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    A sworn robot for those who Do not have rugs with long fringes & Barriers Plus: Affordable Strap for money, the competitors do not offer the same jewelery accessories for the same price! Extra brushing Extra filters Virtual wall in the bargain Remote controlling Timer function Minus: Can not handle rugs with fringes Can not handle certain Wooden thresholds home. Do not always to his station. That said if you do not have the "obstacles" at home, choose the one in front of others when you get a lot for your money!
    Really good stuff for the money you pay! + Feels like Havine a housekeeping lady at home. - Time-to-time you need to "teach" hime to clean all the house, but with a little practice and effort - it really worths it! finally my home looks clean every day - have wing a long fur cat at home - it is an achievent!
    Cleans unfortunately not good. Had a less intelligent Roomba a few years before that cleaned much better. Not good at collecting clutter and reach the poor in the corners. The part that drives the brush itself was made of plastic. After a year, it is now quite deeply eroded remnants and the machine is therefore not up trash at all. So unfortunately.
    1. It can not handle rugs with fringes even though you fold them under the carpet. It sticks constantly on the carpet or carpet edge. 2nd It leaves little dust balls behind them, something in the manual that it can do! What is the point of a vacuum cleaners that leave dust behind? 3rd It does not take all debris, especially after edges or corners. 4th It takes less time and gives better results that the vacuum itself.
    Cleaning Robot by Samsung is working as expected, ie, it cleans well and takes care of itself completely. Handles all thresholds we have on the lower floor (just where we run it). It takes about 1.5 hours to clean the 100kvm as it should (closed doors to laundry, etc). It has not had any problems with large carpet under the dining room table. The only hurdle is not coped is a carpet with 1dm long thin fringes, where stopping it (but you turn the mirrors so it worked well). Let it clean the first time when it was a week ago last damsugningen (family is 4 persons, 3 of which are long-haired girls). If you drive an automatic mode fixed it most of the time but missed some at the edges. On the other hand it very carefully and it was rarely the "bounced" against something. Just a black pedestal with ball-shaped foot that it does not seem to see, got a couple of knocks. Even narrow chair legs can sometimes run against. Drove it again in "Edge mode". Then went damsugaren closer to the edges (it more or less goes into the wings so away are accessing all the dirt). Only negative so long is that, at one (1) opportunity not found the home to the charging station. But we have a "severe" plan would believe that we should use the included "gardening / guide" gadget to simplify the machine's navigation. Have not had cleaning robot before so I can not compare with Electrolux or Roomba's models. Primarily chose the Samsung because I have good experience with other products from them, and that Samsung seem to have a bit more intelligent solution than competitors. Total: This machine will remove 80-90% of the cleaning work. Expecting to just once a month to get access our regular vacuum cleaners to take places where Sam The Kid can not access (which was surprisingly few). 'm Really happy!
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