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    Bought this from Amazon Marketplace, quick delivery and the product itself was easy to install. Available in two modes, small and medium. If you sit in a normal sized couch so the fan is just below head height. For my part, it fits great, why have a higher fan? Is overall very pleased when at the first speed, the fan is relatively quiet at the first step, more is of course considerably more the higher the speed you choose. Put the fan a bit away if you are going to sleep otherwise it is more likely to be heard. The fan provides cool and smooth air flow in a room of about 35 square meters. The downside is that when starting the fan starts first pivotal step max 'third position' which is a bit strange as it should have started at level 1 or alternatively have buttons you choose your position on the start.
    July 9, 2015: (Just purchased) Bought this fan on Thought it would be bigger but no, surprisingly small fan, weighs quite small too. It is quiet at its lowest speed, however, if it is running at full speed, it allows some (but not so that you can not sleep). PLUS: + Size + Stylish BIG MINUS: The motor enclosure and the steering wheel where you set the speed / strength does not match the rest of the fan to the quality feeling. The steering wheel came off immediately, after I turned it twice. It is certainly pushing back but a little sad that it is not attached properly. - 765 SEK + freight is much for this fan, I think.