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    Very useful pro calculator. Advantages: - No graph function, use computers for what they are good at and calculators to what they are good at, ie a flexible tool - RPN! - Good formula manipulation (with the solve) - Build quality, buttons and chassis seem to be able to hold many years - Good management of different number bases and different representations of such complex numbers which are based on viewing mode istf. converting single values - RPN Again, it's soooo good! Cons: - Stingy description of the progam and subroutines, a letter: AZ. It would have been good if you could write a little explanatory text, or give real names to their functions. The case should have had a place for a memo. - Matrix Computations missing, on the other hand maybe Octave / Matlab are better tools for this stuff - No back-up function, a USB port or RS had been good On the whole a cruel counter that I will have for many years unless HP comes with a sequel to the 41: th
    A very formidable counter. Got it as a replacement for my Texas Instruments TI 30X IIB that served me for many years. Wanted a programmable and I thought it was about time that my Texas received serve as a living counter. Very easy to change batteries in that they do not need to screw up the whole counter with the former. Just replace one battery at a time and it does not loose memory. Followed with an artificial leather case, quick start guide and a user's manual on CD.