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    I usually make coffee first then depending on the size of the glass, I use milk function. But if you want to make a quick cappuccino in the right size so it works excellent. Do Flat White was really good. Using right now Löfbergs 100% Arabica beans, maybe there are better beans? A new favorite bean's Italian Lavazza espresso latte with organic milk, the combo is the best cappucinon I tried.
    My first "real" espresso machine. Already has a Nespresso citz & milk. Does this make their job a few notch above Nespresso machine. Milk beverages are really good and cleaning works smoothly. "Long" is oxå a great feature that makes a coffee that is more reminiscent of ordinary brewed coffee. A slower brewing process and more coffee. It looks good and feels well put together, but I'd love to wish casing was metal instead of plastic.
    Really good hot coffee, choose between tea water, black coffee, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, flat white etc. You can set the amount of milk and coffee at all variants if you want. Delonghi patented milk system which prepares the milk in the right way. Smooth with milk container and cleaning function for it, just easy to take in and out of the refrigerator. Relatively large water tank so you do not refill as often. You just have to find the beans that you like. Negative need to replace the water filter after 2 months, but it is the same on all machines.