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    Works really well
    Find nothing negative to say about them. That they are folding makes it easy to take them with him. You hear the surroundings clearly while reducing noise when needed. I bought a cable to be able to listen to music from your mobile phone which also works well. There are also cable for hunting radio if you want it. It is similar to Bluetooth but then it costs twice as much.
    Bought this for me when I carpentry, as it works very well for. To set the volume you want to hear the surroundings, it takes all of its sounds. Then, run a radio next door so you will hear the good, or if someone talks to you. Good quality sound. You raise the volume, you can almost use it as a hearing aid :) But as soon as you start the saw, or hitting with the hammer so dampen down the sound so it becomes comfortable and fully automatically. Very smoothly to avoid taking on and off the ear cups while standing o hijacks and the like, I can have in my judgment all the time instead. It also takes into separate sound for both ears (stereo) so you can hear where the sound comes. Does not follow with someone cable for the AUX.