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Product information

    Operating system (latest version)
    Android Wear 2.0
    Colour of bracelet
    Bracelet (material)
    Barometer, Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    Stainless steel

    Image properties

    Display technology
    Screen resolution (HxV)
    400x400 pixels
    Screen size
    1.4 inches


    Colour of bracelet


    Dimensions (WxD)
    42 mm
    42 mm
    11.3 mm
    61 g


    Barometer, Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


    Bluetooth version
    Built-in navigation system


    Internal storage space (size)
    4 GB


    Bracelet (material)
    Stainless steel
    Type of glass
    Sapphire glass


    RAM size
    512 MB


    Operating system (latest version)
    Android Wear 2.0


    Processor core type
    Quad Core
    Processor speed
    1.2 GHz

    Power supply

    Battery capacity
    300 mAh
    Battery life (running)
    48 h
    Battery life (standby)
    72 h
    Battery type


    Release year



    3.8 of 5 stars

    Based on 7 reviews

    Top Watch, my job requires that you have a watch that can withstand a bit and when a watch costing as this, I think Sapphire is a must which is a big plus. The time feels luxurious and solid, to change bracelet is easy and you do not have to buy something special, but you can pick and choose as long as the measurement is 18mm. If you are used to carry clock daily so this will fill the spot without hesitation with a surprising light construction. Sharp screen and lots of clever features, stable connection to the phone. I was long skeptical about having a smartwatch, but now I do not know how to live without, buy buy buy :)
    I thought this was the ultimate combination of clock and training and bracelets. But I was totally wrong. As for the health / fitness is absolutely useless. It logs the number of steps, but it makes the phone too so the piece is there no improvement. Contrary to it is probably worse. The fact that it sits on the arm so it logs namely the stage when I, for example, sits still and type on the keyboard, turn on a spike, or disks. Huawei Wear app supports to analyze sleep. But this time no sleep log data, so the function falls off completely (the time also need to be in charge of the night, so it would not have worked anyway). The watch has a heart rate monitor - but it must be activated manually each time the pulse to be measured, and there is no "sport" mode where it measures the pulse automatically at regular intervals. Pulse data is requested but not over the phone, although Huawei Wear support it. A manual measurement takes about 30 seconds, and when I'm out running, it shows that I is around 60-70 in the pulse instead of actual ~ 170-185 - though I keep it stable and presses it against his arm. So the pulse function can forget. It took 4 total resets the clock and as many app re-installations before Huawei Wear managed synca up so it could get the data from the watch. But the only data the log and transfer to the app is the number of steps. Huawei's support in the matter was lousy, and their only solution proposed was that I would replace my new Sony mobile against one from Huawei instead (as if it would make any difference) ... The battery lasts about 1.5 days, which seems to be standard among smart watches - but is still quite poorly in my opinion. The clock works great to display time and display notifications from the cell phone, and has a great screen. So that part I can not complain. But it was not really my primary purpose, and everything else is really bad. The advantage it has had, is that I fipplar with the cell phone much less now. I can weed out a lot of alerts, and so it will not be taking up the cell phone nearly as much (and then continues to do things with it after you checked the notification). So mobile usage has probably fallen by about 60-70%.
    A damn nice watch even if it is the largest team for me personally. AMOLED screen, steel, IP 67 and sapphire glass for 2k is not a bad price for the hardware. Well built, even if the vibration function is beneath contempt Palomar and vibrates barely. Hoped that the pulse function would work better, The problem is the software "Android Wear" can best be described as a beta version and bugs constant. - Apps take a few seconds to start. - Ring the bell bugs 60% of the time. - Google's AI works sometimes and should also talk back. "Just Swenglish" - Only certain "messenger" app works. - Shows no photos or emoji. - Can in principle not to respond to messages. - Can not see chat history, etc. Are probably a 20 to I can write up. Android Wear does all worthless or not at all. Some things can surely solve to some extent with 3rd-party apps, but it will not fucking needed. Is extremely disappointed with Google, when they finally got free hands and locked the software to manufacturers, it is just a gigantic flop. Manufacturers might have taken the time to fix the garbage and come up with smart solutions. Damn good looking and is probably the only reason I will cope download the debris of half a year when I got tired entirely on all the bugs and useless software. Is easier to 99.9999% of all cases to pick up the phone, which is fucking clock intended to resolve. Android Wear serves no purpose and I would not recomend Huawei Watch if you do not buy it as a cool gadget and accessory.
    Have had it in 2 weeks. It's my first smart watch so I have nothing to compare with. It's really neat. Looks like a watch and not like a toy in her arms. After updating so the battery life is approximately two days no matter how much I caterpillar on it. Android Wear takes some time to get used to. To use it with an iPhone is not recommended. It's very limited what you can do then. I have borrowed an android phone now and then it is completely different. So only drawback with Huawei Watch is that I have to buy a new phone :)
    Super good, had earlier Sony SmartWatch SW2 Metal. Wow what a difference, moreover IP68 and sapphire crystal! recommended +++++
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