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    Very good steering wheel that feels much better than the Logitech steering wheels in the same price range. Works for PC and PS4 when you can switch modes with a single button. It can be swapped "wheel" to lots of other knobs as Thrustmaster sell. This dial goes into simracer hobby level compared with logitech who land on "toy" level, I think, and it's not that much more expensive, however, no shifter and pedals to get upgrade. Then you notice the price difference but it is so worth it. The pedals are supplied with is quite simple and it is recommended to buy Thrust Masters T3PA-PRO for the ultimate experience:
    Unfortunately my regret buying this. The right-hand paddle is not as distinct as the left. The feathers are not as good. Furthermore, it should feel when switching through a click, but the right paddle not always click when switching. Huge affecting! I was beyond Webb Hall to replace the wheel and they looked at it and agreed that it was crap. But then when they came up with a new steering wheel that turned out it was the same! The right-hand paddle is not clicked in certain situations. So it is probably a design flaw on the Thrustmaster T300 Masters all? The steering wheel feels inferior in terms of quality unfortunately. Think that Logitech has a better design of their dials. If you buy a steering wheel for over 3000 SEK shall keep a better quality. If I should say something positive, I think that the force feedback works well.
    Solid steering wheel with stainless steel and rubber trim. Sounds good? Yep, that's just as good as it sounds. I'll be honest to say that I'm very new to the use of knobs so I have nothing to compare with the just. But for me, it works the wheel perfectly. The motors are working on the well when force feedback feature may work the hardest. However, as I set down its operation in order to get the best possible driving experience. (This is done in the spleen) What many fail with this amazing steering is that it has to show settings. These are not mentioned at all in the user manual. I wonder why! Excerpts from playseat's review of the T300. Next I'm going to talk about the adjustable degrees of rotation. Default is at 1080 and you can adjust it in 5 steps down to 270. If you're not sure how to do that, you press the D pad to the left or right and the mode button at the sametime. To the left to go lower, to the right to go higher. If you go to the right while at 1080, it just cycles back to 270th This can uderlätta a lot if you're driving Formula cars instance. I would recommend this knob to anybody!
    Thrustmaster T300 RS is a cruel steering, the fine materials, the wheel has better size than t80'n and it has the correct weight and force feedback when running so you get little resistance when you are out and slipping on the roads. Compatible with PS3, PS4 and PC. Personally, I have only played Project Cars on PS4an. It is a quality steering wheel, you can not say anything else. Pedals are also carefully constructed but they are a little stabbiga, but they can be replaced up if you become dissatisfied. But they do clearly sistt job. The fastening member is solid but it does not work so well on the piano lacquered slippery surfaces. You almost need a table with square edges, no rounded then it is more difficult to secure. But I am overall very pleased with the wheel, it's quality stuff this, and the steering wheel feels like it could have been sitting in a real car, even if it is not leather.
    There you go now, my first impressions of the wheel, tested it hard for 5 hours straight, and after plugged in my old Logitech elastic plastic eggshell light steering which is kind 8y.o. to really get perspective. To start with the build quality here smells the quality, weight and brute force, that force feedback has really evolved, this is really noticeable when you gates at the railings or when airborne for a second and the knob becomes quite easy to control, drove dirt3 and have to say that feeling really went home with me. Sounds almost but if you listen carefully you will hear a fan that is somewhat reminiscent of an Xbox 360 of healthier model. Not incorruptible. That with paddles email the cool, but the rally track so it does not work properly, you spin the wheel to the right and left, so I switch easily wrong and looked for gears more often than not. This was really lacking lever then I prefer to change himself, ordered their box so it appears well up on 2 days. Now for the negative, why was saved it onto the pedals, does not feel like it comes from the same series, smells Thrustmaster t80 of these pedals, light, bad feeling and I like them at all. + Responsive steering with good gear Amazing force feedback Unbelievably stylish Good buttons that are easy to configure and fine with everything to PS4 who share button Metal Paddles - Rubber steering wheel, could each leather for these steels are Short USB cord could every 1 meter to Incredibly bad pedals do not match the dial
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