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    Very problems with this from the start. Now owned it for over two years and have to get myself a new phone they can trust. Will be back with more information.
    had it for more than a year. bought begangnad and were a little edge shock, but it did not affect anything. it performs well. the screen is good. the camera is good. good battery life but after a software update was lousy battery life and freezes sometimes. but the exact location has good.
    I have used this phone for almost a year, upgraded from S3. It is a very nice phone, but there are things I like and things I like less about. - One thing I do not like all the apps that you get when you buy the phone. (For example, the S game center, S accounts and whatever they are now called) I had not bothered apps if they had been able to remove them, but it can tyvvär not. - Another thing I do not like is that the cell phone becomes very hot. It's not just hot, it becomes even laggig when it is warm, which is störigt. - Battery charging out very quickly, which is not so good if you have to have their mobile with them if, for example, to go out to the movies or something like that. + Appearance. I like the look of the phone. Perhaps somewhat plasticky, but it still looks great. + Weight. The cell phone is very easy, the only thing that weighs something's battery. + Screen. The cell phone has a large screen, which is nice. The screen also has a good resolution. + Size. Absolutely perfect according to me! + Durability. Lost cell phone on stairs, from the buildings, in the water and yes, everywhere. But the screen has been doing! I think the screen has been doing due aliminiumramen that mobile has around him. Sure, it's thin, but it protects! A nice mobile, can be improved. Absolutely recommended!
    Drags a bit much but otherwise great.
    After lolipop upgrade crashed everything! I'm very disappointed in Samsung who sent out a useless software. Right now you can not even use the phone as a phone without rebooting. But it's not just a phone feature that is not working. Can read more here: I am not personally affected by every problem, but I can not even dial is pure scandal! So until that Samsung updates, this is not a phone but a small tablet! I can not give a phone without the function to call good grades. I write this to warn you that have been asked to update, do not do it! So far there is nothing that makes it worth the upgrade!
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