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    Have used this a day at the office for about 3years where we are three employees. My rating is weighted to it surpassed my expectations of simplicity and lifetime. We have not used the water filter because it reduces the water volume of the tank and require more refills. Good! * It has by far exceeded my expectations for life * Does it deliver a cup of coffee in a short time. * This is an "-" button that most other Tassimobryggare lacking. For me it is a prerequisite for the larger cups that I otherwise think is blaskiga and slurping solve * Small footprint * The capsules are available in regular grocery stores, and the range is usually ok. I do not react on price. Neither or: * We've softened it about every two months, which felt like a moderate extra effort. * Tassimo system with barcodes on the capsules has worked well in the large. A big shot who is really good is espresso with the "+" button and a further bit of water becomes a good cup of "regular" coffee! * The pump sound, but less than I expected. Inferior: * The sporadic "coffee explosions" when a capsule landed a little wrong and coffee grounds pushed out of the whole set ... * Most coffees 200ml and the more I think, is blaskiga and tasteless (then the "-" button on this machine to use) * Environmental aspects on plastic packaging: Very plastic for a year! Summed up: Are you Kaffekonossör or environmentally conscious: Choose no capsule machine! However, it is absolutely right for those looking for a simple solution that provides an ok coffee!
    Very quick and easy to make the perfect coffee every time, the device feels luxurious where it stands in the kitchen. There are many types of coffee to choose from today, although different chockladdrycker. Was purchased for only 459kr at Clas Ohlsson with discount coupon, the old coffee maker has now gone out. Sure it's a bit expensive with capsules, but I buy capsules for 500kr each time and then it is enough for a few months ahead with fresh coffee or chocolate every time.
    Works so far trouble free and good. Very easy to use and makes great coffee at a moment when one is hungry, perfect.
    Think it's a perfectly OK capsule machine, most tastes really good. Easy to clean and it's PLEASANT with milk capsules so you do not have milk frother etc. The milk is sweetened, yes, but that's not the whole world. Must also be less sweetener. Think it might have been more varieties of espresso but besäller one example Tassimo in Germany, there is little else to choose from than in the Swedish store. Big plus that you can buy the capsules in Ica, Willys, Media Markt etc. Good prices then.
    Perfectly okay, capsule machine. The wife is happy with his Chai Latte and I with Gevalia original medium roast. Simple operation with the + for larger and milder cup or - less and more intense flavor and a normal cup with a button. The instructions could perhaps have had the amount of how much each press + or - to give. Bought this product for them local shops have many different flavors of capsules.
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