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    Update 22/3 -17 Increases the grade when my replacement copy seems to work fine fine with wifi St. and has about 5 days always accessible when I tested. I seem to have gotten a bad copy from the beginning, as other probably also been afflicted. Both specimens ran the same software. Rating 8 out of 10 is justified because it does its job very well when you have trimmed their apartment's furnishings and with magnetic tape for long-haired rugs, etc., so that it can run without getting bogged down. Had wanted some more features in the app. In particular in situations where the robot stuck seemingly completely unknown reason. ================================= Update 20/3 -17 Has received a replacement copy of Neato. Have just spent the three days but it keeps the connection so far. Will return when I have been able to test it over a longer period of time. =============================================== due problems with WiFi, I can not recommend a purchase. Have been in contact with support via email for almost two weeks, but not solved the problem. Has lowered the rating until I solve the problem. ================================================ My first robot vacuum cleaner that does not have much to compare with. Have had him for a month now. Is mass plus, but here are the reasons why I do not give this product 10 points. It took 5-10 runs before I got it to clean the whole apartment and return to its charging station. Had to buy demarcation tape and put under the carpet around the dinner table or else drove it in there and never came out. Likewise was the semi-long rug in the living room, as it happily ran up and hoovering, but wandered away between pouf and table legs and did not want to leave but ran out of battery. But after that even the carpet demarcated by bands he managed to clean the whole apartment. In a normally furnished apartment absolutely not enough battery to the "up to 167 square meters" as it is spec'd for. I have 68 square meters and it is enough just barely. The exhaust sits back, which feels a little silly. Do not know how it usually is on other models, but it makes the dust bunnies can blow around and may end up where he has already been cleaned. Loses contact with WiFi irregularly. Have been in contact with our support, and it seems to be a known problem with the D3 and D5.
    3.3.0-645 firmware and no problem from my cheap Linksys / Cisco X6200 router. Vacuum cleaner 75m2 apartment on the same charge. Small dirt and crumbs out the edges despite the side brush missing. User approximately 1min / m2 in furnished rooms.
    My second robotsugare. Clearly better than the last, withstand normal obstacles splendidly. Takes maybe not all the way to the wall, but it's going dust it then too. Quick, orderly and clean it gets. The app maybe something simple, but works. Return to the charger is not possible to press ... Wifi only works in the 2.4 GHz band, ie not in the 5 GHz. So it comes to having the phone or whatever plugged in right wifi area.