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    Cleans very well. I have previously had a signature pro and the difference against it: - The side brush is clean and close to the wall, last always left a little small grains of sand remain at the bar in the hall, but now everything is gone - Much better battery dryers are now clean the whole area of ​​the house that I leave available (about 100 square) - Quieter, particularly in the eco mode - Better design of the filter that makes it much easier to empty - Stronger suction power My always find back to the charging station, even when I have been forced to lift it after the run. Clean smart and takes a room at a time. It will always find lots of dust, even after its own vacuuming. It is convenient to be able to start cleaning at a distance, but usually we run on schedule so the clean up when we are not home. We have it in the hall so that we can drive the extra in there because it's the dirtiest room. Things to consider before buying: - It can not handle all kinds of furniture, such as run it always stuck in the stools of us who have sloping foot. So there we have always barrier tape lying. - It sticks easily in rugs that are shaggy or lashes. Same thing with loose cables. Improvements I would like to see future versions is better barrier option. Having a full band lying as it often moves on is not very good solution. I would also like to see that you could choose the height of the obstacles it can pass. I think our running over high obstacles simply.
    Pretty horrible product. I've had it for six months now. It has not been so long in the market and now has relatively quickly been replaced by D5. I compare it to my previous machines, the iRobot Roomba 521 and the (older) 534 (both equally bad) and it is obviously better than the embarrassment, but surprisingly little better; it is after all much more expensive. The best Neato ConnectedDrive is that it can handle several rooms and are relatively "democratic" with how much time it spends in the different rooms, and it ends after the reasonable period of time. Thresholds goes nicely. It is said to be more vocal than competitors, but it should then not be exaggerated. Clear away the dust afterward is amazing simple. Also cool with control via the app, even though manufacturers have been astoundingly non-inventive with what you can do with one. It gets kind just put it on and turn it off, completely useless, is that the button on the machine. Here are the errors: It does not seem very intelligent. It is inside a department and refrain from obvious paths there. Miss sometime corner. Afterwards, it is dirt left in a few places. Not very bad, but a problem. It is difficult to understand how the "thinking". It spins around (ok, sure to shoot the room), slowing, stopping halfway on a straight, full stop. Doubts do anyway that it is not completely effective. Roomban walked and walked and walked. Worse, Neato tend to skip the dirt off the protruding parts of furniture. It is easily recognized afterwards. Happens more than once. It does not follow a consistent line along the wall. Encountering the resistance, type misskalkylerar a chair leg, so keep it up next time, unfortunately, outside of a few decimeters margin. I guess this is why I run twice to find it almost half as much dirt the next time. The tangled in wires. And stubborn. Great part of its cleaning my home trying it again and again venture into sladdvirrvarret under the couch. And stand and run. I can block with a foldable chair every time. If it ran over my carpet so it goes into something squeaking location that makes you think that something is wrong with the machine, but this is no danger. Curiously, however, it lasts several minutes even after the run across. When it is finished, it is very fussy about everything to be right in front of the charger for it to find your way back. This manual talks about a meter freely in all directions and there is the question whether it is enough. I had a little dull edge just over a meter in front of the charger and then it was running when it stopped right in front of the charger instead to run into. So I have to lift off the mat every time when it will finish. It is quite unclear with the charge. Blinking lights dim and it will apparently indicate charging. It is, unlike Roomban, do not charge it with a cord in a cabinet type, without the need to accurately set the battery-dock. Very careful placement. There is no button on the Neato "Run to dock" for it to take care of this myself (but want to this at all costs, you have to run a fake-spot cleaning applications only). After I had the standing of his without using it for more than a month, so it seemed not to have seen to be fully charged, because then passed it just two rooms. But it is difficult to see if it is fully charged. It is difficult to connect it to the app. You must log on its own WiFi network with its mobile and so should you then select an external network too. The list is not complete with the networks that are nearby, but I have received entering the name of my (standard) network by hand, letter by letter several times. There's more hassle with that. Unlike newer D5, it can not be updated via WiFi, which is absurd given that it is already constantly connected there. Instead, you should download any file on a USB stick and put into it! I've had it for six months and there has not been a single update. In this group, several of the past week received an email about the update, but I have not received, and I go to the website it says that there never are any updates. I have only mentioned some errors. There's more. As if I pause it and you will find it definitely not back to the charger. Or that it sometimes tries to enter the charger voluntarily when you put it close, once by three around. And a lot of other things like. Full product feels beta. Although the basic functionality, the cleaning, is almost approved. It is everything around it that is carelessness carelessness. Do not buy.
    Amazing robot vacuum cleaner. Incredible how much dust created in a day. It gets up upset and stubble. Conscience eases when you know it will be clean with minimal "effort". The robot may get stuck in crazy places occasionally. It is unfortunate when you are not home and get available through the app. Now for the boring: within ten days so wanted the robot does not cooperate, after contact with Neato, it turns out that there is a defect on the laser. Siba did not want to replace the unit without referring me to Neato. It is now sent to Neato that will replace it. They also promised me compensation in the form of optional accessories, which is very fair. The sad thing is that everything (even Neatos service) took so long. Have been without it for two weeks now. It will probably take another week before I get to the new robot. Otherwise, I am completely satisfied with the product and believe that it teaches bring us much joy to come.
