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    Worthless NOT BUY!
    The idea is good but the execution so-so. Disturbs me most probably because the phone is pretty much greater. That you can take pictures with the lid closed're clever but why in smth tricky square format (corresponding to the window size)? The engineers and designers could almost got a month to develop it. Can not recommend a purchase.
    + The protection feels solid and stable. - For some reason you can not open it and answer the phone when you have protection on without having to answer through the view-screen. - Left my back when I had the same problem, the lid did not close for me either.
    + Works well as protection -Even though I used it for over a month so the "hinge" not coaxed to itself, it would not close right after you had it open. Or you want it to stick open. -Poor quality of the plastic LED indicator is not visible when the lid is closed. -Meager with features that one can control the window Not really worth the money as it works now.
    Based out your phone and make it wider and bigger corners. Sturdy, robust and is perceived more as a small makeup bag. You can change volume and answer the window when the case is closed and you can even take pictures that for some reason the automatic croppas to 1x1. This case is made for right-handers, it is not possible to control your phone with your left hand. You can not change the widgets in windowed mode. Only a few background color is what can be controlled. What made that I could not use it was that the "hinge" is nonfunctional as the "door" is not closed, but is open when I put away my phone. My mom has a thinner shell to its S4 sedan, this does not build the size and remains closed. Opt for one of those instead when there is to S5.
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