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    Chucky 61
    Purchased product from Item broke after less than 20 hours use. Item returned to Box but as Id had it for over 30 days it had to be sent off for repair. 60 days later and I still don't have wheel. Box are quite simply the worst company I have ever dealt with for customer service. Basically threatened legal action and am now awaiting a full refund. Will never use again. As for the wheel to fail after 20 hours of use for supposedly a high end product I don't have a great deal of faith in Thrustmaster products. Reading on line there seems to be a number of issues with the t300 failing
    Really nice steering wheel and Alcantarat makes the steering wheel does not become slippery after prolonged use. FFB is good and the pedals are a + with this seen over the original / default. My tip is to add on the extra crowns and purchase Alcantara edition to get a really nice steering wheel which has a larger diameter and you get better pedals. Driven by G27an and select the T300 without blinking, if I may choose again. Put on the extra brake stop so it becomes more realistic. Full marks may not are the little things I'd like to see improved. - Pedal cord can not drive right into your computer without going to the steering wheel base. - The fan is quite loud, is most noticeable if you are not running with headset. - No power button on the base unit.
    Great! The engine is strong and gives very good force feedback in games like Project Cars, assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally and rFactor 2. The engine can be used to other knobs from Thrustmaster if you want a Formula 1 steering wheel too. Replacing steering wheel with a quick release and it's easy. The steering wheel is larger than most (or all) second knobs. It is a full 30 cm and covered with Alcantara, which feels good to hold. It is said that Alcantara can be worn with much use, but what makes it. The size makes the steering wheel feels better to hold. The pedals are of high quality and is better than the other wheel package. The pedals are linked. The feel of the pedals is good. It comes with a conically shaped rubber resistance to brake more realistic than other pedals. There are even more extreme pedals to buy for the enthusiast, but these will do very well. Minus the shift lever is not included, but can also be purchased. Less also because it is a bit complicated to update the steering wheel embedded control applications, "firmware". One is forced to disconnect the knob to a PC and run a particular program. This must be done every time there is an update of the steering wheel control program. The good thing is that the steering wheel also features improved then. To summarize, I recommend this knob.