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    Does a bell to PC. small drawback that it is completely plug and play, you need to install drivers from MS Website. Good that it does not run Bluetooth without own transmitter. The reason is that I run B.T speaker that would be in conflict with my controller.
    Horrible quality! I have used the controller 4 times and the transmitter is already broken.
    All time best controller, have it to my computer. Must say that I even prefer the front of the Xbox One controller.
    Run 4 pieces to your computer (for eg Rocket League) easy to set up and get to work with Windows 10. Now it's about getting used to playing with scrutiny.
    Absolutely incredible control that has kept incredibly well since I bought it back in 2007! The actual receiver (included), I bought separately with Crysis at release date. These have just worked, worked and worked! Have had many angry moments when one sat with others and lirat and led me hivat box to the floor several times (one repents shortly after) but there is not a shred of ailments by this. It has kept for all! Unbeatable comfortable to hold. Ideal trigger buttons. The only tiny minus (as most are complaining about) is the pad could have been more like a PS3 or Nintendo box. Nothing bothers me personally, then you hardly use it for something. Works with virtually any game on PC. Also bought third-party battery pack that works great for these controls. Can not do otherwise than to give full marks to this great box that has held good for much longer than the console itself that came with, who died in 2010 of RROD. Some have certainly missed that there is indeed battery indicator. If the control begins to flash with all four diodes in the middle of gameplay, it means that the batteries are drying up.
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