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    Ny medlem
    Owned a BotVac Connected and thought D5 would be about the same, but where I mistook me. The D5 move less, can not be bothered to come rugs as easy as Connected and gets lost often complain of obstacles even though the room is empty. + Hyfsat affordable + Does an ok job -Svagare Wheel motors and weaker than the suction Connected -Irrar Remove itself, you will sometimes not charging station and sometimes it searches for the charging station in the wrong place. Trying doll against a wall, looks pretty fun out ... -Klagar The obstacles despite empty Half Cable plug network often -No Map of the cleaned area Connected BotVac had none of the above minus ...
    Bought BotVac D5 Connected during the day and it has been run more or less every day or two since then and it is a wonderful experience to see it roll around in the apartment. Worth every penny. First, laser navigation easy on the eye, the D5 clean as structured as myself mows the lawn, yard and then more or less perfect lines. We have two cats in the apartment are no fins on that fur - everywhere. Previously, we needed vacuuming yes actually 2 times a week, but who has time for that? Then Neato came into the picture, the surfaces visible been magically clean - and we have not vacuumed manually in one month! Is not entirely rosy. Neaton have a tendency to run up matkanter the thin / lightweight mats and sticking. Even cat toys, and loose wires, we need to be careful to take up to prevent Neaton sucks them up and sticking. But when he does it (which he does quite often) get a notice on the phone at once, wherever you are. Which brings us to the app that works really well for the few features you can do (start / stop / run to the dock and see some statistics on cleaning). Everything can be done wherever you are, at the office, the city or of course at home.
    Bought this as a substitute for iRobot Roomba 866 at the head failed to walk on the carpets. Neato Botvac D5 Connected is unprecedented and vacuum the whole apartment quickly and for a good pattern. Going up in the worst rugs from IKEA as a game and vacuum them extra good! It also works well and has not experienced being DISCONNECT yet. Recommended!