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    Thought I of this money would have a quieter fan, but I think that it sounds too much to bear in sovrumet. I know I'm pretty accepting when it comes to sound when I go to sleep, but it's certainly not silent. Another thing that annoys me is that it only has three speeds. Even the lowest blows in the right well, which partly means it had been possible to take a slower (and quieter) and the lowest can blow too much in certain situations. Aside from the sound and the number of steps is the usually good with remote and everything.
    * If so then it is just as well to pay extra as you say. Amazon does not take as much in shipping as-hunting list. Shipping costs from: 123 SEK Incl. VAT Place your order to select the method of delivery
    Cannon! erpan: Amazon's hell to have and do with if there is a warranty issue. I'd rather put a little extra and buy from Comet or some other reputable web store.