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    Completely useless! Unable to separate mats with the magnets that are for it. Works on super-thin mats but not ordinary rugs. You will not be home when it wants to be loaded. And if sometime do it before the battery is drained, it just luck when it wanders around an idea where it somewhere. "Reading of the room and remember to know where it is," it says in the manual. Bullshit, it just driving around random and avoids obstacles like a normal crappy cheap vacuum cleaners for the 1000 patch. Should be prohibited to sell this stuff junk!
    Bought this despite bad reviews of users due to sale. Spent a few weeks now and it is nearly flawless. Have fatnat in a furniture because we have the wrong height of the furniture, the obliquely so do not cover the camera at the right time and the wedge itself. + Multiple cats in the household but have only cleaned the brush 1 time + Absorbs most of the time even on carpets + Climbs higher thresholds than expected + Very smart and has a good handle on where it has been + Sticks Not bendjungeln under the kitchen table or on the cables located along the walls + Quieter than expected (not even the cats hiding anymore) -That We bought it a few years ago Would absolutely recommend this product!
    Had high hopes for a Miele vacuum cleaner robot, but it turned out to be a big disappointment. The confused and difficult to find, hard to get around and lousy at sucking up dust. It insists on shoving off his charger so that it does not find back home. Had a robot vacuum cleaner broke and chose the test winner Miele. If not Miele paid for the test must testers had been drunk. Hard to find something that works really well but it is in any case relatively quiet and soon on the block.
    Quiet but suck like that. Get stuck constantly even if you put out the magnetic strip to restrict where to go. The worst is that you can not access all the features of the vacuum cleaner / vacuum cleaner base without the need to download remote control. Compared with my 2 previous neato so it is quieter but sucks worse. Get stuck about as much but seems to "find" around the house better
    Bought RX1 three weeks ago after a recommendation from a friend and having read numerous tests. It must surely work well for many because it has such good grades and test winner, but with me it will have very little use. I have a dog, flat-coated retriever, with medium length coat. RX1 shoot around wads of hair and is poor at absorbing them. Instead, leave the balls here and there and you lift it up is a lot of hair during RX1. The biggest problem is that it is so bad to move between rooms. Sure, we have some high thresholds which is just over 20mm (the specified altitude to be managed), but as with most of those thresholds have been a high edge and one side with a "step" - the side door is closed against. From one direction, it is easy to go, but not from the other. This allows the RX1 eg "fall out" in the hall from the living room and will then not return to the living room, even though it is not at all clear where. Are all the doors open on the ground floor - living room, hallway, kitchen and office, so you will not be between the rooms (do not seem to understand the spatial boundaries) and can not find their way back to the charging station when the battery is running low. I turn all the doors, and takes a room at a time working on pretty, but it's really not as clean as when I was vacuuming with ordinary vacuum cleaner. We have seven rooms of the house, so if you have to close the doors and move it around yourself you miss a lot of the point of the robot. One good thing is that it does not fall down the stairs when it is upstairs and suck (have not mounted magnetic strips). Think that it is mighty good to get into corners etc., but it sucks badly. Upstairs we have a matt lacquered oak floors in the bedroom. The matte surface seems to suck the dog hairs for good, there is hardly noticeable that it was, even if I close the door and start the RX1 for suction twice in a row in the room. Plans to put it on the block when I gathered strength.
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