but it will certainly happen soon. But it's really nothing you can use as a mobile (eg reading mail in) for then disappear battery. Would argue that it is enough one day if you do not use it too much. -no speakers (eg alarms, call play a music clip) -aningen slight vibration maybe ... a little of the reason I bought it was to be able to answer the phone if you eg go on the town, among cars and not hear the phone. Have an activity bracelet that solved this for me, but the vibration is smaller in moto unfortunately. But perhaps it is enough. May come of it. -it will require a fairly distinct swipe at times. When to move between pages / of functioning as one would have to drag your finger to the side. This requires a fairly serious handling, did not think of it so much in the beginning but with time, I have to begin to disturb me on it. Right now, it is just fine to just pull a little slow to swipe but sometimes it feels like you have to really take over 100% of the screen + very fast. A little unsure why, perhaps has to do with whether one is a wet finger right then .. - Once the "android Wear stopped responding" it said. This kind of thing bothers myself when buying a hardware tight connected to the software. After 8 years the androidkärnan be more stable than it is. Anyway, it was just pressing OK then everything was as it was ... do not know what that really meant. - It becomes hot during charging, technically perhaps this does not matter, what I am worried about is how the battery is feeling after 1 year. Did anyone write that it was too hot in the hand, etc. but that's just bull, rather cozy. Round screen? It is neat but pretty worthless purely functionally, my next will be a square, you lose face in the top and bottom. The charger is really neat and smooth, you put the clock on the side of the charger with the side key up and it loads and displays the time in the correct orientation, are well kind as some kind of bedside table clock but without alarm as it has no speakers. As the battery life sucks, then you have to have some kind of extra charger at work, with a little tailwind may be possible with a regular Qi plate. I will try this when the opportunity arises. In this particular case, it would be nice with a standard micro-USB connector on the clock but honestly, this is nothing I would order it is simply too cool right now. The dock has a standard micro-USB connection to power, the adapter that comes with is the 0.5A (quite a bit of Mao), the strange thing is that when I connected the USB cable from the car into the charger and put on the watch loaded it not. A little unsure why, it must provide 2A, this makes me a little nervous that you must use medföljd transformer. Must try this at the time .. I wonder if you would not like to have had a little more physical buttons on the sides. Right now there is only one button and it's well default, briefly, slowly press and press aslångsamt to do different things. I'd probably like to have had eg four pieces to start various activities in the clock instead of spending 6-7 seconds to scroll back and forth. Just to make key swivel as Apple's (if you get it ...) had probably been good, now when you scroll disappears after the screen under your finger. Maybe it's just me but it feels like there is potential for improvement. A little unsure which apps are available to take home. Has not yet grasped quite how to do to get the apps. It takes two apps on the phone, android wear + Motorola Moto. Here you can go in and browse for precisely android apps wear, are well about 100, probably I have not really taken it there either for ought to be more. But when you download appan ports most just on the phone, some popping up in the clock. Just took home a calculator which is very good in time (becomes a little Lattjo round display only but it is as it is). Moto app is quite intimate with the clock, for example, whether to enter text says the clock to "enter xxx phone" and it has come up a text field on the phone. Fun facts, the so-called "Instructional" in android wear the app has to be the worst ever made. Almost so it's fun because it's so tragic. Overall, it is a really fun thing that I really think is fun to take me in the morning and that I recommend, only you are medveetna what you get! Update: now I have tested some different wireless charger and it is completely fine with ordinary Qi charger, have tested 2 Chinese (mc-02a, and a no-name) and a Nokia "Fat Boy", the China charger can be empty add the clock straight on to the bracelet between the charger and the clock, the loading anyway. On Nokialaddren I must add the charger directly to bakidan on the clock so the bracelet will go around the charger. Battery life is still lousy and the notion that it causes trouble sometimes when you swipar also remain, as well as difficult to grasp on the page and send it to the side. The vibrator could be stronger.
      Bought it after several weeks of wistful. Musing on the need for a smart clock and finally I decided to buy it and I do not regret it a second. Bought the black with a black metal band. First impression is how well built it feels. And metal bracelet definitely contribute to the premium feel. The clasp on the bracelet is of butterfly type, and is very easy to get on and off. I could put on me and use the clock directly from the box, but looking to maybe shorten a link. It comes with additional links if you would have a larger wrist. Is a little worried about the durability of the color black, but only time will show. The black color also means that you do not know the metal texture is correct and if it is important, there is a version in silver that might suit better. After the initial positive impression was, fortunately, only better. Charging is easy because of the Qi wireless technology and I feel that it's fast. My charged from 20% to full in about an hour. The charger has a good weight and standing firmly on the table, it is very stylish and the clock turned into a nice bed / night bell when it is loaded. Navigation on the clock, you learn quickly and it's really nice to be able to see notifications directly on your wrist without having to pick up the phone. Notifications from some apps, you can only see and not interact with, for example snapchat. The Facebook Messenger, you can see the message history and also give the thumbs up in chat. In addition, it is possible to respond to the SMS and email directly through the clock (voice, however, only in English). In all notifications, you have the option to open the app on your phone, so when you unlock the lock screen so you see the app that sent notification. The screen turns on automatically if you either press on the display, press the button on the side or twist the clock face. However, the latter must be done with a small flick to clock gyro sensor shall record it as you look at it. It is for example not only to glance at the clock and rotate the wrist a little, but it must be an "obvious" movement. The screen turns off after a few seconds or when you cover the clock with the hand. The time is IP67-certified so it is no problem to bathe or shower with the clock as long as you do not popping further down than 1 meter. One feature I really appreciate the Android Wear is the alarm function. You can set the alarm on the clock that does not affect the phone and when the alarm "call" as vibrating watch (no audio) and thus avoiding bringing eg his partner, very smoothly! Moto 360 is absolutely fantastic and I can really recommend it!
      Very good watch with the best design on the market. No problems and the battery lasts light a day over medium use. Are constantly new opportunities on the clock because the system is constantly evolving. There are also many excellent Apps to watch. All in all a very good watch, recommended!
      Bought through Ebay. (Black with Black Leather) Was initially very skeptical about whether I even needed a smart watch. Already uses a standard watch to keep track of the time, date, alarm and so on. But I thought I would give Moto 360 a chance. Sat for days on end and watched random unboxing, reviews, and forums before. My impressions so far: + It's so damn hot! + Where no problem getting started with connectivity to mobile + It is not laggy (though the processor is a bit older) + Not too big, fits the wrist perfectly + Are actually some useful apps to choose from, and more to come .. + The charger is small and convenient + The screen turns on automatically when you lift your arm and check on the - Gets a little warm after charging, can be uncomfortable on the wrist, but it cools down quickly - Battery life is not fantastic, but it is enough for a whole day with pretty heavy use. Have not yet tried to shower with it, but it should withstand water as described. But if you hesitate to buy one, stop right away, it is amazing! Buy! :) * Edit: One of the most positive so far is that I rarely take the cell phone out of my pocket when I get an email or SMS / call. I can easily answer with shortcut keys directly from the watch! =)