This specification is intended for use by producers aiming to produce creatives to run on PriceSpy's website. Following the guidelines specified below is paramount to campaign success and delivery. Creatives that don’t adhere to the guidelines will be rejected. The specification is written for campaigns intended to run in PriceSpy's adserver (Adtech IQ).

Advertising guidelines

  • Advertising material which we find unethical, or believe is illegal, will be refused. 
  • Advertising material concerning any of the following subjects will be refused: tobacco, alcohol, weapons, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, pornography or gambling. 
  • Advertising material that have been accepted by us imply neither an endorsement nor a recommendation of the product or service advertised. 
  • It must be very clear which company or organization that is behind an advertisement. Advertising material resembling editorial material might be refused, or clearly marked as advertisement. 
  • In order not to jeopardize our independence, we draw a clear distinction between ads and editorial material. Advertisers and sponsors can not in any way affect this. 
  • We reserve the right to refuse or remove ads that violate our own rules, national laws or recommendations, or the agreement between us and the advertiser.

Technical instructions

  • Acceptable file formats: GIF , JPG, PNG , HTML , HTML5, or third-party contractor (eg Adform ) - for restrictions see below.
  • Size: max 50 kB to 980 x 120 and up to 30 KB for 300x100.
  • CPU Usage: Up to 8% on average of 1 CPU core on a standard computer (around 2 GHz). (Up to 50%, however, is OK for a few seconds, or during user interaction.)
  • Expanding banners must have a delay of at least 2/10 sec
  • We do not allow banners that will play sound other than during user interaction with the banner.
  • The link from the banner must be set to open in a new window or tab.
We allow HTML banners containing JavaScript, but normally with the restriction that the banner should not modify page content outside the advertisement area. That is, if you are creating different forms of overlays and popups, we kindly ask you to contact us before so that we can approve this. Our general policy is to accept only modifications of the page´s content that are introduced by the user, that is, modifications which do not occur automatically as the page is loading.

Guidelines and terms of advertising material on a Schibsted owned website.

The advertiser´s name must be specified in all ads. Advertising that can be confused with editorial content will be marked "advertisement" by PriceSpy, unless the advertiser chooses to change the appearance of the ad.

  1. PriceSpy intends to comply with local and international rules for advertising in the countries where PriceSpy operates. Consequently, all advertisers and sponsors are expected to do the same. It is the advertiser's responsibility to ensure that this is done.
  1. Advertising material may not relate to any of the following: tobacco, alcohol, weapons, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, pornography or gambling.
  1. PriceSpy does not allow advertising for illegal products. Advertising material must not contain material that is fraudulent, misleading or offensive, including material that vilifies or ridicules people on the grounds of age, ethnic origin, skin colour, religious beliefs, gender or disability.
  1. PriceSpy reserves the right to reject or remove advertising material which does not correspond to PriceSpy’s ethics, breaks the laws or the agreement that exists between PriceSpy and the advertiser.
  1. The fact that PriceSpy accepts an ad shall not be regarded as a recommendation of the product or service being marketed.
  1. PriceSpy maintains a strict separation between advertising and editorial content to mark its independence. Advertisers and sponsors may not in any way affect this division. Consequently, the two sections ought to be separated even physically.

Terms apply to the following persons

Anyone introducing an ad on any website controlled by companies in the Schibsted group, i.e. by a company which is fully or partly owned by Schibsted Sweden AB or any of its subsidiaries, or by Blocket AB or BytBil Nordic AB (hereinafter referred to as "Schibsted Sites"), is agrees to comply with applicable conditions at any given time by Schibsted for such advertising. These conditions are shown below and apply equally to advertisers and media agencies and other third parties, who for themselves or for others will introduce such advertising (hereinafter collectively referred to as "advertiser/advertisers"). Anyone who uses the services of subcontractors in order to, for example, but not limited to, measure the results of such advertising agrees to ensure that the subcontractor is informed of and complies with these terms and conditions. The advertiser is responsible for the actions and omissions of their subcontractor as well as their own.

Updated terms 

Schibsted reserves the right to update these terms when necessary and the advertisers are responsible for keeping up to date on current conditions.

Prohibition on data collection

Data concerning users of Schibsted Sites may not, without prior written approval from Schibsted Sweden AB, be gathered or collected by third parties in order to, now or in the future, advertise to its users or categorise/segment users for other commercial purposes by the use of cookies or other tracking methods. Exceptions to the prohibition on data collection will only be made when an existing third party´s obligation towards the advertiser regarding the collection of anonymous data is concerned.  This is allowed in order to report and follow up on the advertiser's number of views, reach and conversion.

Prohibition of transferring data 

Data concerning users of Schibsted Sites may not, without prior written approval from Schibsted Sweden AB, be shared with third parties; for example, but not exclusively, data may not be transferred to external ad exchanges, data collecting platforms or other systems, in order to increase value or capitalise on this data in some way.

Prohibition of the processing of personal data 

Data that contains personal information as defined in the personal data Act (1998:204) ("PUL") for users of Schibsted Sites shall not be processed without the express consent of the individual in question. The processing and consent referred to in this context are according to the definition in "PUL" and the Swedish Data Inspection Board regulations. This includes, but does not exclusively mean, a ban on associating cookies or other tracking methods with personal data.

Sanction for violation of terms 

Violation of these terms and conditions also means an essential breach of contract against the advertising agreement between advertiser and company in the Schibsted group. In the event of, or in case of reasonable suspicion of such a breach, Schibsted may immediately cancel the contract and demand compensation for any direct damage inflicted by the breach. If the breach is committed intentionally, recklessly or by serious negligence, it is subject to compensation for consequential damages.

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