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    I bought one at Lidl (Fagersjö, southern Stockholm) 2014-01-09 for only 1299 crowns, three-year warranty. It felt safe to buy it after both have checked the price here (best price on PriceSpy today's 2495 dollars), and after reading a report from a British blogger who bought an identical, also at Lidl (http://wz. se/23), and the comments on her posts. Later I also found a Swedish wire on the same machine from Lidl ( It seems that the difference with the same machine from other stores is that it is not included wire and dust cover / cover with the one sold at Lidl, and that there is a small unobtrusive mark on Lidl this manual covers. I have sewn a lot in my days, but serger is new to me so I can not compare to other overlock machines, but as far as I can determine, it is an absolutely fine machine, and at that price it's a bargain. The task from PriceSpy that it would have 15 different stitches, I am skeptical. It has six basic stitches (2 - and 3-thread wrapped overlock, 2 - and 3-thread overlock, 4-thread reinforced overlock, and 3-thread flatlock), and it has four different roller seams (2 - or 3-wire, round or flat rullsöm), so I'd probably argue that it has ten stitches. Properties that I can not find a title for among the properties here is that it has differential feed and free arm. The cutting knife can be deactivated (folded up), but maybe it is on all (or most) serger machines, I do not know. At Lidl in Fagersjö were two machines left when I bought mine, all three I saw barely a week earlier was thus left when I got there. Supplements: Stylish brochure on