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    Update: Now, the drive wheel broken at the left wheel, inside the service. Still works after that in 3 months time has been vacuumed every day, begin to feel the signs that it is getting a little worn but so far traders it on. Run once each day and will return when the situation is changing. Updating, Took out a new one that I wanted to give it another chance, Day 1 will take care of itself again, hard test this for 30 days. -EDIT- Today broke down, do not hold a vacuum cleaner over 6 days and the total vacuumed 3 times Apartment 51 sqm, out come the back where it came from. Tests iRobot Roomba 980 instead. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Took a robotic vacuum many years ago, huh probably one of the first generation, the work is not worth a damn, and actually went back to the shop, but now I felt that now is the time for a new attempt. Now I had only a few hours and will update this as you go. My initial thoughts are that I really like the design of this Samsung, is really to my taste, the wide nozzle really makes the pull of more surfaces faster. the solid quality from Samsung is detected and the fine design language goes through the entire product. It sounds good that it does not rattle and klonkar as I have seen with friends, etc., it is really smart and really trying to get by and watch alternative routes. Sucking makes it also far exceeded expectations, cat hair, dust and rocks, one of the tests huh actually to see how well it cleaned the carpet in the hallway huh incredibly gritty and it took care of the well accepted. Try to set it on the coffee table, it remained there without falling down without magnetic strips, etc. Now it has not stalled and I live crowded until I move out of the house, cabling and angles everywhere so it is also impressive. Spontaneous Day 1 + Great Design + Good build quality with easy access for maintenance and cleaning + Informative display + Good control + Does not stick and finds home + Single scheduling vacuuming - Slightly overpriced - Something to high - Control feels outdated - No tray for the scent beads that certain others have