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    EDIT: Found this review as I before gave 10 stars. Can agree with Mangra others who complain of looseness in the connectors. We changed our after maybe 4 months and got a new one. It lasted 4 months before it also began to loose in one unit. Buy someone else if you do not want to be mad at that. Maybe it will not loose if you just let them be, but we had with them on holidays and when staying over at someone so they packed the up and down and move around. Have been using this baby monitor for about 1 month and am very satisfied. Very good sound quality above all. We live in the apartment as the reach we have not really tried. Safe to warn when the link is broken, and when the battery is about to run out. Only minus is well that both devices draw some battery but it does not so much. You get two small flexible power adapters with long and thin wire in the package.
    Those who complain that the sound is too low probably have not found the volume button. If you sit in a loud environment so you can see to keep an eye on the LEDs so you can see when the baby sounds. But this is not a defense review. They angled connectors at the end of those hair-thin wires to both the base and monitor microscope is far too weak strain relief. This means that within a year the gap in both. Sooner or later, you need to recharge your batteries in a separate charger or buy new ordinary batteries once a week. Of course, totally unacceptable and an apparent manufacturing defects. Select another monitor so you will not have much trouble.
    The monitor features you could not really complain about. It does what it should, not much more. However, I must warn you that the batteries and power cables begin to loose after some use. Now, one year after such acts of power cords and batteries too much play on the receiver unit. Not good! Poor quality that does not hold.
    Was a little hesitant at first when buying because all the comments about low noise but note that those who complain it does not understand how to set the monitor and the need to raise the volume on both 2, cohabitant has raised both to the max and then we hear the guy he just beeps, and they hear. Even smoothly with lullabies and that it is possible to bring them out instead of some that must always be connected. So only have one thing to say: Buy!
    Have been using this for over 6 months, maybe 8th There is no wrong with the sound. If you listen carefully you can hear the baby breathing. Have always heard the child immediately even if I look at the film on slightly higher volume. In addition, there are the blue LEDs that light up at the sound. Battery life is okay but not great. The baby unit is a little big. It is difficult to place in the carriage. Otherwise there is nothing to fault. Read the manual, set the maximum sensitivity and increase the volume so you can hear the baby excellent.
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