    Works great and you can see the obvious that it navigates intelligent and fully aware of where it is, not like most other robots running after certain algorithms cross o across. Thick carpets and thresholds of a few centimeters can handle it without problems. Some times it has happened that it does not react to the demarcation magnetic tapes, but not very often. The bounding magnetic tapes is also one very good reason to buy this and not a model that works with "beacons" transmitters to define an area. First, you have to keep the o change batteries in them, they cost too much and becomes unreasonable if one wants to define many small areas. It works tapes very much better. O Just cut to the proper length. In many cases they also work to put in a thinner mat (so they are not visible). The original software was somewhat buggy, and lost touch with neatos servers, but after updating it works as it should again. really recommend this!
    Before we bought this so we borrowed a Miele Scout RX1 to evaluate if a robot vacuum cleaner was something for us. So my comments are in relation to the vacuum cleaner. We have now had it for 4 months and may go every day when we are not home. Positively: + There will be clean. We have a carpet must be vacuumed every day to look clean. Ordinary vacuum cleaners can bet on the carpet. Neaton manage to actually keep it clean (it definitely did not Mielen). + Mielen could miss my spots on the floor. It does not Neaton. + The access into corners which are not Mielen did. + Difficult places run it several times, which means that it actually gets with all the garbage. + It will not stick on thick carpets. We have a dog mat, 30 mm thick. Mielen stuck each time on it. Neaton chew up and over it. And the carpet is clean! + The brush does not put back. Mielens brush must clear at least 1 times / week (if possible every day). I've done clean this brush 2 times so far, at 4 months. + The brush is easy to clean. (But it was Mielens brush too.) + Good dust container. Easy to remove without any falling out, easy to empty and clean. (It had Mielen too.) + Parts into the room into zones and clean up a zone completely before proceeding to the next. And it makes a room ready before proceeding to the next. Mielen could run back and forth between several rooms and hold on and småstäda in several places simultaneously. + It's fast. My dad had a CleanMate s800 to the test. It will navigate according to "random bounce". We test drove Neaton against it. Once we got rid of all the rugs that Neaton stuck on (Clean food had no problems with them) so Neaton finished with the room at about 8 minutes. Clean food had not covered all surfaces after 20 minutes. When we stopped, packed it up and gave it back. negative: - It was hard to find the charging station at the beginning. We did like it says in the manual and moved around it in different places. DO NOT DO IT! We finally gave up and put it in a place where it was easy to return the vacuum cleaner and braced ourselves on carrying the vacuum cleaner there themselves. Imagine our surprise when the vacuum cleaner after some 10 days began to find the back myself. The learned! It still has problems sometimes, but mostly it's fine. There came a software update (2.2.0) where we had to start over. But after the update was actually better at getting back. Before the update so stuck it often in strange places. It still happens, but not nearly as often now. (Mielen found the back every time. And drove it somewhere where it could not drive yourself back, it was only to put it down on the floor in the same room as the charging station so found it back.) - There is not always a function of driving to the charging station. Sometimes it is, sometimes not. I have not found any pattern. - No indication of the vacuum cleaner is in contact with the charging station until it starts to charge the battery (which takes a while). This means that when you put it back manually, which is quite often, so it is not known whether it has contacted until after a while. (Mielen had light that turned green immediately when it had contact.) - It sounds like a lot, even in Eco mode. More than Mielen. - It has problems with thresholds. We live in a 50th century house with high thresholds. Both Mielen and Neaton stuck not unexpected to them (you can close the doors so there is no problem). However, we have a level which is approximately 6 mm high and 70 mm wide (no door in the doorway). Mielen crossed it without any problems. Neaton may hold a long time before it comes over and on some occasions it has given up. It has actually become worse after the update. It can take over, but it has only a very bad strategy to do so. - No washable filter. We have got to change the filter 3 times. In Mielen took only it out and rinsed it. - Carpets with fringe longer than 5 cm it fails. The lashes fast in the brush. - Thin, light or soft carpets clear it does not (eg carpets). They get stuck in the rubber strip behind the brush and the vacuum cleaner, press the carpet in front of him until it sticks completely. neutral: +/- The drive is not on the obstacles. Mielen could push toys, shoes, small furniture and its own charging station (!) In front of several meters, ran happily under and behind the curtains that hung down to the floor and could also push back doors and thus shut himself. It does not Neaton, of good and evil. +/- The app works fine (much better than Mielens remote control), but is an untapped resource. They could have done a lot more with it. After the update, get maps of their home, with the selection was tidied and not cleaned. Fun, but not particularly helpful. +/- ECO mode. Something quieter, much better battery life, becomes as hard floors, not as clean on the carpets, and you have to empty the dust container frequently (less pressure = dust packed not as hard, I guess). We do not run with ECO mode. Summary: + There will be clean + It's fast - Have problems with thresholds, even low ones. - Have problems with rag rugs The software update (to 2.2.0) has made navigation much better, but it has been difficult to cross thresholds. Fixes to the strategy to cross thresholds in one software update forward so hit the jackpot on the grade. In addition to it, it works great. We are very happy with it.
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