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    Fantastic, good pump, tested an electric bb. But it was just messy with all the cables, hard to get right if the suction nipples were sore. This does his job well and you really get out all the milk from each breast. Easy to see if it comes up milk, easy to take apart and put together. Small and handy. Tip is to buy a larger AVENT baby bottle so you can store milk. Good to use if you intend to use it now and then if the breasts are too sore. The bottle is well designed and it was no problem to get our little boy to go to the chest again. We thought it was so good that we bought one extra for a few days. It's good to always have a ready when the others will be refreshed and boiled / sterilized. PS If you think we made you get anxious because you are not breastfeeding on the usual way. Then I (the father) said that the stress of the problems eating away at the relationship and milk production so as to run with this imellanåt makes life easy! Our son was too small to get good hold of Mom's big breasts. With this pump he gets the right amount and could sleep well. So full marks! :-)