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    This does basic sports tracking but the software used for syncing is poor and the device is hindered by the software in device, the hardware works well. Some issues It will not record GPS or heart rate while swimming, It has laps button assigned to the only soft touch button on device and false triggers laps erratically. the gps track is smoothed and accuracy generally seems to be reduced by this feature as it will widen sharp corners. In the latest update data quality of gpx file reduced Pros: Strap is good Heart rate works well when available Cons: Cannot hot swap types of training 'triathlon mode' Cannot use heart rate or GPS while swimming Software is poor Cannot sync or retrieve exercise data without internet Cannot sync when tom tom's servers are down or slow Limited gym style mode (treadmill) Would not buy again if required a replacement
    This is an incredibly good and comfortable pulsklokke, suitable for both beginners and well-trained amateurs. The menus are simple and easy to use. The best thing about the watch is that it has an optical pulse meter that measures your pulse in your wrist, and it works surprisingly well! Pros: + Optical pulse monitor! You have to control with pulse belt and everything it entails. + Bright and clear display with backlighting + Sits well on the arm + Easy to use + Finds GPS position quickly, provided that it is updated. + Waterproof up to 50m + Easy to connect and sync with your phone (Android) + MySports app shows easily find your workouts, which can also be seen in the browser. + There are a lot of options that can be connected. including: transmitter, sensors for speed and cadence + You can easily buy and replace belt if you get tired color. + The battery lasts approximately 10 hours with GPS on, before it needs recharging + Pulse measurement is not as quick on pulse changes as a transmitter, but it is giving the average tie. Cons: - Accommodates little information on each screen - Some little info about each workout via MySports iforhold competitors Garmin and Polar. - The optical heart rate monitor does not work under water
    + Pulse measurement works very well + Convenient + Easy to navigate with the pad + More modern UI than the competition (especially Garmin). + Stylish + Ability to change bracelets + Auto Sync to strut Runkeeper etc. + Good battery life + Wireless transmission with BT - No micro / mini USB charging. - The app is not suitable for iPhone 6 Plus - Can not erase activities on the clock before the sync. Better choice than the Garmin 80s design and terrible UIs. TomTom has also made that there is no point in building web services that beats Strava etc, better to just sync. If you buy Garmin, you pay a lot for new development and maintenance of mediocre Garmin Connect.
    Coming from a Garmin 305 then I wanted to measure heart rate without the band around the chest. + Pulse measurement works well. + Clear display. + The unit fits into the bracelet. + Comfortable to wear, you'll hardly notice it. + Good battery life. Quick GPS works often but when it fails to work you have to wait long. Have not tried the way it works when swimming. -Do Not about navigation through the menus and when to change data fields. - Calorie Count is totally crazy every now and then. - Has been around when I was out there and run. -TomTom Mysports is not much to cheer for. -Only Sync to selected Android devices The only reason to buy this watch is the optical pulse measurement, otherwise there are better alternatives. Update 6 / 9-14: Lowers rating to 3 when the clock repeatedly hung when I'm out running. Absolutely the only reason to buy this watch, for now, is the pulse measurement on the wrist, which works well when the clock does not hang. Update 14 / 6-15: TomTom has released quite a number of updates and the clock has worked well recently. However, support for android bad and the menus of the clock is terrible. Pulse measurement is the large plusset with this watch.
    My wife enjoyed the time in half a year and now I have bought me one too. I think it is great and has what you need. Very nice not having the pulse band. Not noticed any buggarn, TomTom has UPPP dated software part of the watch. Perfect integration with Runkeeper. I sync issues with the iPhone app, you will drive the Android you will probably think about synca through the computer, what I heard, it is shaky.
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