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Product information

    Operating system (latest version)
    Apple Watch OS
    Colour of bracelet
    Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green
    Bracelet (material)
    USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in wireless charging, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer

    Image properties

    Display technology
    Screen resolution (HxV)
    312x390 pixels
    Screen size
    1.7 inches


    Colour of bracelet
    Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green


    Dimensions (WxD)
    35.9 mm
    42 mm
    10.5 mm
    81 g


    USB, Built-in heart rate monitor, Built-in wireless charging, Supports NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, Built-in microphone, Gyroscope/Accelerometer
    IP code (level of dust/water resistance)


    Bluetooth version
    Built-in navigation system


    Internal storage space (size)
    8 GB


    Bracelet (material)
    Type of glass
    Mineral glass


    RAM size
    512 MB


    Operating system (latest version)
    Apple Watch OS


    Processor core type
    Dual Core
    Processor speed
    1.1 GHz

    Power supply

    Battery capacity
    250 mAh
    Battery life (running)
    18 h
    Battery life (standby)
    18 h
    Battery type


    Release year



    3.6 of 5 stars

    Based on 20 reviews

    Cannon Clock! Very happy. It reminds me of the calendar, when I'm exercising, emails, medicine, talk on the phone in the watch, check the weather, messages, alerts, alarms. The battery lasts all day and evening, recharge while you sleep.
    Have now had my Apple Watch for 5 months and I am no more than satisfied. AW gives me the opportunity to not miss anything. Notices, call, message or approval for my son through the Apple App Store. What you should keep in mind if planning to have an AW is to find out their needs. As a pure sport watch, it is not the best. The more dedicated clocks is better. But for those who are not on the elite level, it's perfect. Some statistics and information about his business. However, I can say that WatchOS is not finished optimized. If you saw the WWDC 2016 in June, so a lot will improve with WatchOS 3.0. Then the clock will be better in the future. The battery time is OK if you are able to download every day. Have you forgotten the charger so it will be difficult to charge otherwise. The clock is also a design detail. It is stylish and has the ability to customize the clock's appearance. Just being able to match the colors of ribbon colors are some fun. Recommend that you have both a rubber band when training o sweat and a nylon / leather more professional context. Summary: If you are an Apple user and have a lot of Apple products, it's just buying time. The time will be better with the next software release around Q4, 2016.
    Having owned my 42mm rymdgrå Apple Watch with black sports band for a year now, I have this to say. Good: + I think the design of the watch is very stylish. That it is not round has both advantages and disadvantages, but what I am most pleased about is that one is extremely easy. + There are many complaints about the battery life, but I have at least one occasion, got it to hand two days and if it can do it again so it can handle it several times. However, I am very used to charge it at night with your phone. + Exercise and activity: Training was the main reason I bought the watch. Would love to have had more workouts. Bit of a shame that there is no GPS but it had not been me to leave the phone at home and it would probably just pull the battery. + Notice: You are quite accustomed to the phone on the table and suddenly the howling or vibrates like crazy and in some situations want to avoid that. With time, I have not had vibration running on my private phone for a year and I've never missed anything important. I get a slight vibration on the wrist when something happens and when I have time I check it. Other good: + Updates: I have had the idea to publish a review for some time, and until the recent Apple developer event this was a disadvantage. My first thought was that the owner of the first generation of Apple Watch, I would be a test subject on what should be improved in the next version. What made me change opinion, was when WatchOS 3 presented and did just that firm as an update on the current version. Apple has been listening to users and choose to release it as software. Then Apple Watch 2 still to come in the near future but at least not sent the clock to take to the Stone Age. Neutral + - The range of apps. I have a number of apps to my watch, and even if the apps looking over my calendar, heart rate, number of steps and unlock my computer (not the original choice) is fine as there are many apps on your phone that would fit perfectly in time. Less good - Do not think the layout that gives overview of installed apps are especially attractive. - Siri in Swedish is good but does not seem to be improved especially fast. I very much want to know sports scores and sometimes ignore Siri what I say or perceived wrong. - Wished that apple pay was in Sweden that have had to pay to watch. Built-in apps: * Weather, I have replaced with another so the built-in do I not; * Maps are great to have when you do not find and are out on the bike or on foot. * Stocks are very unnecessary in my opinion. * Message good if you have the right answers ready but the voice-message is not as good and useful. * Photos, I have created a photo album that I take up the dial when I want to get a recap. * Call, I have used very little but the function to respond and continue on the phone is good. * Wallet I have used for air travel and rail travel, and it has worked well. * Is not a big fan of music, so do not use the built-in app or Apple Music. However, I have an app that plays radio stations that I can start / stop the clock. * Remote control of the camera, I can only see a benefit from and that is whether to take a group picture with the phone, put a timer so you do not look at the picture and enjoy the man himself was captured. Summary To be a first version of a smarter clock, I think Apple has succeeded. I have been motivated several times to faktist touching me, stands up more every hour than before, daily walk and / or run around the local is more common.
    Got my watch in graduation gift and the clock according to me is excellent. It's not perfect but it is not far away. Some simple plus and minus: + The design good screen (Resolution) Tuch screen is really good To talk the talk works great armbands selection is great Neat design on menus Is much more + - The battery is not bad, I make it through a day and a half which I became a surprise visit over. Of course, so the battery can be improved. but this may be a plus and minus - Some have clock faces to choose from There are a few occasions when the screen does not respond to at I lift your arm to check the time There are people who think that the menu may seem messy All in all it is a great watch for those who want a watch. Stylish and sleek.
    Apple delivers as usual neat, and very easy to sync between your iPhone and watch your battery life is a bit poor but can live with.
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